Your Deepest Wound & Your Greatest Triumph for New Year’s

I want to share a couple stories with you on the power of transformation.  We’ve talked about the Eight Year we are finishing up in 2015 being a ‘transformational’ year, so here’s some stories that may help you as you frame up what you want out of next year.  2016 is a Nine Year which is completions, endings, mastery and moving up.

The first story emerged when a friend posted on Christmas Eve, eve that her cat sitter left the door open and her beloved kitty was lose in that Los Angeles wind storm while my friend was half way across the continent.  She was unable to sleep and worried sick about her fur baby.

Meanwhile, people were posting signs, walking the neighborhood looking for Maggie, calling for prayers and sending her messages of love and support back east.  I happen to know, her fingerprints show that both her area of struggle and her blind spot are in the same place – around love and closeness.

People in the ‘School of Love’ struggle with feelings, especially those around self-worth (almost 60% of us are in this school – go figure).  Meanwhile, back to the story.  The good news is her cat had hid in the piano and was not out in the storm but safe at home – discovered after agonizing hours of searching and waiting.

What she got out of it was so much more than a safe loved one.  She has tangible, overwhelming evidence of just how loved she is.  From all sides the concrete evidence poured in here where she has made a life for herself.  Talk about contrast, right? To see how much effort in a challenging time is being made for you is a pretty powerful example of transforming your greatest fear into your greatest triumph, beyond a doubt!

Now I also know she made some tough choices this year, disappointing some acquaintances by saying yes to herself, making brave decisions honoring her own needs because her emerging truth was that she was ‘her own highest counsel’.  Now rather than giving her power away to others, she loves herself in word and deed – and got to witness the love pour in for her because she loves herself!  Seeing it land for her on Christmas Eve brought tears to my eyes. Especially once we knew her kitty was safe. Transformation time and I watched it unfold.

Another little example is closer to home and further back in time.  My father was born with cleft palate and hair lip.  It was pretty serious surgery to correct it back in the early 1930’s.  His cousin who had it as well, had a serious speech impediment because of it.  His parents and grandparents worked with Dad on speech lessons to make sure he wasn’t teased because he couldn’t talk properly.

I didn’t know the whole story of that until I was old enough to understand.  All I knew was my father had such an eloquent speaking voice that he was asked to narrate the nativity story at church each Christmas by our pastor.  The thrill of hearing my father’s deep bass voice ringing out from the pulpit, “And in those days a decree went out from Cesar Augustus…” meant it was officially Christmas.

He would sing while shaving in the morning and I had the room closest to theirs so I would hear it through the walls.  Now I live next to a world famous front man in a band and his partner who is also a singer.  The sounds of sweet music and rich male voices are constant companions, adding a wonderful sound track to my adult life.  That was part of what prompted this post.

Each time I thrill to the music around me, I’m also reminded of being raised with such an example of transformation.  My father’s exquisite voice was partly due to his mouth being formed ‘wrong’ with a high arched palate that gave him added deep tones.  Then there was work to overcome the scarring and possible difficulties with speech that gave him impeccable diction.  But I never noticed any of that.  Instead I delighted in the artistry of his singing, the soothing sound of his voice.  None of my friends ever said ‘what’s wrong with your Dad’ because of the scarring under his nose.  Rarely did anyone even notice.  But I learned as an adult that it bothered him and he walked around aware of it.

Where are you walking around sure that your flaws, your wound is making you ‘less than’ when all the others see is your beautiful contribution?  How would it look if what you ‘let go of and end’ in this upcoming Nine Year is anything less than acknowledging your biggest challenges may just have given birth to your greatest contribution?  Where can you let go of seeing the wound and instead see what overcoming it may have given you?

Like the pearl formed out of the irritating grain of sand, your deepest wounds can be the place of your richest transformation.  This year as you wrap up the old and ring in the new, where can you see the struggles, disappointments and challenges of your life, probably highlighted this last year, looking through a new lens.  This eight year of 2015 brought a lot of things to light that had been hidden.  Some of it was welcome insight and some might have felt less appealing.  You can finish the transformation with a little shift in perspective that has a big impact on your quality of life.  The rest of us are already enjoying you more than you realize.

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Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year with all the best of YOU in it!

Lisa Greenfield


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