Victory or Victim – Your Choice

We have really good support this week to down shift into climbing gear and get you to the Summit. What Summit, you might ask? This would be the peak of big changes begun in January this year around your dreams and desires, whether you knew it or not. The top is in sight and by mid September concrete changes are visible to those around you, too.

This week is pivotal and wouldn’t you know it, your choice directs whether you head up to the top or head back down to repeat the climb all over again. By week’s end you have a sense of accomplishment, or you can have your list of reasons why you can’t have what you want. Which one do you put more effort behind?

Like off road tires, your decision to be in command of your internal emotional road condition is what gives you traction. Or you can let outside influences of the week throw you into helplessness and victimhood. I won’t lie, people will poke old wounds, tread on tender toes. This isn’t the Universe (or them) being deliberately cruel, truly it’s not. Better to know it and prepare ahead of time, there’s an ouch or two on the horizon.

Potential pain threat is a test. Do you want your heart’s desire more than you want threat of past hurt and trauma reappearing to be taken care of by a friend, family member or partner? The young place in us wants an outside source to make things better. The adult in us will work to shape what is into more of what we wish for.

Time to weigh the risk as an adult not as the helpless child you once were. Will you do your own inner parenting? Can you comfort your tender spots (with more than just comfort food)? Do you dust off your discomfort and find a way to be brave and try again, knowing it won’t be perfect but it will be more powerful than defending against imagined threats.

The temptation is to use fear as a justified reason to protect yourself at all costs. You overestimate the threat and underestimate what you can do. It’s how trauma cycles continue, it inflates potential pain so your response to it is out of proportion to what’s actually happening. Time to break that habit.

Once you know you can do it, then you aren’t at the mercy of an over active imagination seeing enemies where none exist. You are free to be YOU and experience others being themselves, too. Plus you aren’t bullying others into taking care of your wound or hiding out fearful of world that isn’t kind when you get hurt. Your world gets an upgrade and you are the architect of it. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

Card of the Week: The Moon On Water

The Moon symbolizes how we care for ourselves. The first place we knew care was in our mother’s womb. So our pattern for how well we nurture ourself was set by her example. However we are in a time where old patterns are dissolving. Consciously choose your habits now like you do your clothes. You decide. Old conditioning’s grip on us is loose.

It feels startling at the least and terrifying at the most when old landmarks start to crumble. But you don’t lose all of it. Deliberately select what things feel good and what things don’t – edit your patterns. Otherwise you are caught in reaction and over reaction to changes going on around you in a shifting world.

You don’t need to justify what feels good for you. Watch for too much story around what you do or don’t want. Someone isn’t a villain if they don’t feel good to you. They just aren’t your flavor. Don’t make them wrong because they are wrong for you. The same goes for situations or experiences.

Don’t yuck someone else’s yum in order to feel better about your choice. The only approval that counts is your own. Decide your wants and allow others the freedom to find theirs. Hey, maybe even encourage them to do so. Remember the Moon waxes and wanes so get to know your changing tastes. Consider it an adventure, the adventure of YOU.

Monday: Page of Bows

The Aries Moon meets up with Chiron to reveal where fresh perspective on old wounds can help. The Sun moves into Leo to add even more light to your path. When someone steps on an emotional toe, pay attention to the story your mind spins out. Now tell it a new way. It’s like Playdoh, smash down the old story and start again. What does it look like if you don’t have a defensive response? Can you be curious.

Pages are our inner state of being that precedes actions. This Page is fire or Spirit. So it’s the place where all of the past can merely be fuel for a brighter light when you see your disappointments of yesterday and learn from them rather than reinforce your fear that ‘it can happen again’.

Bows and their Fire element bring courage, so tap your brave self today and face whatever pain point comes up with shoulders back and head held high. You’ll find that light shrinks the shadows down to a the length of your feet when you stand directly underneath it.

Tuesday: Five of Bows

Ah this five often calls up the image of a chick pecking its way out of a shell. There is some effort involved that ushers in a whole new world. We have help from the Sun trine Ceres, so we can literally feed ourselves what best serves our current needs. The Moon is in a stand off with Saturn so your old habits may try to impose their will. There’s no use crying ‘unfair’ about the tug of war you will experience.

That pull between habit and new needs is the transformational tension you require to break out of your shell and emerge into the New World as the powerful adult you are now. Emerge as an adult not ruled by trauma, habit and fear. You shape your new reality with each choice you make.

How well will you comfort the part of you that hurts and then move on to handle what needs to be done? Practice will perfect your new habits. So don’t worry about getting it just right the first time. Begin and if you make a mistake, try again. You can do this and there is so much waiting for you when you do. A whole New World is there…

Wednesday: Two of Bows

Fire and yet more Fire as the bows continue to dominate the week’s beginning. Intuition senses what’s around a corner that you can’t see yet. It was our survival mechanism 50,000 years ago. When we are in completely new territory we must call on it again. This two says the shared light increases exponentially. When you meet with like minds you dial up your vision, more than double.

We need it today because the Moon and Retrograde Mercury are powerful – but for good or bad. Watch your words since they travel far today. If you put fear, doubt, criticism and judgement out there, you increase the burn and return on those. When you put out faith, courage, belief in the magic of life, you reap those rich rewards in a big way.

You simply must allow for differences, in fact embrace them, if you want to really dial up today’s magic. Contrasting points of view can add to yours. They don’t need to agree, instead find where they can extend and add on to what you see and believe. Express yourself without apology but with tact or curiosity about any gaps between you and others. Watch for bullying or deferment out of fear. Those old patterns need release, you certainly don’t want more of that energy boomeranging back to you.

Thursday: The Wheel

Ah, today you get a chance to taste a little of what you’ve sown. It’s likely you get to receive some benefit from the work you did earlier this week. The Wheel always brings back to you what you’ve put out in to the World. Don’t worry if it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Those challenging spots are just a chance to practice shifting out of inherited patterns and into the ones you choose.

You are not a victim. If you insist on seeing yourself that way then it is you who makes yourself powerless with that viewpoint. You cannot control what others do or say but you absolutely command what you do with it. When you take it personally, dial up the ‘other’ as an enemy you can then behave in ways that are just as bullying as what traumatized you. This is how the cycle continues.

Let go of the story. Separate out the behavior from the person. The person may be acceptable and your opportunity is to show them how to treat you in a way that works best for you. Do it with compassion and strength and watch the world change in profound ways. The Wheel brings all that good effort back to you, over and over again.

Daily Tarot TruthinHand Aug 1-7th 2016

Friday: Ace of Arrows

Ah, time to prune the rose bushes in your mind, my friend. Today kicks in a three day walk through the victim or victor shift. When you need a win/lose dynamic, everyone loses. That includes you. What is coming about is a way of being that allows for co-existence, even if it doesn’t look like it right now.

Opposition is your benefactor. Those who are different bring things to you that you would never experience any other way. It is fear rather than love that demonizes that which is different. We understand hot because there is cold. We value daylight because there is night. Let those who give you a polarized view enlighten and enlarge your world. You still get to choose where and how you live in it.

If you use past hurts or wounds as an excuse to make the ‘other’ bad you then repeat the trauma cycle. You do it in the name of defense so another doesn’t ‘hurt you’ again. Time to find a healthier yes and no, while you allow others their own answers.

Saturday: The Seer

Like the eye of a hurricane, a calm bubble of knowing is within reach today. The Seer points our that underneath our conditioned reaction is an older, authentic response to anything that happens to us. Survival is a reflex, which includes our power to address anything that happens to us from a present state of mind.

Today your instinctive self deserves some time. With Mars in Leo, there is your regal response to anything that happens. Leave behind any part of you that shrinks from standing tall in your Truth. Let go of needing to compel anyone around you to agree with you. Say what you need to say from a place of assurance that your needs will be met, in perfect time, when you do your part of honoring them without threat or fear.

“The wound is the place where light enters you”, Rumi. Instead of counting scars, celebrate all the light you have available to you and really SEE your way forward.

Sunday: The Mirror

Ah, now we have both the light and dark face of the Moon revealed. The Card of the Week is the Moon, the lunar mother archetype we all have within us. Yesterday was the Wise Woman with both her light of inner knowing and her dark of dispassionate prediction. Today we have the Mirror. This is the inner swamp of chaos that is feminine in the most primal sense.

We have to face the part of us that won’t trust the power of creation we all have. Instead we ignore, cower or rage at outside authority with limited sense of our ability to shape whatever happens in life. We give what we want to receive rather than risk asking for what we want and face disappointment if we don’t get right away.

We refuse to commit to ourselves or our dreams for fear of failure or rejection. The wounded action part of feminine desire fails to act and instead dreams endlessly without really putting ourselves out there.

Life requires you take a risk, a chance, a leap of faith and know you can deal with what happens. Difficult things happened to you and you are still alive. Choose the risks that are worth the possible hurt, find those places that inspire you and leap. When you do that, you know you’ve reached the Summit of life itself.

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