Endings And Accidents This New Moon

I invite you to slow down for a moment.  If you are taking time to read this post you are already paying attention to those things which will help you turn a big corner this week.  Deep breath on that, my friend.  I’ve had not one or even two but multiple people mention suicide in the last two weeks and these are not overly dramatic people, nor are they planning on killing themselves.  Instead it’s about an internal state shared by more than a few in varying levels of intensity.

We have Pluto, Lord of Death and Transformation at work right now along with the action planet and the shock change planet – which is why I invite you to slow down.  Accidents can happen when you push, rush, or wrestle with what is going on now.  If you have markings on the outside, bottom of you hand, or lines beginning and/or ending here you need to pay even more attention to what’s up this week.

We’ve come far enough past September’s end to an 18 year cycle to see, feel, experience how the old does not work.  It’s over.  For some people the corpse of old beliefs is beginning to smell with the rot from its outstayed welcome.

That stink gives you contrast to help make the necessary changes now.  It is time, my friend.  But let’s move slowly, like a baby learning to walk.  Actions have to be brought in to line with new beliefs. The challenge with moving too quickly is that those expanding views are still forming.  You don’t have the edges mapped out yet so when you slow down your body tunes in to help choose what best serves you.

When you move too fast you can put yourself and others on a collision course mentally, emotionally or physically.  This is particularly true for Thursday of this week.  Blow ups, blow outs and over reactions are possible.  Think of it like the pressure on a watermelon seed.  The harder you squeeze it the further it shoots out.  Be mindful of putting all that pressure on yourself or others.  Lean back and let the tension give you focused attention on what needs to be adjusted.

Starting Thanksgiving Day we kicked in a ten month long road to overhauling ‘what we have to do to live’ versus ‘what we stay alive for’.  That question is wrapped tightly into this week and those endings.  You simply cannot repeat the old patterns without suffering serious discomfort.

Which is part of why several people brought up suicide and death related topics.  There is an internal ending much like self-driven death we call suicide.  Except it is meant to prune away, consciously ending that which no longer serves us.  Because what is dying or dead are the old ways of forcing yourself, bullying yourself into doing what you dislike, fear or resist (or seeing where you’ve had others do the bullying for you).

It is intense, it is important and it is happening now.  Which all serves to help you usher in your best year yet.  What do you live for and how much of it do you want to have in 2016?

Your will can still help you achieve big accomplishments, but in a way that energizes you and fuels more creativity, more joy in the effort.  You can have your dreams without harsh or brutal trade offs that cost you more than the happiness you attain.

One client did his twelve month reading and was thrilled with the recording, because clearly spelled out in his reading was when he said no to the job option that felt punishing, he opened up doors to a bigger, sweeter opportunity.  It was so specifically laid out, he almost cried with relief.  It really is possible for you!  And he can listen to the Truth over and over again when doubt creeps into the picture.

Does that appeal to you?  I know it does to me.  Which is why until 5pm PDT Friday, when you purchase your 12 Month Tarot reading, you will also receive the bonus group coaching call with me to find out more about what that shift looks like in your hands, in your life.

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If you want to live a life fueled by the fire of what you live for rather than grinding through the day doing what you have to do to live – You can have it.  I’m here to show you how, in a way customized for you.

Get yours NOW and start the year with all kinds of support with your personalized map to making it happen.  Your best year yet is waiting for you…

All the best,

Lisa Greenfield


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That sounds exactly like what I am experiencing and tomorrow, Thursday, i have to meet with someone that has created huge stresses in my job.

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