Compatible or Combustible In Relationships – How To Read Hands

Great compatibility is high on so many people’s wish list when it comes to love.  So is great chemistry.  Did you know there’s a way to see if you have potential for either with just a glance at your hands?  Well there is a way, and I am here to tell you how to do just that…it happens with an easy guide on how to read hands!

For the sake of simplicity we are going to focus on two main lines – the heart line and the head line.  Trust me, that’s quite enough information to get you started.   I’ve included pictures so you can clearly see what I mean… no extra confusion, please!  This is your love life we are talking about!

The heart line comes first on the hand, after all it is the starting line when it comes to so much.  Yep, it’s the heart of the matter and has the most electromagnetic power, far more then our brains.  Our heart line tells us what is most valued, the head line tells us how we go about getting it or protecting what we love.  Because, let’s face it, what we love we fear losing.  That’s what our head lines are for… figuring out how to guard against that possibility and get more of what we love!




You can start recognizing compatibility and chemistry with a simple look to see if the heart is an inside line or outside line.  Does that heart line of yours end under the first finger or does it end somewhere before the pointer finger?  When a heart line makes it out to the first finger, even the inside edge of the first finger (see the picture so you know what I mean) it means this is a more open heart.   Those longer heart lines, regardless of where under the first finger they end, share a confidence in letting their emotions out for their partner or the world to see.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone has insecurities and we will cover those more as we go forward.  But to keep it simple, longer heart lines are more comfortable with their own emotions and are more open to hearing yours.

Shorter heart lines, ones that end before the dividing line in the picture, were taught that emotions were not so safe.  They are less comfortable with open displays of emotion and it can take them longer to know what they feel and even longer to share it.  Or they can talk about it in an analytical way without really letting their guard down.

Before you despair if you are a short heart line, or avoid those short heart line folks if you are a long line, here’s the good news.  Short heart lines can be very solid and dependable, wise and masterful as they mature.  Their emotions are a class room where if they apply themselves they can be straight A students you can count on in love.

Our long lined open hearts have an easier and faster time getting there but can spread themselves a little thin with too many emotions competing for time and attention.   They can also have challenges sustaining that level of deep connection.

However right now we want to focus on compatibility.

When the lines end in similar places you are both familiar with the emotional availability of the other.  For example (this really happened) you’re out on a date and a stranger in the theater keels over with a heart attack.  The paramedics are called and everything is handled, but it certainly impacts your date!

Internal heart lines most like will feel safest when they review what to do in an emergency or discuss all the things that can prevent a heart attack.   They focus on the actions and preventative measures rather than dropping into any fear for their own mortality or the possibility of it happening to someone they love.  The long heart lines are much more likely to put themselves in the person or the families shoes and connect with the feelings of going through something like that.  They will be empathizing and connecting on an emotional level as opposed to a thinking/doing level.

Each one has their strengths and their benefits.  Each one has drawbacks if used to excess…

When the lines are more alike you can understand the emotions of your partner.  You feel somewhat the same.  When they are different, you are experiencing it from contrasting points of view.  The good news is contrast gives increased chemistry!  Chemistry is nature’s glue to hold us together long enough to see a bigger viewpoint then we started with in the mix.  But it can pit us against each other if you aren’t aware of how we work!

Where the lines look more alike is where you will STICK TOGETHER.  It is a compatibility that helps you line up more easily with each other.  Where the lines are different is where you STICK OUT.  Those differences help round us out and open up a new point of view and provide chemistry.  Each one serves a purpose.

Now that you know that much, let’s move on to the head line.

Let’s keep this SO simple.  Is your head line and theirs similar?  Do they both curve, or do the both lay pretty straight?  Do they look the same way, end in the same place, or have similar color and clarity?  I know that’s what diamonds have – observing these details about lines is just as telling when it comes to valuable information!

Let’s start with if they do have strong similarities.  Even when they are ‘sort of alike’ what you will find is that you have a like-minded approach to how you think. Think stick together!  Even if you disagree on a topic, you will have similar ways of processing the information to arrive at your conclusion.   For example, you are planning a vacation.  One wants Hawaii and the other wants Cancun.  When your head lines are similar you will research, sift through, or react to getting what you want in much the same way.  Perhaps you poll all your friends and stack up the evidence as to why one place is better than another.  Your partner may gather all the reviews on the websites and independent travel sites to prove their choice is best.  See what I mean about similar ways of acting on thoughts.  It’s simpatico, compatible, aligned – it doesn’t mean you don’t disagree.  It means you think in ways that the other can see and recognize as familiar.

What about if they are different, really different?  Think stand out!  Okay then, this means that when it comes to protecting a choice you have operating styles that don’t match.  One of you might choose Hawaii because you’ve always gone there, it’s where you go and you know it, it works and there is nothing more to know.  While the other one is itching to explore and push the boundaries, requires change and fresh ideas, places and people for stimulation.  So you might compile a great deal of information that supports all the wonderful exciting things that the Caribbean has to offer and present the big picture to your partner.  A partner who just wants to go to Hawaii and can’t even imagine wading through research when research would never be a deciding fact in to where to go for vacation.   They go where they know and where they’ve always gone.


See how the challenge might come in for the contrasting lines.

But the good news… back to that chemistry.  Opposites attract – we know that from science.  This is nature’s way of creating something bigger.  The whole is greater than the sum of the parts stuff, you know – biology.  Where one plus one equals three – male plus female equals baby.  The same math applies to ideas and emotions.  Our opposite can yield something totally new.

It’s the pull of the opposite the enlarges our point of view.   Makes us experience something we might not have if we had only stayed with what was familiar.

However you want to be careful with the combustion of opposites!  Too much and it will blow the relationship sky high.  After all our brain reads what is foreign as ‘bad’ – think of white blood cells attacking a germ.  Our minds can do the same thing if there is too much difference between you.  It helps to have some areas of ease where it isn’t such a dramatic compromise all the time.

Before you compatible ones get too cocky, keep in mind that too many similarities can create a friendship without much flavor.  It becomes easy to get stuck in a rut and difficult to think or feel outside the comfort zone you both inhabit.   The chemistry can fizzle and lose all trace of sizzle if you aren’t aware of the need for fresh input.   Every plus can become a minus without a little perspective!

Okay, so that’s today’s take on compatibility and combustion.  We will pick up the thread of discussion on how to read hands for compatibility and relationships in the next posting.   Happy hand hunting…

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victoria van zandt

Very interesting…my heart line doesn’t even make to the area between my first two fingers…though I am a psychotherapist, I can listen to other’s emotions and express mine, just very protective of my heart! Thank you for the info.

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