Healer’s Lines – How To Read Hands

Underneath Mercury


When we look for the gifted healer’s marks we focus on the area underneath our little finger – also known as the Mercury finger.

These vertical lines, at least three or more, indicate someone who can bridge the gap between mind and body. (See all the vertical lines under the pinky)

One of the fun facts about Mercury is in mythology he had the job of ferrying the souls to the afterlife.  Which points to the curious talents of those with this mark.  They often reach deep into the depths of ‘Hades’ to help bring about a transformation that heals and returns the person to ‘daylight’ so to speak.

People with this mark must be careful because Mercury is also the trickster and can fool even the most well-intentioned healing tendencies.  After all the old adage -‘Pride goeth before a fall’ can apply here.

When you have these marks you have an ability to help people transform themselves.  Your insight and gifts can be the bridge to a healthier way of life.  The caution with any power is always to keep ego in check.

The exciting thing is these days there are so many ways to tap into the power in these marks.  We’ve learned more about how our minds and bodies work in the last 20 years then in the last 200 years.

Because Mercury also is also the God of Communication, it is a natural fit to see the expansion of  healing through television shows like Dr. Oz, The Doctors and all kinds of cable shows on medical procedures.

There are also the advances in energy healing and new ways to integrate mind, body and spirit in health care.

The healing skills of these lines aren’t limited to physical applications.  You often see these lines in people who have a strong calming effect on those around them.  These are the friends or coworkers who listen to another’s pain or struggle and give back a point of view to help the person uncover a healthier more whole understanding of themselves.  I hear new stories of how this talent is being applied more and more.  With the intense pressure of change, our healers are needed now in a way we haven’t seen in several generations.

One of the fun details that goes with these marks is a rapid thought process and a global point of view on a situation or person that outstrips the average way of seeing things.  Healers very often get a quick flash of insight, or a clear perspective on alternative way to deal with a situation.  Depending on the other lines in the hand they can be adept at clever solutions in a heartbeat.   But those lines are another post…and I’ve just had a flash of insight to finish up!  Hah…

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Truth in Hand, your research interested me. And, I became super intrigued to learn my hand has this mark, these lines under the small finger. You’ve opened a door for me. Thank you, Victoria

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