Tarot With TruthinHand -Shock of Spring 4/1-7

This week has shake up and break up in it, no fooling. This first New Moon of the seasonal year holds the shock of spring and loops back to the New Moon conjunct Uranus from last year.

You can’t harvest wheat if you plant corn. So take a good look at what you reaped this last year out of what you sowed. Then revamp the elements of your life, update and upgrade your efforts and team.

Some things have served their purpose and their day is past, like last year’s fertilizer. It did its job but you can’t reuse it again. It’s spent. The choices you’ve made, the people you’ve teamed up with, the projects you invested in show you how well you can plant and harvest.

Use your experience to be a more seasoned farmer this year. It makes no sense to stand over the dead winter’s left over corn stalks and cry for what is lost. It gave you what it had to offer and now you can plow it under and fertilize the ground for a new seeds.

What will you plant? Choose it consciously. Select the people you want to do that with for shared principles, goals, integrity and resources. Don’t overlook those who offer unusual or unfamiliar contribution. The combination can strengthen your yield.

Be willing to cut loose what no longer serves or you will be forced to do it when the pressure is greater. Saturn is in the mix and requires responsible stewardship of your resources.

Your ability to be your own best authority is also required. No skating by on someone else’s say so. You know your own yes or no, feel it and act on it. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


Card of the Week: The Blasted Oak

“We wrap ourselves in the trappings of power and position, but in the end we own nothing; we only borrow for the time we are here. All we truly have is what we have learned.” The Wildwood Tarot offers us this about our card of the week.

It’s the reminder that we are part of a whole, not the sum of it. What you love, long for and do to fulfill that desire is a big motivator in your life. But at the end of your life you can’t take it with you.

You add you individual piece to the collective – how big or how small is determined by more than just the collective busyness we throw at life.

The impermanence of it all frightens and discourages some. The wise take it as a reminder to make this moment count. It isn’t just ‘what’ we create, it’s how we do it and who we do it with that adds up to a well-lived life.

Look at where your eyes are on the prize instead of the path and adjust accordingly. An occasional glance at the finish line is good to be sure you head in the direction you choose. Spending too much energy there robs you of a vital present moment to enjoy.

Let the ‘how’ you do each moment matter as much as anything else this week and you get more authentic, more brave, more mindful of others being themselves and more you. That always give you a rich harvest.

Monday: Three of Arrows, Jealousy (April Fool’s Day)

The difference between jealousy and envy is that jealousy included a fear that what you have will be lost, while envy is wanting what someone else has. To be jealous is to believe this is a scarce universe. That’s just not true although it’s easy enough to be frightened by appearances, and that’s no joke.

Remember our mirror neurons operate when we see other people doing or having something. It tells us what’s possible, what’s safe or desirable. Then it’s up to you to compare and dare to find your own version of it. What they have doesn’t reduce your quotient, so don’t compare and despair. It reaffirms you can have it – it’s your job to build it into your life.

Moon is square Mars which highlights conflict, outbursts and a ‘me first’ attitude. That’s the young place to operate from, a reflex action that wants to hang on to what may be leaving you – or grab what someone else has.

Then Uranus steps in with lightning insight to break you out of the mindset and move into a state of abundance. Moon meets up with Venus to give you a sweet reward when you do just that. Our filter on how we see things opens up by nightfall and we can see that really is enough to go around. What’s yours cannot ever truly be lost…

Tuesday: The Green Woman

And the card for abundance shows up like magic when we let go of scarcity mentality. Venus is in slightly tense aspect to Pluto which means we need to take a good look at our desires.

Are you being greedy and demanding more than your share, or insisting on a timetable that isn’t in everyone’s best interests. With wise power comes responsibility. The two together promise and bountiful harvest of mind, body, heart and spirit every time.

The Moon meets up with Neptune and then Mercury to underscore the message there is more than enough good to go around. You cannot miss out on what’s destined for you. More likely you miss seeing it because you are too busy paying attention to what someone else has or is doing.

Keep your eyes on your lane to be present for all the abundance today has to offer and let it enrich you in unexpected ways. Half the secret to a joyful life is eyes open for all the good that is there for you in this moment.

Wednesday: Six of Stones, Exploitation

Watch out for the pesky sense of entitlement today. Whether you have it inside you or spot outside in the world around you, it makes its presence known today.

How well do you give without expecting in return? How equitably do those around you exchange with you? Exploitation comes when there is a singular perspective. One person or group is discounted, their contribution devalued while the other is inflated without healthy respect for balance.

Long term success of anything requires sustainable give and receive. Notice where they may give what you don’t wish to receive or vice versa. The effort is there but the value is not. This is an easy place to get off kilter. Resentment builds when effort isn’t recognized but there’s been little dialogue on what’s actually wanted or needed. The mismatch get heated, the ecosystem tips and brings about its destruction.

The Moon meets the heavy weights Pluto and Jupiter to highlight those imbalances and help heal them. First start with yourself, then move outward to the relationships around you. Communicate and listen around what you value so you can inform those in partnership how to come back into balance or go separate directions.

Thursday: Seven of Vessels, Mourning

Today’s big story is the shake up and break up, some of which began yesterday. When you know there is an abundant world, you stop clinging to people, places and things that are not your match in the present time.

Pluto conjuncts the South Node, with a message that it’s time to break up with suffering. Pain is part of life but we suffer when we keep telling ourselves painful stories about why the pain happened and what it means. There’s also a reminder not to let our emotional scars turn into armor that leaves you protected but seriously limited.

It’s also a reminder that you can’t get where you are going with your eyes gazing backwards. The past has much to teach you but we are often blind to the bigger messages there. We focus on the small, the digestible, the interpretations that underestimate what we gained or accomplished through difficult circumstances and overestimate what it cost.

Honor the cost of lessons learned. Grieve the losses, the struggle and defeats. Then add into the mix what you learned from it all. Who stood by you or helped when you needed it. Bring both the good and bad into view, there is plenty of both, while fear or habit has you focused on the bad.

If limited support feels like a sore spot, see where you made it with little or no visible assistance. Where did your armor keep help from getting to you? Resilience is part of expansion in life. You gain it by surviving and then going on to risk again. Where can you take a risk, trusting the strength of what you’ve already lived.

Friday: Queen of Vessels New Moon in Aries

Ah there we have it. This card, like the Green Woman promises good fortune and abundance when we enter the flow of life. Saturn plays the time cop on this first New Moon to remind us the seeds we plant take their own time to grow.

This New Moon has pregnant potential in it, mythologically speaking. With the Sun in Aries, Saturn in Capricorn and Pallas Athene in Libra the theme of partnership and co-creation is heavily emphasized.

Athene was born of Zeus’s headache after he swallowed the pregnant goddess Metis. There is light and shadow to the myth. Pay attention to where you try to give birth to a fully formed result strictly through masculine action, as an attempt to bypass co-creation.

Do you feel vulnerable creating something with others or feel it is out of reach? Do you bypass the creative process only to create and enormous headache in your life by racing to the finish line? Or do you let an authority figure do that to you, swallow your contribution and claim it for their own?

The answers to these questions set your theme for this year. Remember this is planting time. You want to consciously choose your thoughts and actions to align with your heart in inspiration. Set your intentions for the crop you want to harvest that will feed your soul this year. Plow under anything that doesn’t serve that direction to fertilize what does.

Saturday: Two of Stones, Challenge

We find ourselves visiting the theme of jealousy again today. These two hares are boxing for domination. But the outer world is always a reflection of our inner world. Our fear and insecurity is at odds with our personal integrity and sense of self.

Inner mastery will help reduce or even eliminate the outer conflicts. There is enough to go around. Find where your resources feed and connect with you, speak the Truth of that discovery with appreciation and delight and even take time to encourage others to find theirs.

If they are unhappy with the comparison, be the change you wish to see and honor what you have while wishing them what is just right for them. The other side of this is being willing to risk saying what you want out loud, even to those who might not welcome the Truth.

Speak up for yourself and keep an eye on listening to what others have to say without modifying what you feel to avoid conflict. Adapt how you say it, not the reality of what is going on for you. This is how grown ups communicate, always a worthy objective since that’s where you are really in command.

Sunday: Two of Arrows, Injustice

“The wise seeker questions and tests false messages”, says Wildwood Tarot of this two. This is the second two in a row, the hallmark of a break up or diverging paths. Once again, we begin inside rather than outside of ourselves to harvest the wisdom of this card.

Where have you told yourself a story about something that doesn’t ring true anymore. Even if it was accurate at one time, it no longer offers reality now. You have to break up with the false interpretations and messages.

To do that observe what the lie served? Our brain happily lies to us all the time to dial up fears that will keep us safely in familiar territory, no matter how uncomfortable.

With Venus in tense aspect to Ceres we have to go beyond the safety of mother’s womb in order to live a full life. There are plenty of aspects to help us do just that today if we apply ourselves.

Whatever fear serves up, question it. Doubt your doubts. When you do, the unfamiliar path offers riches you’ve seen others enjoy while you’ve stayed safely on the sidelines. Time to break up with security that comes at too high a price.

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