A Gift Call Today And A Flash Sale – Bonanza!

Happy 2016!  Are you sensing the peak that is a Nine Year yet?  Whether it’s starting for you with some fun and frolic or if you’re one of the ones navigating the bumps of the old transitioning out – there’s some help for you today!

At 3pm PDT we have Ann O’Brien, my friend and colleague hosting a free call on intuition and a guided meditation to help you accept where you are so you can move more easily to where you want to be!  I’ll be on it – want to join me?  She’s very good at dropping you right into center and it’s a GIFT.  We all benefit from support to help us get where we want to go…

Which is why I wanted to share something special with you.  You know it’s been quite a while since I’ve done a sale and I’m feeling moved to share one with you now.  We are all in the beginning stage of this new 18 year cycle kicked in last September.

I’m finding myself confronted with old patterns everywhere I turn.  Ways of looking at things, old judgments and habits that really are uncomfortable when I try to do them.  There’s this lurking sense of dissatisfaction that keeps creeping in to nibble away at my joy in creating.

Then the ‘aha’ dawned after a heartfelt discussion with several good friends and colleagues.  That dissatisfaction is at the center of several other patterns.  It comes from the place of feeling things are happening to me rather than for me.

We all start out in that young place where much of what happens does happen to us.  We don’t have command of language, thinking, even our body at four or five years old.  The adults do, but not us.

That young place was being triggered this last week and required my attention and focus in order to move it through.  Could I be patient with myself as I struggled with that helpless feeling rather than judging myself as ‘less than’ up to whatever was at hand.  My growth was to get clear about what I want and ask for it.  Then trust the Universe to show up. Scary!!!!

My struggle comes in the gap between asking for support and receiving it.  It feels naked and vulnerable – back to that child’s place where if we didn’t have our parents or adults we were quite helpless.  And yet in other areas of my life I’ve learned that help comes from unexpected sources, in more ways than I thought possible.

The challenge then is managing the fears in the time gap and also being open to how it shows up – like when it doesn’t look the way you wanted.  For example, I went to an event New Year’s Eve.  I had a picture in my mind for weeks of what I wanted to happen and you guessed it, not even close to what I was wishing for came down.

However, there were some extraordinary moments.  Some connections that exceeded my expectations, conversations deep, heartfelt and touching.  Love and concern showed up for me because I was getting over food poisoning and still felt rocky.  Yet it wasn’t what I pictured. My old pattern would have me trying to talk myself out of wanting what I want and settling for what I got.  Be ‘grateful you got anything’ kind of mentality…Left over from parents who survived the Great Depression.  Yuck!

Instead, I’m now navigating how it feels to appreciate and value all that happened and still find a way to communicate more clearly and effectively the rest of what I want for me.  Asking for help is my big challenge , I’m more comfortable offering it.  Which is why I am so grateful and glad for the support that came without asking.  But I’m not off the hook, I still have to risk being vulnerable and stating what else is wanted and needed – whether I’ll get it or not.  Growth…

When we trust ourselves and the world around us that’s when we really create from the biggest possible space.  This is the place where Magic happens.  Letting more of the good, the abundance (even unfamiliar) get close to us, discerning what is right for us to receive and then asking with trust for what you still desire.  Ahhhhhh big breath out.  Such a simple three step process and yet so easy to get stuck in the helpless or angry young place when it doesn’t work the way we picture it.  Yet it takes practice and help to do just that…

This is what motivated my special offer.   What I do with you is coaching, personalized coaching, using tools that use information so specific to you to help you see yourself and what you are creating in the biggest, most empowered way.  Not a ‘one size fits all’ philosophy, it’s how you operate best.   I’ve been privileged to witness you doing things that surprised and even dazzle you.  We do better with customized perspective, encouragement and validation.  I help you gently find those young stuck places we all have and use the beginners mind to make those tender spots transform for you.

So for one day you have deep discounts on three of my best loved tools.  A little support or a lot, it’s up to you.  Let’s get you saddled up and ready to ride this New Year – into your best year yet!

Hand Analysis – 30 Minutes

Astrology & Hand Analysis – 45 Minutes

Triple Treat – Hand Analysis, Astrology and Tarot – One Hour

Thank you again for the privilege of seeing YOU.  Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!  Let’s do this together…

Lisa Greenfield


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