Tarot With Truth in Hand – Critics & Truth 3/4-10

This week’s New Moon has a theme of Truth, Critics and Abundance in relationships. All kinds of relationships get touched, including the connection with self and your work.

At the heart of any criticism is a boundary, ‘I’m this and not that – because I don’t like that‘. Your brain wants to move you closer to what works for you. I’m going to quote Brene Brown here and remind you that research proves we criticize (and judge) what we ourselves struggle with but are doing better in that moment.

Criticism is an effort to move us away from what we find undesirable and the person who shows it to you did you a solid. When you shift this, you reclaim a lot of emotional energy that doesn’t need to do battle with what doesn’t work. This week, the New Moon ushers in a few week period to really see who triggers what criticism in you as well as what you long for. Then it’s time to create by sorting out what you don’t want from what you do.

Which means don’t waste precious energy on the blame game, it doesn’t serve you or anyone else. The only true power you have is over your behavior. Time spent railing against someone’s failings is much better spent identifying what you feel and need in any given moment. The former is just your brain’s way of limiting your expansion with all the insight pouring in over the next Moon Cycle.

We have some necessary fog over clear actions, because we are meant to take a little internal reflection time through the end of March. Mercury goes retrograde this week to help turn thoughts inward. Before you act on anything you need to go deeper on your particular mix of what you want and the fears that go with wanting it.

One thing this Mercury Retrograde can help you with is to widen, deepen what you feel and what you need. Remember, hold off acting too quickly on insight because it comes in layers through March 28th. You have more complex emotions and needs than you realize – connected and deep ones. Those around you offer interesting mirrors. Let understanding gain clarity as the Moon ripens to Full. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,
Lisa Greenfield


Card of the Week: Balance

‘Balance rests on inner harmony and understanding the polaric nature of the world’, according to Wildwood Tarot. We see in others that which rests unseen in us. We delight in the best and condemn the worst as we watch without realizing most of the judgement is about us.

The Universe will show you how much it costs to stay stuck in that limited view. Where you criticize others, you need the benefit from healing in your own life. It may not look the same way you see it in them, but you have your version of it or it wouldn’t show up and get under your skin.

Power rests in being responsible for what you do with what you feel. When you blame another, act the victim or bully you play on the kindergarten playground. When you own your part of anything that shows up in your life and decide to shape what doesn’t suit you, then you’ve graduated into the power you have in the world.

That includes saying no to what you don’t like, saying yes and risking the whole process to what you do. Acknowledge the fear in both our yes and no because we began life connected to Mother to survive. Being an individual is a growth path that continues our whole life long and to risk being separate is the first step to being able to really belong to anything or anyone else.

To reap the rich rewards of dreams, signs and other spirit driven Magic this month, do your own work. Let others merely show you where to go.

Monday: Four of Arrows, Rest New Moon

The New Moon today serves up a theme of do your own work and it benefits both you and the collective. If, instead, you point your critical eye towards where others are failing or falling short, be prepared to have some of the same heaped on you.

You may wind up the subject of criticism even when you do your own work, but it bothers you a lot less. You can see in the mirror, how much more comfortable we are correcting another’s shortcomings than we are addressing our own.

So can you take it less personally and more educationally, which is the four of Arrows invitation. Your critical mind can rest and let your heart, body and Spirit add to understanding. Hello New Moon benefits.

This Moon cycle highlights the interconnection between us all. If you want to have the best impact on your world, spend at least half of your time tuning your own nature to it’s highest expression of you. Then see how and where you can plug into the community.

Notice what creates waves. Some of them are good, some are destructive. Adjust accordingly. Allow others to do the same. Be as gracious with others process as you’d like them to be with yours. That doesn’t erase your wants and needs, it honors them in a way that can be heard.

Tuesday: Five of Stones, Endurance

Mercury goes retrograde for the next 3.5 weeks with this card to remind us what we’ve already survived. Don’t quit now, you are almost to the finish line. Mercury swims through Pisces and dredges up sorrows and loss as it goes. This teaches us compassion, the adult version of victimhood.

Life is painful and the full range of human emotions includes a wide array of unpleasant ones. How do you deal with yours? Do you offload them to another, insist they are the cause? If only they would do what you know is better, you could avoid that pain, right?

Except it doesn’t work that way. Pain goes with risk in life. Suffering is when we turn the hurt into a story or belief about us or another that downgrades us as loved and lovable and challenges connection.

Separate out behavior from the person. Behavior can be unacceptable and you get to say that. Start with the belief thought, that the person is always acceptable. Behavior can change, and your request for better behavior may be the very thing that inspires it.

Because we are wired for love and belonging. If the person is acceptable, the behavior isn’t, it’s a chance to grow and evolve together. Some want to grow with you, others don’t or do it slowly. Learn to tell the difference between ‘don’t and slowly’ and you improve the quality of your connections.

Wednesday: Seven of Bows, Clearance

Well, Uranus, the Great Awakener, just moved into Taurus for the next seven years, my friend. Look for some real shake outs on a ground level. Taurus rules the part of us that learns how to manifest. This is why it is associated with luxury goods and riches.

When you know how to manifest, it’s often where people start to see their own power. However there is much beyond acquiring more. Taurus rules the Earth and our relationship to it. So prepare to have an upgrade on our relationship with Mother Earth.

She may have to shake a few people awake to help the transformation, because we stubbornly stay blind to the effects of our actions on this planet that houses us. We have to clear out the blocks, broken bits and mend our connection with the physical world.

Do you enjoy the way things feel, taste, touch; does your body reflect a good relationship with your world? Time to check in on personal health and habits. We have time, seven years to be exact. If you move set boundaries out a little bit each day, you are less likely to need a seismic shove. One step at a time, clear away the old to make room for the new.

Thursday: Nine of Vessel, Generosity

Jupiter and Pluto touch hands today across a short divide to remind us that the flow of life brings abundance, always. We can give without fear of shortage, there is an endless flow of love. It’s our blessing to tap into it – for some people it requires real brain retraining.

Let old stories and patterns float into consciousness thanks to Mercury Retrograde tapping both Moon and Mars today. Anyplace you felt the shortage of love and lack, those are scars. Give a little loving recognition of your strength to survive, like gently massaging a scar to bring blood that heals.

Nine’s are a master number and point to you being well connected to that river of love, even when you don’t see it. Let the day bring evidence that you are seen, felt and appreciated in big and small ways. Start by appreciating yourself with a little toothbrush love in the morning.

Give yourself a compliment while you brush your teeth and roll it around in your head like a gumball. Then rinse, look yourself in the eye and say the compliment out loud to you. Acknowledge it with a hand on your heart and a breath in to take it deep.

Good, now breathe in the compliments that come your way all day. Whether it’s a short red light or short line at the store, let the Universe show you some love and receive! If you feel the flow, pass a compliment on to another, acknowledgment that the flow goes on and on endlessly.

Friday: Six of Stones, Exploitation

This Six follows the Five of Stones earlier in the week and speaks of scarcity mentality. After the flow of yesterday, the contrasting fear of lack shows up today. Not surprising, too much of the world operates from this survival mentality, and creates the very thing it fears.

When we don’t trust there is enough suddenly you scramble to grab something for yourself now and don’t care what the consequences are. When too many operate from this space, then the race to get ‘yours’ looks like locust stripping a field bare of anything green or living.

The antidote to this is to get out of the knee jerk response to needs. Your wants and needs have a matching answer that is right for you. Patience to find the sustainable, right fit is your highest contribution to personal well being without sacrificing another’s.

There is more than enough to go around when we invest in shared well being.

Saturday: Ten of Vessels, Happiness

Tens are an empowered one, one to the tenth degree. Happiness is knowing you have a treasured place in the world and add your particular essences as part of the whole. The aspects today offer some deep internal earthquakes on worthiness, worth your time for sure.

Do you know and trust your worth? Time to play a game with the Universe and ask for signs and symbols that show you how loved you really are. Thanks to a difficult meet up with Moon and Pluto, you might first get messages that are the opposite of that.

Your job is to double down and insist you get confirmation of love. You will get them. It may take a little time to unfold, change that goes deep requires time. It’s a lesson in long term investment.

Stay open to new ways and places that reflect that love back to you. Don’t keep digging in a dry well. Move on to fresh opportunities to receive while carrying gratitude for where you’ve seen it in the past. Your job is to keep eyes open for the confirmation. Believing is seeing…

Sunday: Five of Vessels, Ecstasy

Funny how this Five shows up when in the traditional Tarot it means break up, or heartbreak of separation. Wildwood Tarot takes the opposite view, that which we release frees us to experience the heights of passion.

The weight of loss and fear of lack does put a pretty solid brake on passion. Which the Moon and Venus in challenging space call out on stage today. Where have you been taught that when you receive, someone else loses out?

Two fives in a week are personal uncertainty and this Five is linked to the earlier Five of Stones. You cannot enjoy abundance if you are wired to believe there isn’t enough to go around. You will resent another for what they have and self limit your own gains for fear of losing connection.

It can be subtle, but run deep, this conditioning to compete for limited resources. Time to free yourself from this mindset. Slowly, patiently, reinforce there is enough to go around. Look for tools to help retrain your brain, email me if you need help. ‘Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving’, to quote Auntie Mame.

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