Full Moon, Christmas and Daily Tarot

All those who had some interesting ‘conflicts’ this past week raise their hands.  One person had to do battle between what they really wanted to do this holiday versus what they thought they ‘should’ do.  Another had a knock-down, drag-out text war with their mother-figure.  Part of last week’s Wheel turning, showing us where the old no longer works as you learn to navigate unfamiliar ground and make new choices.

There’s exciting promise in this winter solstice, in the cards and astrology too, that what is being seeded this week bears fruit over the next six months with some care and attention.  How are you nurturing your dreams, comforting yourself through these bumpy beginnings?  Think of yourself as a seed being planted.  You can only do your part in letting your hard seed shell completely dissolve, only to open you up to a richer, bigger playground.  You can do this!

Still it’s a bit unnerving, so it is important to understand you require, not need, require, care and comfort right now just as a seedling needs water and sun.  If people and situations cause conflict, be sure to have neutral ground with quiet time and/or comfort food to consolidate your energy, give you strength.  Watch how your mind wants to get in the mix with fear, doubt, judgment and criticism as the guards on your expanding new life.

New life holds the unknown and some of those irritating conflicts are precisely placed to help you get bonded to your dreams and desires.  After all, it’s in sticking by what you want in the face of obstacles that you know you really want it. (Or you’re really good at digging in your heels to make a point, you decide)

With the solstice on Tuesday the 22nd the Astrology offers you supports healing old mother/father wounds served up front and center this week culminating in the full moon Christmas Eve.  This week’s cards promise that your deep instinct, not your intellect, will serve you best this week. Your mind is your best servant NOT your master… when the shadow shows up, it’s yours to work with so that it serves you!

For all those still shopping for last minute gifts, working with me gives the priceless gift of self knowledge.  After all, it isn’t our own mistakes we regret as much as the mistake of not trusting ourselves and what we want.  Look at Christopher Columbus.  When we follow our own guidance, mistakes open us to a much bigger world, even when things don’t turn out the way we thought they would.

My gift to you is to trust yourself, trust your knowing.  Believe in yourself and what you dream and that always leads you to your Destiny, no matter how incomprehensible the path may seem. Treat yourself or someone you love this holiday season to this timeless gift.   Here are the options to help you or someone you love do just that.

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Now on to the Daily Tarot a Week at a time.  If you’ve received this thanks to someone sharing it with you and want to be sure you get your own copy, go to TruthinHand.com and opt in to join the fun.  It’s my way of giving you some of my favorite creation tools, to make the best stories of each day.  Share them with someone you love.  There’s power in the story we tell ourselves and my wish for you is these snippets help make your world a bigger, better creation!

The Card of the Week gives an overall theme to help kick in extra layers of meaning around the card of the day.  Use it as a pair of night vision goggles to help clarify what’s been out of focus or shadowed.

Card of the Week:  Dec 21-27th  Get the Video snapshot here.

Knight of Arrows
Knight of Arrows – This bird promises a speedy turn of events but can also signify endings, rushing to a decision or a big shift in policy.  This farseeing Hawk can help you cut through the fog of uncertainty to get to a clearer, truer vision of what’s actually happening.  Be careful rushing to a decision my friend.  Let the big picture you get this week help you make decisions that need fine-tuning as you dial in on details. Big shifts in how you see and understand things abound this week.  The more you are willing to take in all the information and still be open to understanding it a bit better, the more successful you will be!




Card Of The Day:  This information does not decide anything for you, remember.  It simply gives you additional insight to help shape the story you tell yourself about whatever is happening.  Play with it, let in inspire.  Lisa pulls from many different Tarot Decks for her interpretation but the images and some excerpts in this post are from the beloved Wildwood Tarot Deck.


Day One – The World

Happy Monday!  There is a whole new world opening up for you my friend.  Combined with the Card of the Week this card promises that when you are willing to see things with a new perspective, incredible things are possible.  Check your heart on this, if you are living your life with your heart leading you to what you want, what you do, this card promises rich opportunities!  Everything unto its season, know the Sun will shine again and new vistas are waiting for you to say yes.

Take Action:  Try something new – what does it look like in your world?


Day Two – Page of Arrows

Page of arrowsThe Page of Arrows is the pesky inner critic that shows up when expansion is at hand.  Remember your mind will go to work limiting your greatest strengths not your weaknesses – because your strengths are what bring in expanded life and unknown risks.  After the World card yesterday, this little bird speaks of doubts and fears as a way to check your forward progress.  It’s the invitation to think things through.  Doubt your doubts and keep the bigger picture in mind.  Watch for the shadow that whispers don’t believe, don’t trust,  don’t achieve.  Doubt your doubts and instead use them to help you plot a sure path through the thorny parts to get to your heart’s desire.

Take Action:  Whenever your mind serves up a criticism, thank it, say ‘good to know’ then flip to the opposite of what you don’t like to what you DO like.  Lather, rinse, repeat as necessary.



Day Three –  The Stag

StagThis Major Arcana card says that ‘what you sow you shall also reap’.  Look at what is coming to you right now.  See all of it, the whole picture, because we so often look through a familiar but limited lenses.  What you freely offered from a loving heart will be richly rewarded.  What has strings and conditions brings you sticky situations that don’t offer what you truly desire.  Give and receive from a place of fullness within you rather than lack.  Take time with those sore spots and give yourself what you wish others would, then watch the Universe catch up with you.  As a new world unfolds, don’t drag old issues you’ve outgrown into it with you!   Tend to yourself, keep your side of the street clean and see what happens today.

Take Action:  Look at whatever is troubling you with honesty and compassion to find a solution that is better than you could of hoped for.


Day Four – Page of Bows
Page of BowsPages are our inner children and bows represent fire and spirit.  So this card asks you to believe.  This is the magic season and today it says Believe and you will see!  You have to be willing to let magic surprise and astonish you.  If you pick at it, comparing what shows up with what you wish it to be – it snuffs out fire faster than anything else.  Feed your enthusiasm, the young place in each of us hungers to be delighted at the impossible happening.  Believe and you will see!  Merry Christmas!

Take Action:  While waiting for your own magic, be someone else’s magic today!  Surprise one person and enjoy being the miracle.


Day Five – Seven of Arrows

Seven of Arrows‘You are not a prisoner of fate but an integral part of it.  By your own actions you change your life’.  Just as The Wheel represented a change of fate this card is the Minor Arcana version of the same message.  .  More than a doer, be a decider about these changes and ‘new world’ unfolding.  Life has turned a corner and how you see it decides everything.  Take a fresh perspective, a break from any of the old hurting thoughts and think a new one today.  There’s so much more for you than suffering old thoughts.  When you change your mind, you change your life!  Shine the light of day on those shadowy corners that don’t know how to be happy.

Take Action: Ask your higher self, your guardian angels or your guiding force to help you turn one negative belief on its ear today.  Don’t believe everything you think!



Day Six –  Five of Arrows
5 Bows

Okay you get to practice more shadow work today with the Five of Arrows.  This card is not surprising given all the expansion you’ve been doing.  Your mind wants to circle back to old patterns and not the happy ones… Do notice that we’ve gone from a Seven down to a Five in one day.  Practice makes perfect, you are getting the hang of managing this pesky critical mindset that is your servant and NOT your master.  Work with it, laugh at it even.  It’s yours to command with practice and today’s card gives you more practice.  Don’t let the gloomies get to you.  The world is waiting for a heart-centered, balanced you to step in and say yes please I want some more LIFE!

Take Action:  Take a careful look at one negative thought and turn it around.  With regular practice you turn your irritating Greek chorus of criticism into dominoes falling!



Day Seven  Two of Arrows

2 arrows
Okay the Seven became a Five, the Five becomes a Two!  Great job getting your mind in hand!   This card says patience, grasshopper.  The timing or delay of what you want to believe is possible for you is really to your benefit.  It doesn’t feel like it, that’s the injustice.  Yet this delay serves you, truly it does.  It won’t be much longer, be patient, balance is being achieved in the waiting.  Breathe, trust your heart’s desire is unfolding and meanwhile manage your mind, learn to command the fears and doubts.   This will serve you well with all that’s coming for you.  Trust timing… and be patient a little longer – you’ve come so far!

Take Action:   Give yourself a nice review of how many times your turned your mindset around this week.  Way to go you!

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