Tonight’s Full Moon, Bullying You – How to stop with a Black Friday Special Deep Discount

How’s the conversation in your head lately?  How many ‘shoulds’ and ‘have to’s’ are in your daily sound track or have you gotten so used to them you don’t notice?  Starting with tonight’s full moon and Thanksgiving day we are working out a new relationship with what we have to do to live versus what we stay alive for – structure and discipline face off against those moments that make life worth living!  It’s time to put the inner mean voice to work for you, in ways that may surprise you.  Good stuff when you know what’s possible and when around family.

With this full moon highlighting a deep Truth, a higher wisdom rather than a collection of facts, it adds up brilliantly to help you stop suffering over broken dreams and use your backbone to help you make your wishes come true instead of punishing you for what went wrong.  Sound good?

I know my bullies within and without are almost always the theme of where I fail at perfection.  I’ve never achieved it personally or professionally (shocking I know) and my inner bully can’t wait to point that out to me.  I read another person’s newsletter and it is brilliant while my mean voice pokes holes in what I’m doing.  I almost never shop or offer Black Friday specials, I prefer to do my specials at odd unexpected moments, but then I think I’m failing at the ‘practical’ side of business.  That’s my inner bully, part of what’s really changed and I want that for you too.

Starting this Thanksgiving and finishing up next September we have three different celestial dust ups between our longing for inspired connection, sweeter life, dream come true scenarios(Neptune) and the heavy hand of structure, responsibility, necessity and limitations (Saturn).  If you have the Saturn line in your hand (or starting deep in Neptune territory) then this next few months is a sweet chance to leverage your inner magician.  See more about this at the previous post.

Okay, so we have Neptune which inspires what we live for, dreams, magic and deep love connection potential in tense aspect to Saturn the great limitation bringer, doling out delays.  That spells pressure that can look like major disappointments, detours, let downs or shuddering under the weight of too many ‘shoulds’.  With Saturn involved it’s a learning curve with this slow moving planet!

Then add in this full moon with the Gemini/Sagittarius theme which highlights what the facts are versus what we believe about those facts.  What’s your belief around what’s happening?  I saw this quote from Henry David Thoreau “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”.  So right now, this weekend, what are you seeing?  Where are you with balancing what you live for, what lights you up against the traditions, responsibilities and structures in place that can dictate what must be done or what has to be done?

Since examples always stand out, let me give you mine.  It may help you apply it for your own inner bully, right!

I’ve been struggling, yes really wrestling with my work.  Now I love what I do.  Crazy love it.  I’ve given up even wanting a prestigious job in the corporate world with security and status, the nice big house, yard and a company credit card paying for lunches and travel.  I liked those things, enjoyed them for years.  But the trade off between that and what I did all day was draining me of so much energy.  I would work, go home and collapse, living for the week or ten days each year I vacationed to come alive.  NO THANK YOU.  That is living under the heavy hand of Saturn.

Which is why when I started doing this work, I was the happiest I’ve ever been.  Well hello inner bully!  You may remember, our brain limits our expansion getting us to doubt or question our greatest strengths not our weaknesses.  So of course, I had all of the old inherited traditions of what work ‘should’ be crashing in on me when I was having all that fun – plus the lack of security as a solopreneur.

I added so many tasks and ‘shoulds’ to building structure around my business that connecting with you during readings or class were the only times I really enjoyed myself.  Even the gifting suites started feeling like ‘work’.  I felt much like I had in corporate because that was what I knew how to do.  Consequently, getting inspired about exciting new ways to deepen your connection with you fell further and further down the to do list.

My focus became more the mechanics of what I needed to do and a lot less fun for me.  I have a feeling it may have felt that way for you too.  Scary to admit that, but it’s true!  It hasn’t been much fun, the business side of my work.  Those Saturn patterns requiring change!

So this shift has been lighting me up!  Does my business require structure, absolutely.  Do I have to do it the way I have been doing it? NOPE, not at all.  I’m turning the business side into more of my playground.  If it has to be done, I’m finding a way to turn it into a game, recruiting good allies and letting it take on a life of its own.  Guess what, more good allies showed up then I could possibly play with all at once.  I had to learn how to play with them, too, rather than putting those activities back into a Saturn straight jacket.

Neptune in highest expression is that collective unconscious bringing you what you need when you need it.  Those magical connections, support and inspiration need breathing room, fun chatter, sparks of inspiration much more than the heavy-handed ‘to do’ list I was operating from.  Whew…

The biggest challenge are the spaces where that magical support isn’t there.  I’ve experienced enough of those places to wonder what the lesson is there.  Eureka, my friend, Neptune strikes again.  My favorite Coach shared that bonding takes place when a desire is interrupted and our will has to step in to keep the desire intact until it is completed.

Example:  I wanted to leave the rigid corporate world behind to love what I do.  Obstacle, once started with fresh possibilities the need for structure took over my life and squeezed much of the fun out of my new work.  My love for what I do could not be smothered, it rose up confirming my commitment.  As soon as I realized I was committed not just to the work but how I created with it, resources showed up taking me in whole new directions. It wasn’t until I got the lesson that Saturn rewarded me.  That’s the plus side to this bad guy.   When you get real and clearer on your goals, Saturn will help you get there when you know how to work with him.

If you don’t want to push through obstacles, make concentrated effort and continue on in the face of adversity then maybe what you are pushing for isn’t your heart’s desire. Or perhaps it means there is a better way to get to a slightly different version, or a much better version?  Neptune asks that you allow yourself those magical moments.  They are always around us, it asks us to tune in and believe and receive.  Neptune longing is more of the starting point, with Saturn as the work horse that gets us to a bigger finish line than you could imagine at the beginning.

This is the shake up going on – where do the obstacles in your path show you more about what it is you are living for?  If the resistance is too much, it could be time for a Saturn adjustment – a way to transform those mean voices and ‘have to’s in your head.  Take inventory and balance out where the resistance is building muscle that supports you or just landing blows that wear you down.  This full moon helps you SEE the Truth in a bigger light and use it to kick in that shift!

When you’ve been bullied for too long, fear and pain avoidance can freeze you.  It becomes your habit and you lose awareness of how much influence it has in your life, your choices.  Which is why this next ten months is sooooo powerful.  Particularly since the Saturn energy has moved off the ‘bullying’ stance.   Yes it actually was sitting in a position to bully or be bullied into recognizing we are responsible for making our dreams real.  That’s not punishment, but it sure felt punishing at times, right?

We can look back and see with better perspective where the whip has been held over us – BY US.  Now it’s about small steps in a new direction.  Neptune says see a movie, read a book, talk with a friend about possibilities not just practicalities.  Go where you feel inspired to imagine more, PLAY!

Now is when you can see where disillusionment, disappointments and delays are your new arena for confirming your goals, refining your dreams or trading them in for something better.  Instead of feeling at the mercy of the cruel world or the people in it, you can see where your actions, backbone, strength of desire can help magnetize in more of what makes your heart’s wish come true.  You aren’t waiting for it to happen, with the Saturn push, you know you make it happen with every choice, every day -and there is help!

This is the pathway of transformation – and you are in command.  What’s in your life, every bit it of it, right now, has the power to take you to the place of joy, delight, abundance and fulfillment when you know how to get there.

There’s more than one way to get there.  You are uniquely wired to navigate your challenges, your limitations, your gifts and talents in the way that can open you up to more of the ‘reason you live’ or you can stay stuck in a slightly upgraded version of the tyrant in your mind. This tyrant can show up in the world around you, too, and often does.

I’ve got a couple people in my life who delight in sharing with me what’s wrong with what I am doing.  Where I could be doing so much better ‘if only’.  When I hear them, or read their input now I thank them for showing me how hard I am on myself and I’ve learned their feedback is my outside measurement to see how far I’ve come with my own inner critic.  Some of it helps, some of it hurts, but I use it all to my benefit.

What delights me is how softer and easier the criticisms have grown as I’ve practiced changing the conversation in my head.  It literally transformed from a comment ‘what’s wrong with you that you can’t get this right’, to them saying ‘You’ve got a lot of hard work paying off  just slowly, I’m sure you’ll get there one of these days’.  That’s a real person and a real conversation that reflects back outside of me to just how far I’ve truly come inside of me.  Who in your life plays that part for you?

You really can transform your own inner bully, too!  Get you up close and personal with your dreams so you can dial them up and make them real.  I got excited about this and could hardly wait to share with you, I’ve spent days and hours getting ready and time flew by!  It’s the beginning chapter of a whole years worth of ‘YOU’ unfolding.

I’m rolling out a new ‘YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE in 2016’ program based on you getting much more of the life you want!  You’re wired to have more ease and grace come in to help you achieve the life of your dreams.  You are also wired to struggle in particular ways revealed by your hands and your charts.  And the path to get from struggle to ease is so clearly marked for you too!

I want that for you.  So we are going to do this step by step together, here’s the first step…Quick peek ahead here…

This Black Friday special gives you access to the real Truth about you, not just the facts!  And because I want it to be so easy for you to get started and join me, it’s a whopping almost 90% off!  When you purchase yours by Friday midnight you also get a bonus group call with Lisa – that’s another $300 savings for acting fast!  This deal won’t last…  Curious?  Well I put some wonderful nuggets of Truth about you right out front, so you get a taste of what’s in the packages.  Check it out here.

For you, I wish you a day of gratitude tomorrow for the absolutely perfectly YOU that you are.  I know I’m Thankful for you this year.  Wishing you the best, always,

Lisa Greenfield




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