Tarot With TruthinHand Chaos Reigns 3/11-17

Can you feel the difference between forcing things to happen versus allowing what is present to offer you new choices? The Chaos that reigns currently has a wealth of possibilities swimming in it. Our fear wants to bring order to the swirl, yet the rush to act has comes from old patterns. Time to practice the strategic pause before you jump into action.

This shift has been in the works for a while. There’s a young place in all of us that overestimates threats and underestimates our effect on our world, it makes us race to calm the confusion. Except what used to be effective no longer gets you the desired results. The existing disorder is a gift, not a curse, although it may not feel delicious just yet.

There really isn’t a clear path to get what you want. There are a multitude of good reasons for this, and they benefit you when you understand. It’s time to try on new ideas, expanded understanding of old feelings, discover capabilities that haven’t had full expression yet. In chaos lies opportunity.

But you have to be able to hold still long enough for fresh insights inform your choices. It is a receptive skill and one that is almost atrophied in today’s world. How well do you take in another’s perspective without judging or rejecting it for being unknown or unfamiliar?

The Spring Equinox approaches with a whole new seasonal year ahead. What you plant will be harvested for a long time to come. Let the seeds of these novel revelations find home in the dark earth. Then be patient.

In the darkness of unseen action, much happens. Your emotions are the water that nourishes what grows. See and get to know them through a fresh lens. Let the light of each day increase your understanding of your affect on your world. The Cards and Stars will help. Spring is coming…

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


Card of the Week: The Green Woman

This fertile female promises growth and abundance. The Green Woman stands at the Summer Solstice, but she pops up here just before the Spring equinox. This reminds us that what you plant and nurture now will be visible in the long days of summer.

Will you plant fear or love? There is freedom to choose, always. Our brains are wired to take social cues on what is safe or not. Sadly, in the current change cycle, it is all to easy to see people slip into fear of the unknown. It’s part of what drives the angry divide and opposition in our communities and nations.

This week offers real support to take the better feeling path of love, using strategic pauses and check ins before you jump to conclusions or action. Four out of the seven cards are Major Arcana cards, bringing big psychological corners to turn these next seven days.

One of the most loving things you can do when you are in fear is to acknowledge it and move through it. Don’t deny, belittle, diminish the emotions. Instead, comfort yourself, find your courage and make a brave choice. This is what pauses offer. A simple, small reset that makes a world of difference in the outcome.

Monday: The King of Stones

To properly nurture what we wish to produce for our lives, we need to create our current ‘family’. So many powerful aspects line up today to give us a picture of what we have and what we still need for what’s ahead.

Studies show the five people you spend the most time with reflect your current state of creativity/creation potential. Who in your life nurtures loving choices, who feeds the fearful choices? Do you have a healthy balance?

There’s nothing wrong with having people who see what might go wrong on a given path. But do they hold the possibility that even when things go wrong they can turn out to our benefit. Think Christopher Columbus discovering America rather than the East Indies shortcut.

Invite those in your life to commit to a more supportive view of the world around you. Cautious expansion is one choice. Avoidance is too. Do the people around you help you navigate growth with good feelings? You don’t have to jettison those that don’t. Perhaps first see if you can shift together.

If they show they can’t or don’t want to get there this year, make sure you have those who balance you, to repel the darkness of fear. A single bright candle can hold back the blackest night. This King promised rich long-lasting results from the smallest steps in the direction of light.

Tuesday: Six of Vessels, Reunion

The Moon moves into intelligent Gemini in easy aspect to Chiron. Chiron is the place where what wounded us can be transformed into a thing of beauty with repeated efforts. Think pearls that began as a gritty bit of sand in the oyster. Each time you go back to what hurts and apply love, you directly shift from what brings pain to what soothes and eventually yields beauty.

Sixes always signal healing and wholeness. This six in the realm of Vessels stands for emotional well being. It offers a fresh start from a place of innocence and possibility. When the old hurts surface in whoever or whatever triggers you, put a layer of love on it. See the strength or beauty that is there rather than focus strictly on the pain that original wound may evoke.

The Wildwood Tarot highlights the reunion of your original nature with the present. Conditioning from childhood, religious or external authorities can no longer be the loudest voice in your head. In the quiet pause before you act, you hear your own inner authority. The more you listen, the clearer the direction.

Wednesday: The Shaman

The Card of the Week is the receptive feminine of The Green Woman. Now we add the Magic of the Shaman. The Lunar aspects serve up both gas and brakes today in fairly equal measure. Time for a fresh look at what you desire and how you manifest from that pure flame of longing within you.

What you love and long for are the key to your unique creation here on Earth. How you go about making those dreams reality is your personal Magic. You may experience some old longing or frustration at the denial of what you wish for and then see where you can put another coat of luminous loving kindness to yourself over the pain point.

The simple act of taking what hurts and making it beautiful is a Magic that serves you endlessly. You can also say no to more pain, have healthy boundaries and kinder experiences. Being able to transform pain into beauty doesn’t condemn you to suffer simply so you can exercise magic.

But it does bolster your sense of freedom to go out into life and take risks that expand your world and allow in richer, broader experiences of what you love because you know you can take care of the inevitable bumps and bruises that go with that expansion.

Thursday: Ace of Bows, The Breath of Life

With a little help from the wise time-keeper Saturn and a push from Mercury, you can use the lessons from yesterday to add momentum of desire to to live more of the life you wish when you break free.

Aces are always a fresh start and this mental arrow takes you out of the past and towards the future. Let Mercury Retrograde in Pisces conjunct the Sun shine a spotlight on anywhere your ‘shadows’ kept you tethered an replaying similar patterns.

Light on the subject gives you perspective to know you are more than a match for most imagined threats and in some cases, they are smaller than a breadbox. Uranus brings freedom with it today, to fly beyond limitations you’ve lived with in the past.

Whether you like or dislike what’s in your rearview mirror, today you beyond it and are on your way to an exciting or unexplored destination. It’s a small step forward, a brave one that feels good as you break out of those mental boxes and fly free.

Friday: The Blasted Oak

What a line up we have today, with Saturn, the Moon and her nodes playing light and dark with the Sun. The Blasted Oak is a shocking change, whether it’s for better or worse is up to you.

Like light going on in the dark room you suddenly see what has been hidden. It’s a lot to take in at a glance and our fear brain looks first for threats. When you manage those fears, breathe, find stillness, then the bounty that comes with illumination can make an impact too.

Anytime you find your mind racing (Jupiter is in a pushing match with Mercury) breathe deeply as your strategic pause. Remember that any serious change will happen over time and you learn how to manage it one step at a time (Saturn).

So while the landscape changes in an instant, you don’t have to rush to decide or even to comprehend what to do with all the new information just yet. For now, give it a chance to land and breathe.

Saturday: The Mirror

Now we dive deep. As the fourth Major Arcana card this week, the last big lesson is to go within. When life stirs up a lot chaos, improve your filter on what to do with all that heads your way.

With a wave of new rolling towards you, it’s time to improve how well you recognize what you are a ‘yes’ for and what you aren’t. You get to say what feels right and reject what doesn’t.

The quiet reflection is vital because it allows you to quiet the fear that would have you shutting out something that may actually be beneficial if you take enough time to calm yourself and really see it.

Don’t rush to act, pay attention to what your fear shouts because your power stands behind the brain’s need to limit that expansion by serving up fears. Breathe, let the whole playing field present itself and take time to comprehend it. Then take the first step and adjust as needed.

Sunday: Ace of Vessels, The Waters Of Life

Two Aces in a week signal a union of some kind is at hand. First one that comes to mind is an echo of the Six of Vessels, Reunion. Coming home to yourself.

‘Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death’, says Auntie Mame. Well that hunger for more life is satisfied when you know and trust the Universe designed your desires and a match for them, it’s time to learn how to plug in to the abundance in the chaotic swirl of life itself.

This is where the ‘detachment’ principle operates. Not to detach from what we want, but from the single idea of how it may look when we experience it. So often that box of imagination on the one person place or thing that answers our desire is a straightjacket we put ourself into and then wail in despair.

Life can bring you what you want on a grander scale when you learn to open up and trust. Surrender to the chaos long enough to let it show you more of what you have to work with and then shape it. Patience, grasshopper. Life is rich indeed… let it show you.

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