A Celebrity Medium, Stalked By A Ghost Is A Good Thing…

A Celebrity Psychic And Being Stalked By A Ghost…

She sees dead people, she works with a wide range of people including celebrities and she’s got an intriguing new show about people being stalked by a ghost.

Her name is Cindy Goldenberg and in recent years she’s had her hands full raising her kids and doing her readings. Her one wish, when I talked to her a few months back was that whatever comes next in her work she wanted it to be EASY. Have you ever wished for that?

After these bumpy few years for so many people, Cindy put a wish out there that just wanted things to be simple. Now watch what happens when people make even little wishes that line up with their destinies!

What happens when powerful people meet up and give each other a helping hand in making dreams come true…? Remember Cindy wished for EASY. Now let’s see how even a small heart wish can make magic happen!

Meet Mark Maranaccio, the Executive Producer on “Stalked By A Ghost”. Someone let him know they were looking for a new take on a ghost show, did he know of anyone who had a hot idea they could make?

Mark didn’t at the moment but walked away cooking on the idea. He headed over for his buddy Justin Tucker, show runner on Duck Dynasty. The two of them work well together and had created shows together, so Mark wanted to run this by his creative buddy and see what the two could come up with for ideas.

It took no time at all before they imagined what it must feel like to be stalked by something you couldn’t call the police and get protection for, how scary it must be. They wanted to find these people and see if the right person could make it easier. They contemplated a whole team of people, therapists along with the medium. Armed with a game plan they started looking for the right people for the show.

In walks Cindy. It didn’t take them long and out of the cast of many, it quickly became a cast of one. They watched her work and agreed, she could handle the whole range of needs. They all clicked and hung out together getting this done and enjoying each other knowing they were helping some dark stories transform.

They went back to person who originally requested the show and pitched the whole thing and TA DA, the show was bought, shot and being put out for TV. Both Mark and Justin scratched their heads at the speed with which it happened. They hadn’t ever had such an EASY time making any show happen. Sound familiar…

What gets really interesting is when you know the destinies of each of the players. This is how a wish hooks into the destiny – for not one but three people – to make things happen.

Our destiny is revealed by the fingerprint type and then which fingers have a specific type on them. Mark, Justin and Cindy all had something called a ‘Peacock’ on their ring finger. The peacock is a combination of a bull’s eye print and a loop. So it makes the print look like a bit like the peacock’s tail.

Peacocks are here to stand out when it’s on that finger! The name speaks for itself, right. How they stand out is seen by what’s on the rest of the fingers. Now let’s go first to Mark who started things rolling. His destiny is to be ‘Master Of Living His Heartfelt Dreams’. The key for him is HEARTFELT. When he makes decisions from an emotional place (not easy in his business and as a man) he has the magic touch for anything he does.

Next we look at Justin who jumped in with Mark and helped catch lightning in a bottle. His destiny is ‘Mr. Big Shot In The Spotlight’. His challenge is to risk failing in a public arena. After Duck Dynasty, anything he does is going to be measured against the number one show of all time on cable. So he decided to risk alongside his good friend Mark, tying his destiny to Mark’s destiny of being heartfelt.

Finally we have Cindy. Her destiny is to ‘Master At Building Peaceful Communities’. Which she accomplished in many layers, first bringing friends Mark and Justin together again and then to the people that she helps on the show! She helps the stalking ghosts; some of them pretty nasty characters, transition and leave their victims in peace.

And it was all EASY. They all were baffled on how it flowed! Whew, so interesting how our purpose in being here cannot only affect others, but do it in such an interesting way, right!

You can watch the show on Bio Channel; they are rerunning the episodes so you don’t have to miss any. And you’ll be watching destiny unfolding with inside information, too!

For all the loyal readers out there, if I’ve made any of you curious about your own destiny you have a gift for being on this site! Book your Life Purpose Reading by midnight EST Thursday 9/5/13 and mention ‘Stalked By A Ghost’ to receive a bonus 12 Month Life Ahead reading along with your Destiny! Looking forward to it…

Lisa Greenfield

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Hi Lisa,

Thank you for your email posts. They’re engaging, informative, and I always come away with a sense of the magic in the machinery of the Universe.
I know providing these writings takes time and energy, but your sharing is appreciated!



You are most welcome! I love discovering the Magic that we have all around us and am so happy you noticed my favorite ingredient. What sharp eyes you have! May you find your own Magic every time you look for it…


Hi Lynn! What fun to find this article by my beloved FCF roommate! I hope we can reconnect.

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