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I want you to have my best support possible to make 2016 the year More Dreams Come True for you!  To do that I am offering customized insight so you can hear how the very challenges you struggle with hold the key to your most powerful gifts and best method to turn things around – and at a huge discount.

Did you know more ‘watery’ type hands and/or Astrology are most powerful at magnetizing in what you want and need.  But that with that power comes this pesky little security system that short circuits what you most want if you don’t know how to best work with the ebb and flow of your emotions.

Or that if you have more Fire in your hands and charts you see beyond the horizon to worlds others can’t imagine yet, and with the right support you get us all closer to those possibilities. But getting support makes the difference and your security system can have you bouncing on to new pastures too quickly if you don’t understand how you balance best.

Curious for more about you?  I’ve given you a fun short read on each element – which one is yours?  Read more here…

I’ve put together not just a Black Friday (I’m calling it Fun Friday) special, but a launching pad for a whole year of making sure you have some incredibly powerful tools to help turn your Dreams into reality customized for YOU.

When you say yes to these tools, you join an elite group.  People who’ve won major lawsuits, negotiated  international deals, landed Broadway starring roles (Emmy award winners, too) and many more.  These people know how to put their big Truth out in the world for big rewards!

Get yours by midnight Wednesday and you also get a special link to add a second audio at just $29!  That’s a whole lot of YES to you and next year being amazing!

These customized audios by element and subject really laser in on what works best for you – each time you listen your understanding of how much you have to work with and offer the world gets bigger!  Hear real ‘rubber meets the road’ action steps and understand how to gear up and go forward with the least interference possible for the biggest or best results.  After all your hearts desires are waiting for you.  And the challenges you have cursed and struggled with can be the very key to get you moving!  That’s just a taste of what’s on hand for you…

Feeling like a snapshot of you isn’t nearly enough of a good thing… I AGREE!

So let’s get your close up going, why don’t we!

With so very much of you to reveal, let’s start element by element.

We’ll start at the very beginning, a very good place to start:

Knowing the Big Truth of YOU is the first step to Making Dreams Come True as Uniquely YOU in 2016.

Get to know you through:

  1.  Two introductory audios that give you the ‘four corners’ required to make change less frightening, with the 411 on how you are wired (Approx 1 hour total time)
  2.   ‘Keep it simple visual’ with your downloadable elements guide to go along with the summary audio
  3.   Audio introduction to YOUR element with your gifts and challenges laid out in easy to understand building blocks – listen whenever you need reminding (Approx. 25 min)
  4. Two audio Q&A sessions about your element, hear answers to real life problems and how to put your special gifts to best use (Approx. an hour each)
  5. Do it yourself check list with summary and mini quiz to help you check how well you remember some key things to help you

Now all that’s left is to select the Element that’s ‘you’!  Don’t worry, if you have more than one, start with the one that most calls you and look for a surprise in your inbox when it comes to getting more of you. Each option has over 3 hours of YOU time to start at almost 90% off just the audios alone!

Remember, get yours by midnight Wednesday and you also get a special link to add an extra element for just $29!  That’s a whole lot of YES to you and next year being amazing!

Take the next steps to Making Dreams Come True as Uniquely YOU in 2016 when you understand how to do it!

I’m committed to making that as easy as possible for you.  So join me…

I’m Worth My Time – Earth/Generators – Let’s make things REAL this year

I’m Worth My Time – Water/Connectors – Let’s open up to ALL the wonderful resources in my Life this year

I’m Worth My Time – Air/Innovators – Let’s rearrange the puzzle pieces for a whole new list of options this year

I’m Worth My Time – Fire/Inspirationals – Let’s let the creative vision take me out into unexplored possibilities to create this year

There’s a link at check out that takes you straight to the treasure trove of information.  You’ll have yours in hand in ‘no time’! Enjoy the day, I know I will now I’ve shared this with you.

Thank you and here’s to the best year ahead – I’ll help!

Lisa Greenfield


P.S.  Some of the people putting the Power of Truth in Hand to work for them…  the Achievers Club.  Want to be one of them…?

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