Tarot With TruthinHand – Stars In Your Eyes 4/8-14

What a week we have in front of us. We have fairy dust and delight mixed with effort and transformation. Those stars in your eyes can land in your life if you are willing to do what needs to be done.

The tricky part is knowing what needs to be done. We have Saturn and Pluto close together in tense aspect with the Sun, which means our ego may try to impose old limitations onto new dreams. Pluto will quietly but firmly pull back the curtain on greed, ego and other fear driven actions.

Instead, more fun to go after the rich vision the Venus/Neptune meet up offer. In fact it has such a shine to it can be hard to take your eyes off those stars.

But if you want them to come true, you have to commit to the long haul (Saturn) and change the recipe you create it from (Pluto) or your short term results are the only kick you get before it bog down in sticky scarcity fears and tug of wars.

Once again, how you accomplish something as being equally important as what you create is front and center. When we create from a deficit, the results will fall short of anything soul satisfying and often carry unwanted baggage of competition, power struggles, corner cutting and cruel disappointment.

Let yourself be inspired, let the star light shine in your eyes and then take it a moment at a time and begin to make it real. You find your vision of what’s possible expanding in this moment, right here. The Cards and Stars can help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


Card of the Week: Page of Bows

Believe, believe, believe is what this Page whispers softly to itself. Magic happens for those with open hearts and minds. Pages represent our internal weather, so to speak. What we have within us shapes what we bring to the world when you are centered.

When you are off center, what’s going on in the world shapes your inner weather. To get back to your aligned core, begin with what you believe to be true about YOU. Some of the best way to use the aspects this week is to see your dreams as the highest expression of YOU.

Then do an inventory on what blocks, obstacles, resources and opportunities are all there in the mix. To bring Stars from the sky is a big job, one that brings adventure, tests your being and enriches your world. It’s not for the faint-hearted, this visionary quest.

When you believe in yourself and your dreams, the challenges become part of the adventure and far from soul-wearying. You get a taste of both sides of that dynamic in the months ahead. Exhaustion is always a good stop sign to check in and recalibrate your alignment with your heart’s deepest desire. The Stars will help, they want your wishes to come true.

Monday: The Wanderer

A leap of faith is required when you want to make a dream real. Today’s aspects start with bits and pieces of information that are far from the whole picture. But there’s enough in it to inspire you.

Jupiter is opposite Juno, signaling a shift in the power dynamic between the old battle of the sexes myth. Real equality is required for what’s ahead, not merely the feminine and masculine playing out the youngest version of their influence.

Pallas Athene is squared up to Saturn too, reminding us that logic may sound good in the moment but can’t stand the test of time where the emotion is involved. Reason is the enemy of the heart when you reach for big dreams, impossible dreams.

Leap with love that enjoys what you long for, honors those desires, allows them to be a way to open and connect with the world around you on your path. You cannot go wrong when you begin from this place.

Tuesday: Four of Bows, Celebration

This card with the aspects today provide contrast. The lightness of this four is opposed by the moon battling with the team of Venus and Neptune. By all means, revel in the new beginning, enjoy the rush of excitement for what’s ahead.

And be careful not to count your chicken’s before they hatch. Celebrate the vibrant life inside you each step of the way, but don’t confuse healthy passion for this moment with the finish line. It can be all too easy to get lost in the drowsy haze of shiny dreams rather than the daily investment of time and effort to get there.

Enthusiastic celebration along the way is a powerful light to navigate by as you go. Let it be that rather than a beautiful view that derails your forward movement, especially when the way ahead has rocks on the path.

Wednesday: Five of Vessels, Ecstasy

This is the card in Wildwood Tarot that flies in the face of traditional interpretation. Typically this five is heartbreak or a break up. I read this as the ecstasy that follows being true to yourself in hard or difficult separations.

The first half of the day offers lots of adjustments, uncomfortable choices and decisions that feel anything but easy. However, once you show up for the challenge of those moments you get the windfall of reward by nightfall.

With Mercury in easy aspect to Pluto, he’s the only Roman God who could travel to the underworld freely, you can clean out the basement on what created situations you’ve outgrown. From there you are free to travel life’s roads without the baggage of the past, only the wisdom of it.

That is indeed a place that can feel ecstatic when you make those adult choices rather than try to live life from the young, limited power space that over estimates threats and underestimates you. Now this adjustment is a reason to celebrate.

Thursday: Six of Arrows, Transition

How perfect that the card that represents moving out of danger after weathering the storm shows up with the aspects today. One of the key dangers we face today is over promising then under delivering.

Whether you are on the giving or receiving end of the equation, time to take a good look at the gap between what’s possible and what we have now. Sometimes the gap is more easily closed when you look at it.

Visit your timeline, check your resources and then map out appropriate actions in the moment. Chaos is a big factor in the world today so timelines need to be adjusted for backsteps, hairpin turns and loops.

All these are fine and part of the process, so notice where your mind (who loves a straight line) wants to make you or another wrong for not being where they ‘should’ be on the timeline. No ‘shoulding’ on yourself or another, especially today.

Friday: Four of Arrows, Rest

There is a celestial storm of activity today and it is in service of anchoring your mind to firm foundation. Mental rest is needed and non negotiable if you are to make it through the day with some well being at day’s end.

This quote applies, “Everything will be all right in the end. If it is not all right, it is not the End.” Give things time. Saturn and Pluto both show up to signal the endgame is a lifetime away. Two fours signal that solid relationships are worth your time. You spend a lifetime reaping their rewards.

Take it a moment at a time. Forget straight lines and rigid logic. They won’t help and will most likely hurt. Instead of a black and white picture, let your brain focus on building mental pictures that include feelings and inspired visions that logic would leave out.

When in doubt or mental fog, breathe. Your body has wisdom that outstrips any single process your brain might try to map. Trust it, follow it, feel it. And breathe.

Saturday: Six of Bows, Abundance

This is the second six this week which trumpets abundance in union. Six stands for whole and intact, belonging to yourself. The promise of plenty begins with recognizing all you bring to your life.

Each mistake becomes rich education to make the next experience easier, smoother, stronger or any number of improvements. Each failure is proof that you know life means to risk.

You can’t get it wrong, you can only scare yourself into not playing full out and that is the one failure most hard to erase. But it can be corrected, now. Ante up, play your hand, offer yourself to life and spend less time defending against possible disappointment or defeat.

Invest energy on learning to be resilient. The Sun meets up with Eris today to underline the message that the uninvited parts of ourselves cause us far more pain and trouble than the world could ever offer. Include all of you and show up, moment by moment. You will be well met.

Sunday: Ace of Vessels

This heartfelt Ace is the perfect companion to travel with along the road in life. Self-love, creative self-expression is the gift it symbolizes. Aspects today require adjustment to our ego self and attendant power struggles; be a compassionate witness to these issues – it is key to progress.

Some ego is glue to hold you together in unfamiliar territory. Too much ego has you offended or offending at offenses that may not mean what you think they do.

We live in chaotic times. Much of what happens is merely the swim of transition from old standards to new ones, with nothing crystal clear yet. Don’t be too quick to take offense, rather notice what story comes up in defense and do your work there.

See yourself and others as powerful as you are. Ask for what you want or need, listen to what another wants and needs. You may not be there ‘yes’, they may not be yours. Those stars in your eyes can become tangible, there’s an abundance of ways to make that happen without forcing a fit.

Rather than over react to an ending, be glad to know and move on to find where the ‘yes’ that keeps you on track sits. It’s out there and an honest ‘no’ moves you closer to it, sooner…This Ace says you trust your way.

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