The Ugly Truth – Tarot with TruthinHand 2/18-24

We judge, we criticize, we measure what we give and we receive on a subconscious level. It’s the survival part of us operating all the time. It’s an ugly Truth but it can set you free when you acknowledge it.

Polite society trained us that this isn’t nice and lobbied for ’tis better to give than receive’ or ‘neither a borrower nor a lender be’. But the bottom line is we have to have an exchange between people to thrive rather than just survive. We are wired for to hunt for it, long for it.

This week Venus meets up with Dark Lord Pluto to shake up the relationship game that’s existed for centuries. Pluto sits in the Gate of Truth to revolutionize the love of power in relationships to get back to the Power of Love.

The difference between Strength and Power is time. Strength can overcome resistance to meet an objective. Power does the same thing but in the shortest possible time. Basically Power is Strength times Speed.

Time to take a good look at where our criticism and judgement are protection mechanisms when you’ve risked showing you want something and it hasn’t happened. In the gap between the wish and fulfillment we do all kinds of crazy twists to protect ourself. Speed becomes a bully, surrender becomes weakness.

But these don’t increase our vulnerability, intimacy and connection. We have to learn how to want something, commit to it and then surely change ourselves in order to be able to have it. We must invest in the creation process and in doing so we bond with what we love.

You have to let go of thinking it will appear one way or in one shape. The Buddhists are talking about this when they speak of non attachment. It doesn’t mean don’t desire, it means hold your desires with an open hand. This week you see where to do that. The Cards and Stars will help.

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Lisa Greenfield

Card of the Week: Four of Swords, Rest

You can’t think your way out of a power struggle. Your mind can help navigate it, but your heart has to steer this path. Because desire begins in the heart. The fear that we won’t get what we love links back to childhood and survival instincts kick in around it.

So notice where and when your mind gets a little too chatty, or frantic, or busy. Behind all that noise is a fear that you won’t get what you want. The good news is you can and are wired to get what you want, when you open up to how it come packaged. And when it will arrive.

The worst excesses come when someone uses strength to force an outcome immediately. It may work but the impact can backlash and take it away as quickly as it arrived.

Before you act on mental chatter and fear chants this week, rest. Pause, reflect and push back on your fears. Doubt your doubts. This simple act can upgrade any and every relationship you have.

Monday: Four of Vessels, Boredom

Interestingly enough, two fours signals good relationships. This particular four is the hallmark of defensiveness on it’s shadow expression. The sunny side is relationships on a firm foundation, four corners.

Boredom means you aren’t risking anything. It’s impossible to be bored when you take a chance, expose your feelings in a new situation. If you find yourself in a state of disconnect revealed by the dark side of Four of Vessels, it means you need to venture outside you four walls of comfort to new territory,

When you ask for what you want, you may not get it from the person you want it from, or it may not look the way you imagined. Can you stay open to what it can become or will your fear brain shut down any expansion with criticism and judgement? When you can stay open without forcing an outcome you’ve just successfully upgraded this section of relationships.

Tuesday: Ten of Bows, Responsibility

This Ten has upgrade all over it. Tens are an empowered one and stand for the fact that when you move up a whole level, it’s not only a stretch goal, beyond familiar territory, you start all over again a level up.

The good news is that everything you just finished taught you more than you know and you bring it all with you. The bad news is you have another stretch goal in front of you. But is that bad news? After all, don’t you want to have a big beautiful life? That requires some risks, some pain and challenge.

Suffering is what we do when we decide the pains of life mean that we are being punished or denied what we want. The real Truth is that you get what you want or something better. We just don’t know how to allow the ‘something better’. This attachment thing to what it ‘should’ look like poisons what is.

So this Full Moon asks you to let go of a preplanned future and instead stay present in this moment with the desires of your heart front and center. Then look at everything that happens as something that will help you achieve that desire, but you have to interact with it to bring a better result than you knew to imagine.

What will you do with your one precious life? Don’t spend too much more of it lamenting what isn’t here yet or trying to force it to happen now. Feel the strength in every single thing that arrives today as part of the gravel road that gets you there, just down an adventure path instead of a proven one.

Wednesday: The Shaman

Ah, in comes the Magic. This is how it works. You start the day with some challenge or twist you didn’t see coming. It’s a test to see how well you paid attention yesterday. So you didn’t get what you thought you were going to get, can you imagine it being BETTER than you knew to ask for?

If you put your imagination to work picturing how you want to express your strength in this moment, you’ll get an aha that will delight you. The Shaman reminds us that the plants that die in Winter, seed all new growth by Spring. That a single sperm and egg can become trillions of cells for a new life without anyone managing the process step by step.

Back away from the control piece and let the magic dazzle you. Life so wants you to enjoy the alchemy that takes an awful moment or disappointment and turn it into a triumph that amazes you. Question today is will you see it and believe?

Thursday: Ten of Arrows, Instruction

Failure is going to happen. This ten a reminder that what doesn’t work out often yields far more memorable instruction than an easy win. What do you do when things come to a conclusion, one you didn’t necessarily want?

The football player who’s wrecked knee leads him to become a physical therapist, or the dyslexic who winds up speaking through evocative photos that tell passionate stories are two examples of what’s on the other side of disaster.

Don’t minimize or belittle the pain of loss. Feel it, acknowledge what didn’t turn out as hurtful, give it your attention. Then be willing to let the Magic in the Universe give you something new by Spring. Two tens signal good fortune connected with a change in work. The examples I gave above are the perfect illustration of what this means.

Venus and Jupiter team up to give you hope on the far side of disaster. Let the instruction of the whole picture move you forward through any disappointment. The cracks in that perfect image you had is where the light gets in, to bastardize a Rumi quote.

Friday: The Seer

The combination of the Shaman and Seer this week highlights the creative principle of waiting, receiving, holding space and being still as fertile ground for the right action, at the right time, with the right catalyst.

It’s also known as transformational tension. The passive waiting or withholding until the proper moment for fertilization. Venus joins up with Pluto today to shake up the status quo on how well you can wait. Remember the definition of Power – Strength times Speed.

Well the mix between acting too soon or too late and all the behavior that goes with it needs a good overhaul. How well can you hit pause on the rush forward to get confirmation of your desires?

How well do you time your actions when you are free to act? This is not just a one day event. This is merely the threshold of a whole new playing field for you to experiment, experience and adventure in after today. The effects will play out for years…

Saturday: The Blasted Oak

The Wildwood Tarot calls this card the ‘Primal Destruction’ card. Today will show you where Power used with too much haste wreaks havoc. The curtain pulls back and the great and powerful Oz is revealed as an ordinary mortal who used his strength to build it in others.

This is part of the Magic in nature and why we can be optimistic about what life brings us. The Wizard in Wizard of Oz is the perfect example. His hiding out because he isn’t the Magic Man still brings about a quest that bonds the heroine to new friends, has her overcome misused power in the realm and ultimately get home without his direct assistance.

Not a bad outcome. Take the lightning bolt of this Blasted Oak and shatter any lingering stories that had you deprived maliciously of a wonderful life because of the difficult thing experienced. The twists and turns are what were the making of your strength and also make life less boring.

The old beliefs where you were helpless don’t have ground to stand on any more unless you insist on giving up some of the rich earth you occupy in this new upgrade. You decide…

Sunday: The Archer

Did you catch the fact that there are four Major Arcana Cards (Archetype Shift Cards), two fours and two tens this week. Nature has a symmetry to it. The Archer is even the symbol for Strength.

Today the Moon draws both strength and power from Saturn and Pluto to reinforce the lessons of the last few days. What will you do with all that this week brought you?

Time to gather up new evidence that you can be patient at times you thought you couldn’t; you can act when you feared to do so; and you create a life that has far more texture and richness in it because you know this.

Believing is seeing. The more you trust this new way of understanding yourself and the life you live, the more places you see to apply it. Receptive and Active, female and male are there inside of you. Feel it with every in breath and out breath. Good.

Now imagine what you want to do to take your relationships to their next level, using all that Strength within you applied at the right time when you stop trying to force an outcome and instead create a presence.

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