Hands, Hands and More Hands…

Heart First, Then Head Creates Your Life


The main three lines on your hand are our starting point.  Did you know the heart, head and life line are pretty well formed when you arrive here but can change your whole life long.  For most people those lines are set in ‘flesh’ by the time you reach six or seven years old and they don’t change much.  That doesn’t mean they CAN’T change, it means that once we have a set way of processing information and feeling about things, we don’t usually go back and review or update our original programming.  However, it is always up for expansion, addition, rerouting and more.

The reason I tell you that is the old fashioned idea that a palm reader can read your future and you are stuck with what they see.  Well when you learn how to read hands, even a little bit, you see that predicting your love life, reading your future or money potential in your hands pulls from a bit of science mixed in with the mysterious.  After all, the main three lines tell us what we inherited from our parents and family.  Which is the majority of people experience a lifestyle similar to that of their parents.

I’m not talking about making all the same choices, instead it speaks more to a capacity for connecting with others, experiencing life, opening up to new experiences in a manner similar to the way you were raised.  Our brain forms all these little highways and those thoughts and feelings get pretty comfortable traveling familiar pathways unless you interrupt the habit to help form a new one.

That’s easier for some people than it is for others.  This is where those secondary lines come in – the lines that aren’t your heart line, head line or life line.  Look to see if you have vertical lines on your hand.  They may be faint – it doesn’t matter.  These are the lines we add with our conscious mind.  One of the best lines – and most challenging – is the Saturn line.  I’ve found people who have the Saturn line often have to shoulder a lot more responsibility than the average person.  They are the go to person, the get-it-done person, the disciplined person who can start something and muscle it through to the sometimes bitter end.

However they also wind up with a backbone that is unshakeable, strong and capable.  Funny, this also helps with their luck.  If it moves all the way up the hand it forms the M with the three main lines that means you may have ups and downs in your life, but you are never without resources and help.  Here is one such Saturn line to show you what is possible…

It’s not faint, it’s not dark and it definitely fades between the head line and heart line – so typical of us…  We fail to give ourselves permission to want what we want and it slows or stops the ‘luck’ from coming our way.  This is our brain’s self limiting behavior to help maintain what it knows as ‘normal’.  After all, too much expansion is risk, and our brain is wired to protect us from risk!  So for those of you who want to know how to read hands for luck – this is just one way.  Do you have the Saturn line in your hand?


Vertical Line Starts by the Wrist and Moves Up to the Heart Line


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