Daily Tarot with TruthinHand Dec. 14-20 – Another big week

Didn’t last week have a lot packed into it? Get ready for another full week ahead, still this one has some sweet pay offs in store for you.  Remember you can get your customized yearly forecast with the 12 Month reading and receive these weekly forecasts included for a whole year.  Starting in January this will be a subscription service.

Already we’ve had one person who gets success over a pesky mindset that’s been robbing her of happiness, another with a new love after a long wait.  What does your year hold?  Find out now…

Welcome to Daily Tarot with TruthinHand a week at a time.  To be sure you get your own copy, go to TruthinHand.com and opt in to join the fun.  I want to give you some of my favorite ancient (and new) symbols to help you make the best of each day.  Share them with someone you love.  There’s power in the story we tell ourselves and I wish these snippets add to the one unfolding for you today!

The Card of the Week gives an overall theme to help kick in extra layers of meaning around the card of the day.  Use it as a pair of night vision goggles to help clarify what’s been out of focus or shadowed.

Card of the Week:  Dec 14-20

Six of Wands larger
Six of Bows, Abundance – This is the Minor Arcana ‘Victory’ card, my friend.  Success will be yours in small things that feel big. One good moment spilling over to the next good moment.  Add inspired celebration to each and every day this week and see how your enthusiasm builds the fire of achievement.  With three Major Arcana cards in the line up again, it’s a week with impact.  You’ve come further than you realize in the last month.  You have good reason to enjoy, celebrate!
Daily Tarot Card:  This information does not decide anything for you my friend.  It simply gives you additional insight to help shape the story you tell yourself about whatever is happening.  Play with it, let in inspire.  Lisa pulls from many different Tarot Decks for her interpretation but the images and some excerpts in this post are from the beloved Wildwood Tarot Deck.

Day One – Nine of Arrows

Nine is the teacher number, take command of your fear brain and refuse to let shadows spoil your day.  Instead notice where you are afraid and use that information to see where expansion is possible.  The brain always works to limit our strengths, not our weaknesses.  So your fears map out hidden or ignored power pockets in you.  This nine says you’ve navigated those nooks and crannies and come far enough to show others how it’s done!  Communication is likely to be most beneficial today.

Take Action:  Share one fear with a friend or colleague today.  Your honesty can help someone else!



Day Two – The Ancestor

This past new moon linked us to ancient wisdom bigger than any one given moment.  Nature is patient and moves in perfect harmony with all the different elements within it.  Your life holds so many resources to help you live, enjoy, create and grow. Others wants and needs are not to be feared, there is good information for you there, too, even if it’s practicing saying no to what you don’t want.  Honoring all the traditions of others and those who came before you doesn’t mean you won’t have your own space to carve out.  You are part of a much bigger story and the wisdom of the ages is unfolding through you, too, every day as you find your own way.

Take Action:  What tradition did you love most growing up.  If it isn’t part of your life, see what you can make happen about bringing it back.


Day Three –  Ten of Stones
Ten Stones
Home is more than a house, it’s a place inside you where you are safe no matter what is going on in the world around you.  Ten of Stones says you are secure and solid within, built over time with memories of all you’ve lived and loved.  Feel the strength in you, in the life you’ve lived and know that you are always home.  Let any irritations that come up simply remind you to find your own path back to what’s right for you.  You are always your own best guide.

Take Action:  Look at the place you live and notice where a good memory is represented in something there.

Day Four – Three of Stones

3 Stones

Threes are communication numbers, stones are concrete actions.  This card says your conversations have born fruit, now enjoy the reward for your efforts.  Still more is waiting for you to plant with each connection. Your harvest is rich and you have reason to be glad.  Use this aspect to bring more vulnerability and intimacy to your relationships today.  Pain needs a witness and pain shared is suffering shortened.  You have support today.  Enjoy and know what you give root to now continues to yield abundance in years to come.

Take Action:  What do you want to grow – is it an idea, a business, a relationship?  Take one step towards it today!

Day Five – The Wheel


‘You are not a prisoner of fate but an integral part of it.  By your own actions you change your life’.  The Wheel represents a change of fate.  More than a doer, be a decider about these changes and ‘new world’ ushered in by The Wheel. Don’t withdraw from challenges, through them your Life has turned a corner and wants to show you how far you’ve come.  Nothing is happening ‘to you’, instead see that it is all happening for you.  Even if you can’t see how just yet.  Embrace change now and accept your good fortune!

Take Action: Prioritize what’s important to you.  Laser focus time and attention to what matters most for results you want.

Day Six –  Balance

BalanceToday you feel the marriage of your head with your heart, your actions with intentions.  It’s a union as simple as breathing in and out.  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  What’s happening in your life now is the result of all that’s come before.  Patience is your best tool right now.  This Major Arcana invites you to accept all parts of you, including the shadows.  Today you have the energy and discipline to tackle difficult things.  Take responsibility and act on your behalf today, it helps heal old wounds when you take care of you.  Show the world how you wish to be treated.
Take Action:  Which fault do you struggle with the most? Today notice where this also serves you somehow.  Then add a dose of comfort food and compassion.

Day Seven  Two of Bows

Two of Bows

The question Two of Bows asks is do you see the creative possibilities in life or are you stuck wishing for other ‘ingredients’ to your day?  This partnership two says believe whatever you have is exactly what helps you get closer to what you want.  Watch the Universe step in with more than you thought possible when shared dreams catch fire in another’s imagination.  Watch out for heated debate.  The fire of enthusiasm can burn if not served up with respect for those listening.

Take Action:   Let enthusiasm and excitement dial up opportunities with someone else in your life today.  Which ideas catch fire today?



Remember you can get your own customized 12 Month forecast here along with a whole year of weekly insights.  What would a extra insight change for you, hmmm?  Get yours here!

Thank you and have a good week!

Lisa Greenfield


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