Friday th 13th, Shock Change and Deep Transformation

Abraham-Hicks Calendar
Abraham-Hicks Calendar

Friday the 13th has a history of being unlucky.  There is even data showing a higher percentage of accidents on those days.  But you know me, I see that nothing is wasted unless we ignore it.  So, what do we do with Friday the 13th?

We are in the middle of an Astrological shift that has the force of shock change (Uranus) at odds with deep transformation (Pluto).  The tension is intense and will hit two major turning points this year

Uranus square Pluto June 24 2012
• Uranus square Pluto September 19 2012

Squares produce some of the greatest tension because those shock changes unearth some of the ‘stuff’ or ‘baggage’ we left rotting in the basement of our minds.  It’s not so pleasant when it comes to light.  It’s rarely attractive and there is usually some stickiness to it.  You know what I mean, that hard to stop thinking about, feeling squirmy about feelings you can’t shake when those uncomfortable, denied parts of us come to light.

But being the eternal optimist that I am, I’m here with good news!

Your sticky stuff has a purpose.

Yes, it really does…

So how do you put that nasty, basement dwelling pile of gunk to work when these sudden upsets bring them to light?

Here is what I know to be true.  Here is what I have seen play out in thousands upon thousands of lives over the decades I’ve been reading hands.  Where our greatest fears, doubts, judgments and criticisms of ourselves rest is what guards our greatest power.

That stuff is what is piled in the way of you seeing how dealing with your stuff is exactly what reveals to you the most glowing, radiantly talented part of you.  That’s why my tagline on email is “show me your problems and I will show you your possibilities”.  Because the two are linked.  It’s not our weakest point, it is our greatest strength, one that requires you earn the use of it by bravely stepping into your flaws, mistakes and learn how to use that power well.

Who was it said that wisdom is experience applied?  Experience is making enough bad judgments to learn from them.

I love that quote.  NOTHING is wasted… even our greatest mistakes help us when we let them.

So back to how we let Friday the 13th work for us.  For those of you who want to stay home, tucked up and dodging accidents – why not look at what has been rattling your cage this year.  I’ve read for over 30 people just in the last four weeks and trust me, no-one is immune.  Even those who aren’t ‘suffering’ themselves are in the middle of watching those near and dear to them go through upheavals and shock changes.  Some of the changes are good shocks, jobs found, babies on the way, new homes.  So don’t think that it’s only the misery going on around us.

For example, I was raised watching my parents sacrifice what they loved doing for what needed to be done.  They were the responsible parents; the hard working parents and their own artistry and talents took a back seat to providing a safe and comfortable home for my sister, brother and me.  It never occurred to me to do anything else when it came time for work.  So I started in the corporate world, slogging away and loving parts of my job but never getting up excited to go to work.

When I was laid off (for the first time in my life) six years ago, I decided to try Hand Analysis as my work.  But only as a side job while I did business and sales consulting for the ‘real work’.  Then when the market crashed in 2008, things got really tight and I scrambled to go back to work in corporate full time.   Guess what, so did a lot of people that weren’t high end middle managers.  Not so much luck there…So then came the scraping to get by and doing the work for out of fear and obligation.

I was turning what I had always loved into the work world I was so relieved to be out of…after all, it’s what I knew how to do.  Resent work and just get by…

I resented the technical work, the marketing and the writing obligations – never the readings.  But I wasn’t as excited as I started out being.

Then came the last six months.

With life and death situations for my dear friends and loved ones, major moves in the multiples (two moves in three months).   Shock changes – I think yes.  But then the shock change planet is sitting right on my Sun sign.  Whew…

But guess what came out of all the chaos?  Now, I look forward to what I get to share with you, even when I am doing the administrative tasks.  I’m excited about what I do partly because I haven’t been able to do it as much for the last six months, I miss it when I’m not doing it! I’ve learned to be more patient with the process – surprise basement stuff was definitely around being so impatient to create that I rarely enjoyed my own process.  Who knew…?  Well now I do!

See what comes out of these shock changes and big upheavals.  Cut to several very exciting offers in the works where I get a much bigger stage to do what I love.  Cut to having a stream of clients coming to me and I don’t have to do anything much to get them.

See, it does get easier when you get your stuff!  The stuff is in the way of a much bigger world for you.  All the more reason to dive in, right?  Remember I’m here is you need a helping ‘hand’.  Can’t ever resist those puns.  And breathe!

So here’s to Friday the 13th being your lucky day!  Take some time to clean out your basement, be present and ruthlessly honest.  Your power is waiting on the other side.  If I can help, lob in a call or email.  I love to do this with you, I’m actually getting pretty good at it.

Otherwise, breathe, and remember your greatest power is underneath the stuff you don’t want to look at.  So go look already… I can promise you it makes a BIG difference when you do.

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