Tarot With TruthinHand – Safe In Your Body 3/25-31

At about age two we start to explore the world, curious to discover what’s around us. To do that, we had to feel a certain amount of being safe in our body.

In a stable environment we learn how to leave the familiar and expand into the unfamiliar. For many children, though, there was interference that made you feel fearful of the unknown. Some disruption may have been inborn hesitation, for others it was environmental or a combination of both.

Regardless of what it was, we have a blank slate this year to create more of the life you want to live – and key to doing so is how safe it feels to be in your body. This is not as simple as you may think, precisely because you ‘think’.

Your mind pulls examples from the past, yours or what you witnessed by others, to scare you about possible future outcomes. It races ahead and keeps spinning out the endless ‘worst case’ scenarios.

If you are lucky it swings between the best and worst case. But for most it becomes a gerbil wheel of fears that squeaks annoyingly as it spins on and on.

This week tap into the optimism of spirit to see the world with fresh eyes. Be your own guide as the innocent wanderer in you explores all the possibilities ahead.

Assemble what you need to know you are safely prepared for life itself. You make yourself safe, inside first, then you prepare for anything that arrives outside. You’ve already done it hundreds of times, perhaps not as consciously. Time to change that. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


Card Of The Week: Ace of Bows

How appropriate that the first full week of Spring has this fiery spark of an Ace to lead the way. There will be dark nights, corners and shaded spots ahead. But rather than dread or avoidance, check your kit for the tools you need to navigate the sunny and shadowed road ahead.

Preparedness brings down the anxiety. Like a security checklist the cards and aspects this week give you just the right mix of heart, mind and Spirit to prepare for the physical journey. So put your toolkit in order, so you can let the enthusiasm rise and offset any inertia – take the first step.

Monday: Seven of Arrows, Insecurity

Huh, insecurity is part of the checklist? Yup. Where you lack confidence is often because you lack experience or a positive experience of something. When you know what you doubt or fear and where you judge yourself, you drag your shadow close enough to minimize it.

Like a blind spot in a car, compensate for it by being forewarned it is there. What are some simple fixes you can do to balance your lack? The Moon is in easy aspect to the Sun and Chiron. Like the oyster with a pearl, put a soothing layer down over past irritations and disappointments when you remind yourself of the resources you have now to counteract old issues.

Things won’t turn out the same now, because you aren’t the same anymore. You’ve grown, learned, gotten wiser – not just older. If you pause to acknowledge that rather than wallowing in the misery of insecurity, it becomes something beautiful rather than the original irritant. Seven is always the symbol of partnership. Make friends with your insecurities and they will offer you pearls of wisdom to take with you on the journey.

Tuesday: King of Arrows

We have not one but two cards to start the week that deal with our mind. Probably because the Western World is so stuck in our heads most of the time. This high flying King offers the benefit of mind, where the Seven yesterday offered our shadow.

The benefit of our mind is the big picture view. We disassociate from the swim of emotions and can see a broader field of vision when our mind holds the stage. The down side to this is detachment. While some separation is helpful, you can’t create a vibrant, satisfying life from 10,000 feet up. You are too far away.

There is a stack of aspects between water signs for the next 48 hours. This coolly detached King helps navigate the sea of emotion. The promise of perspective is to make sense out of the choices you’ve already made and use what you’ve learned to bridge your way into the future.

Misuse is to talk yourself out of what you long for because of risks you may well encounter. If your mind talks you out of what you long for, it’s gone over the enemy. Better to use it to close the distance between where you are now and where you wish to go.

Wednesday: Two of Vessels, Attraction

Who could question bringing attraction along on the journey, right? What we love and desire brings passion to whatever we create. With all the watery aspects today, the emotions may feel immediate, especially when shared. This helps illuminate the emotional value but may also feel a touch intense.

To lose yourself, you need to know you are safe to do so and can navigate back to firmer ground. Discover how you combine the cool perspective of yesterday’s tool with todays swimming sea of attraction. You can’t get it wrong, the goal is to learn how you operate here.

We increase our capacity for achievement and enjoyment when we meet those who have similar feeling. The road is more pleasant with collaboration to enhance the good and lessen the difficult. One plus one equals three in creation. Receptive (feminine) plus active (masculine) equals new life – back to our card of the week. But to do that you need to know when and where to surrender versus when and where to hold ground.

Pay attention to your desires, your passions and how you act upon them. Shape them using your King of Arrows for perspective on how to move towards them, then line up with those who add to those passions and actions. Do you see the recipe for the perfect toolkit taking shape yet? The Moon and Saturn are together to get the right blend for long term success. Feel your way.

Thursday: Eight of Bows, Hearthfire – Mercury Goes Direct

The deep dive into the collective unconscious offered much this Mercury Retrograde. Understanding those messages may be a bit challenging, but the next few weeks will help bring some clarity. As for today, this Eight is the reminder that what you put out there comes back to you.

The aspects between Moon, Saturn, Neptune and Mercury all underscore the need to pay attention to what you send and receive energetically. You can say all the right words but when they are said through clenched teeth, the tension is much more impactful than your words.

Remember to bring your shadow into view, attend your own fears and needs so they don’t color your interactions unconsciously. Good, now look for common ground with those of like mind and share what you love, not what you fear. Let the passion you have for what you desire burn off limitations and bring shadows down to a small point. Then watch for the energetic report card this eight offers to give you good feedback.

Friday: Forest Lovers

This card symbolizes the rites of Spring, an inner harmony that promotes healing. Time to plant new seeds of possibility! Where the Two of Vessels was the situational partnership, the Forest Lovers is the grand partnership between you and life itself. All that you create is simply a reflection of how well you team up with Spirit to give birth to your own life.

This powerful partnership is one that takes trauma and lets it become the mulch that feeds new growth. It uses obstacles to evolve and grow around whatever would block or derail its way. Life has a powerful force that is hard to deny. After all, they’ve found life flourishing in some of the most extreme places on Earth. Proof that when you team up with Spirit, the will to live makes your way.

The Moon meets up with both Uranus, the Great Awakener and Chiron, the wound that won’t heal, to free us from useless suffering. In myth, Chiron can’t heal the pain and can’t die because he’s immortal so he’s transformed into the heavens as a constellation to teach and guide.

\Where are you ready to let the wound of the past become the wise teacher from a cool distance instead of the constant suffering of today? Once you do that you are free to truly partner up with Life for the good stuff.

Saturday: Four of Bows, Celebration

The aspects go easy on us today, as we’ve had a busy week and all good journeys include a day or two of rest along the way to take in what you’ve lived. Any good toolkit that adds to your security must have rest and enjoyment in it.

It doesn’t have to be a big party or even draw a big crowd. Can you give yourself credit, can you let others pay you a compliment, does your life include pauses enough to receive the little moments of delight on your way to big moments?

Today is such a day. Feeling safe to be you isn’t just avoiding harm or recovering from it. Delighting in ordinary moments is a tool of great value. There is color, sound, taste and sweetness in bite size all around you. Sample some today and share it with someone else. Nothing like a good laugh over nothing between friends to make life feel good.

Sunday: Knight of Bows

Courage is the hallmark of this Knight. This bold Knight dares to go where others tremble in advance. Remember courage isn’t that absence of fear, it is moving through it to get where you are going.

In order to feel safe in your body, you need to believe in yourself and the ultimate benevolence of Life itself. Difficult things happen, yes. And out of them come some of our greatest triumphs. Nothing great came out of safely staying inside familiar space.

If you wish for great love, you must have the courage to face great loss. If you would have great success you must risk the possibility of public failure. To include courage means the moment of defeat is never your defining moment. It’s what you do after that moment that defines you.

Do you pick yourself up and try again? Do you risk again? You have done it already, somewhere. Remind yourself of that. Those who can risk, those who do try, live the lives of their dreams and then some.

Believing in yourself is easier when those around you see it for you too. So with all you have in your toolkit now, this brave Knight says you make it safe to be in the world. Your world waits for you to meet along the road ahead. Take your first steps down a new path and go live…

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