Tarot With TruthinHand – Words Have Weight 5/6-12

What we think, what we say and the words we hear from the world around us have weight. You have to shape how they work for you this week. Will the ground you to build a joyful life or will they bury you and those you speak to with their impact?

Our belief about how safe it is to be close to people was forged early, before we consciously knew how to shape thoughts. This week you benefit greatly from mental spring cleaning. Listen to what you say, check how true those statements are. Do they line up with the Truth of who you are now? I bet you’ve outgrown more of them than you realized.

So prepare to be outside your comfort zone. Thoughts, discussions, fears, doubts all pop up to bring you back to this moment. Creating today out of those old beliefs is like digging in yesterday’s garbage for scraps to make dinner today.

In this moment, right now, can you see yourself as capable of creating a new story, fresh start, happy redirect on anything that you face in life? It will be mental boot camp that may be a bit challenging but feel oh so good when you reach the other side. The Cards and Stars can help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


Card of the Week: Three of Stones

Three is the number of communication and stones represents our physical world. The words we hear, speak and think play an important part in our week. The Wildwood Tarot shares that this three calls on ‘the courage, freedom and skill to refine and focus the inner voice’.

It’s time to consciously rework the structure of how you do love and belonging from an adult perspective, not a child’s view. This requires you know what your feel and what you need, risk asking for it and choose courage over comfort.

In other words, be vulnerable. Part of learning how to do that is to choose well who you trust with your vulnerability. Dumping your problems on someone without a framework of trust built up is self sabotage. Withholding information and ‘going it alone’ is not helpful or effective.

Can you build trust, communication and vulnerability on a greater level with the people in your life. Do you let yourself be seen and in return see them without letting judgement, comparison and competition over ride the connection. It takes practice, we mature step by step. But it’s a good week to get a traction on a big step up.

Monday: Nine of Bows, Respect

Self respect is key to any healthy communication and connection. Today’s aspects point to where our mothering fell short. Either too much or too little love from Mom tips us into unhealthy smother love or detachment. Where do you fall on the spectrum and how do you bring it in to balance?

Honestly assess what you feel as love. Where do you already have it, where can you offer and receive more of it. Criticism and resentment are two ways we have to buffer a flow of love that is unfamiliar. The critic separates from what you criticize. Resentment fills the gap you feel when what or who you love won’t come as close as you wish.

Nines are the master number and with Bows, your intuition is your guide. There are intuitive flashes available today to give you the aha moments to help bring you into better alignment and greater free flow of love. Don’t let the view of what has been unhealthy be your sticking point. Use it to get to the next level and put it into words.

When you commit to seeing yourself as is, you can work with the parts that need to mature with love and support that get you much better results than criticism and judgement.

Tuesday: Ace of Arrows

The soupy fog of fuzzy logic, errors in judgement, misinterpretations that have all been taken as truth need to be cut free today. This Ace is your pruning tool to clear away the patterns that keep you connected to drama rather than real connection and overconsumption in place of true love.

When you weren’t shown how to fill the need for love and belonging in a healthy way you get dramatics, adrenaline filled days and constant over estimation of threats to you. You know where they are. They are a measly handful of bad mixed nuts when you are starving for a real meal.

Instead of the usual drama or stuffing yourself with sugary foods or binge watching Netflix; where can you spend quality time learning what you feel and where to connect that with a trusted source instead. You have alternatives, they may need investment of time and care, but you have them. Put those to work and cut out the cheap substitutes. Your whole well being with thank you.

Wednesday: The Wanderer

Ooof, are there some breakthroughs available today with a little applied courage. The words associated with the aspects today are transcendent. This matches with the meaning of the Wanderer who calls for a leap of faith, a fresh start and trust in your own particular place in the World as YOU.

There are some original thoughts, possibly unusual or even shocking possibilities available. You look at your life and suddenly you can be grateful for the challenges of your childhood, teen years and life up until now. How each and every thing you’ve been through can bless you is visible.

Not comfortable unless you did some trimming yesterday of old fuzzy interpretations of you and what you’ve lived so far. If you run up against some lingering dramatic stories, you have support to leave that behind as you set off on this new path.

Mentally put those old unpleasant but familiar threats in a hut by the road with a nice campfire and books but leave them behind. There is a world of possibility in front of you that has much more to offer than familiar pain points from the past. You have the power to start fresh, do it.

Thursday: Seven of Arrows, Insecurity

Boom, when you expand your fear brain, the survival instinct in each of us, goes into high alert and wants to scare you back into safe ground. The leap you took yesterday brings up a test today. Are you committed to seeing yourself more accurately, as you really are now? Or will you listen to old fears?

The aspects today are about emotional maturity. This means you learn to manage your fear of loss, rejection, failure and risk anyway. You cannot achieve what is there for you in this life without taking a risk. To love is to risk rejection or loss. To try is to risk failure. We need to learn how to fail and let it teach us rather than freeze us.

Where have past failures, losses and defeats created and armor so strong that you can’t really be hurt but only because you never let anything matter enough or let your guard down. That isn’t success, that is the opposite of life. Let those places show themselves to you today so you can let them be the past and not the present.

You’ve survived life up until now. You’ve learned and grown. Things won’t turn out the same as they have in the past because YOU have changed when you trust yourself and life enough to bring you new experiences.

Friday: Page of Vessels

It won’t be easy but today is a day to be tender, hopeful, creative even when conditions aren’t perfect. The pages represent our inner state of being before we act. The highest expression of this state is trust. You trust your creative or loving impulse so that you can show up in actions with heart felt contribution.

The lowest expression is the young place that refuses to listen and simply demands that others give us what we need. This is the young place that as a child did not have your needs met and now wants the world to make up for it. You are the one who must identify and learn how to meet your own needs, not at the expense of others but in collaboration with them.

Find and align with those who have similar or matching needs and share them. The learning curve becomes a fun place to play instead of a battle ground of wills. There is joyful surprises packed with this influence that adds much to the process when you find and align.

Saturday: Woodward

“Maturity of will and emotional direction” is how the Wildwood Tarot describes the Woodward. Perfect description for today’s simple aspects. The Sun is trine Saturn, bringing wisdom over time to what your do. There is great power in being responsible for yourself, your words and actions.

For these are the things that shape your world, your relationships and define your consciousness. Integrity means you are true to your self in the highest expression of your wants and needs. Self respect allows you to easily extend respect to those around you.

It offers you strength when someone has a bad moment so that you can stay centered without judging, to give them time to navigate back to join you there. Integrity has an attraction factor that draws us to the light in those who carry it. Find and shine yours today.

Sunday: Eight of Stones, Skill

Sweet freedom is the payoff for the work this week. The aspects today bring an aliveness, vitality and inspiration from emotional freedom from sticky limitations that haven’t been true for a long time.

You feel the lightness when you consciously choose to turn in the direction of the Truth right now. You have everything you need to take a step in the direction you want to go. While you may not yet have what you want, you have enough to get started.

Take another step, another risk, be real, be vulnerable and live your biggest life. It takes practice and today is an easy day to do that. Don’t worry about bumps, they are part of life and you can breeze through them with a little help from your friends today. Don’t over think it. Feel your way….

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