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We all do it. Those pesky little thoughts we chase like a hound after a rabbit it can never catch. Those fears are always a good distance ahead of us in the future. Needless worry robs you of minutes, even hours a day. It adds up to a staggering amount of time over a lifetime.

This week practice not chasing those rabbits. Which means you must stop, be present and notice when your mind goes haring off after some future disaster you wish to avoid. Your power is in this moment, this thought.

Like a broken record, I want you to ask yourself this question when those worries crowd in like colony of bunnies, eating everything green in sight. ‘What do I feel’ and follow it with ‘what does that feeling need from me’. Again, ‘What do I feel, what does that feeling need’.

That phrase is your anchor line to keep you right here, where you affect your outcomes with every informed choice. Then work out how to best give yourself what you need to satisfy those feelings. It may not be perfect coming from you instead of whoever you wanted it to come from, but it’s within your power to deliver.

In this moment you construct your reality to better be able to deal with whatever comes up down the line. Thoughtful reality now avoids excess struggles and challenges. Go for balance between spending too much time anticipating difficulties or threats and ignoring them altogether. The Cards and Stars will help.

Lisa Greenfield

Card of the Week: Nine of Arrows

‘Self discipline and hard work’ are called for when this Nine shows up. Our mind has highjacked the narrative and tells tale tales to scare you back into familiar space. It takes dedication and practice to select a story that doesn’t over estimate the threat while underestimating you.

You are playing tug of war with a future disaster before you even get there, when making clear choices not clouded by fear can help ensure you never go down that dark path.

But the mind needs a job to do when those horror stories slip into view. So bookend the worst case scenario with the best case scenario. One is just as likely as the other. Every time you do that you build mental muscle.

Then notice what you feel and need – which are often thoughtfully revealed by the stories themselves. Those stories are a treasure trove of insight into where your strengths are. Because your mind always goes to work limiting you around your greatest power, not your weaknesses, since those won’t cause change.

So keep an watchful eye on which strengths stand behind the perceived threat, bookend it with a best case scenario, and watch while the Universe gives you a chance to make the better story come true.

Monday: Four of Stones, Protection

It’s a great day to take inventory. The kind where you tally up what your resources are in people, history, education (both formal and life experience kind), talent, and current opportunities.

Because your best protection is not a hard exterior, but a strong interior. Remember where you’ve been resilient. Tally up the good moments that often were present in some of the disasters that happened. Life is rarely all black and white.

The more you recall and recount your strengths, the more solidly you stand. Those historical bits and pieces of where you took risks, made good choices, survived unhappy outcomes while you lived and learned along the way become a mosaic of great beauty with a little artful placement.

Trust yourself, trust what you want, trust each step you take along the way, this is your best protection. The next layer of protection are those people around you who see you, know you, love you. See the rise and fall of love between you and friends, like waves and trust the tide is always rising somewhere. You are safe, you are loved.

Tuesday: The Mirror

Trust your own unconscious workings when the Mirror shows up. The aspects today support profound emotional and physical healing when you pause and reflect on you. Mars teams up with the Great Awakener, Uranus to give some tangible breakthroughs.

Stay in this moment. Your interactions today are ripe for big improvements when you stay in the present. Hold any goal you have as a guidance system, like a lighthouse. You don’t steer towards it, but rather navigate with its light.

Tune in to what you feel, what you want to share, where your healthy no is and then be curious about the other person. Do you care about what they feel, want, need? It’s easier to feel that when you pay attention to your own wants and needs first. This way your emotional gas tank is fueled and who knows how far it can take you.

Wednesday: Eight of Bows, Hearthfire

Watch for gossip today. We are innately curious about each other. It’s been a survival tool to watch and learn over tens of thousands of years what is safe to do when we see others do it. Which can be why gossip is so embedded in our cultures.

Keep in mind that you want to separate out people’s behavior from the individual. It’s normal to have a reaction to bad behavior or even behavior that doesn’t conform to your norm. That doesn’t make the person unacceptable. It’s simply good information about what works for you or doesn’t.

Then you want to be as generous with others faults or weaknesses as you’d like them to be with yours. Ask yourself if you would want others to speak about you the way you discuss them. Then check to make sure what you say is True, really True, helpful or evolutionary. What does it add to your understanding about yourself of what you need.

If it doesn’t improve the situation, it merely feels better in the moment to vent, be honest with yourself. Then try doing in all over again with the guidelines listed here. You make the world a safer place to live in with everything that comes out of your mouth.

Thursday: Two of Bows, Desire Happy Valentine’s Day

What a perfect card to land on today! The aspects aren’t quite as easy to navigate as the card suggests, but in conflict lies transformational tension. This can be fuel for the fires of desire.

Now, how to navigate the confusion, frustration and high emotions, right? This is always the trick, how to swim in a sea of expectations when it comes to the Day of Love. Inevitably people wind up measuring how loved they are and often feel they come up short.

So instead spend some fun time with making sure you know what and how you best experience love. The Five Love Languages is a good starting point to do inventory on what best says ‘love’ to you. Be sure to give yourself what your love style values most.

Then be a love presence for those around you. Make sure it comes from a clean space, not a ‘give to get’ space that triggers shame and blame. Write a love letter to yourself and those you love. You don’t even have to physically send them. Just energetically hold all those love letters and feel the emotional outpouring. It’s a way to love another ‘free’ while you swim in gratitude.

Friday: The Woodward

Interestingly enough the Moon and Mercury team up today and could give you solid proof that the love you put out yesterday returns to you tenfold. Sincere emotion gets a FastPass today and streams good feelings your way. It does require you to let down defenses so it can land, which means you need to tune in to any resentment or lingering expectations and clear them.

The Woodward signals a need to face an unavoidable Truth that no amount of bravery or effort will resolve. Instead you need to wait for the turning of the seasons, it’s a timing issue. All things in their allotted time.

If you didn’t get what you wished for Valentine’s Day, or in the love department, this too shall pass. It does not mean you are going to stay in lack. Instead your work is to craft out space in your life to better hold what you wish for.

Make the nest for love to hatch in that has both compassion and courage. Love will be born in it’s season. There is no lack of love. Learn how to be the place it lives by loving your present moment and trust all you’ve done to make more love possible.

Saturday: King of Stones

Ah the aspects blend beautifully with this Regal King today. Emotional maturity and integrity are on offer. It speaks of quality relationships acquired through quality time.

It also reminds you to be selective in who you surround yourself with in life. Are the people you spend the most time with people you trust to make the hard choices of maturity, people who consider others because they know how to take care of their own needs?

Everything today asks you to come clean where you’ve played the role of savior, rescuer or benefactor rather than having true equals in your life. It’s not easy to be seen in our flaws, but it is powerful and growth provoking. Being intimate means being truly seen and knowing you are loved as you are.

That doesn’t mean they won’t ask you to be the best version of you. But it does mean they understand and share human failings with you. Take responsibility for what’s yours. Let others take their share (or not) and act accordingly. These are the connections that are bedrock strong and stand the test of time, like the rock solid King of Stones.

Sunday: Queen of Vessels

There’s an interesting mix of aspects today that is perfectly represented by this watery Queen. She is the harbinger of good fortune and love, but her shadow is emotional outbursts and manipulation rather than confrontation.

Where do your illusions and desires clash with the reality in front of you and how do you handle the gap? There’s a nice breakthrough when you stop chasing the fear bunnies and select your thoughts like you do your clothes.

What do you feel, what does that feeling need right now. Play with that today. It can change so much when you come back to this space and get your own answers. Then see who or where you can get your needs met and pay attention to timing.

Be willing to see when something is a ‘not now’ as opposed to a ‘no’. That subtle difference is important and can change so much of the chatter in your head. Practice seeing the Truth, keep tabs on your emotional thermostat and see where others may be reacting to the storm of the day without those tips. Model what it looks like, it’s contagious and can improve any situation.

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