A Big Plus In Your Hands – Elemental Intimacy

Heart Line - The Big Plus


Well the new graphics are here for a visual guide to what’s in your hands!  The idea was to simplify, since so many of you who kindly bought the book shared with me that less really would be more.  Towards that end, I have drawn my version of a map for the lines.  The Plus sign was a happy inspiration.


Because we have our upside potential listed in our hands.  It’s where some of the other 90% of our untapped potential is outlined.


We will start in the bottom right corner, the opposite of where we were told to begin in school.  Earth is the element and region in both the heart and head line that all the other lines must pass through in order to move on to expanded territory.  Earth hearts and heart heads are our foundation people.  The bottom line folks and the physical manifestation people.


In other words, these are the get it done people.  Unless of course they are overloaded, then they are the ‘can’t find them for anything’ people.  It’s the way our brains work to help us manage risk.  Whenever we come across a chance for physical, mental and emotional expansion, our security system kicks in to manage the risk.  That’s because brains can’t tell the difference between the different risks, they all ring the same alarm bell.


Each of these elements is a map to where and how our alarm bells go off, effectively limiting our growth.  So if you understand what your setting is, you can start working with it to reset it to a level that allows you a bit more expansion.


Over the next few posts we are going to walk through each of the elements together.  Beginning with Earth let’s get to know a bit more about the Truth in Hand.  Sorry, can’t ever resist throwing those in…


Earth hearts have a security system that is set by the time we are two years old.  It pretty much sees the world through a lens that vastly over estimates the world and underestimates itself.  One solid way of ensuring survival is to always over estimate risk, right?  So the Earth hearts rarely see themselves the way others do.  Think about what we know of earth.  It is solid, immense, varied and exists best in relationship with all the different parts – air, water and fire to name a few.


Earth people have emotions that feel so big they can’t get the heads around what it all means.  Which is why their default mode is to go into action.  When earth hearts or heads need to feel safe they ‘do something’.  Earth is the Action element, the body is their playing field and they are most comfortable making something concrete and tangible.  Sitting and brooding about their feelings are not an activity normally associated with the earth element.


That is why they can be impatient in others eyes.  Their alarm bells are going off, they feel stress and they move to ‘act on it’.  Or someone else feels badly about something, guess who the first to respond is likely to be?  The good old earth people.  As long as it isn’t served up with too much high emotions that is.  Earth has a tendency to put their head in the sands when drama rears it’s definitely ugly head for the earth people.  They prefer action.  You can measure actions.  You can count on actions.  These are things that matter to earth people.

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