Tarot With TruthinHand – Lunar Eclipse Heart Fusion

Wrap up this foundational setting January with a Lunar Eclipse that offers a space age heart fusion with mind. Typically these two things operate at odds with each other. The mind cools our steamy emotions as it lifts us up and out into the big picture from the 10,000 foot view.

So how then do we fuse, mind and heart?

This Eclipse throws down a challenge for us. It offers both a startling clarity on what we feel and want now along with a slippery slope that tempts us to speak from our old wounds and limits.

It requires effort, like a chick that must peck its way out of a shell to get past old limitations that seductively beckon you to stay trapped inside the familiar, even while impossibly cramped. Safety says ‘there is danger out there‘ and scooches away from widening vistas as one more hard protective layer drops.

Desire says ‘there is a world waiting for you to explore’ if you are willing to trade security for a life worth living. Fusion takes all the lessons you learned from what was hard, hurtful, scary and imperfect and gathers solid evidence of your past courage, strength and resilience.

The two start melding as challenges, mind chatter, objections or obstacles appear in your mind or in life itself. Turn the fire of desire up on the threats that make you want to hide. That firelight helps fuse together the past and your imagined future into one well lit choice in the present.

Use this space to create the future you dream of living. The Cards and Stars can help…

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfielf


Card of the Week: Two of Stones, Challenge

“Box for dominance” is how Wildwood Tarot describes this two. It typically paints a picture of juggling priorities. It is such a great visual for the Lunar Eclipse with the Moon’s Nodes asking us how we wish to steer into the future we wish for.

Are you going to drive with your eyes on the South Node rearview mirror or the North Node road ahead? You will be tempted to glue your eyes on the dark road behind you rather than the limited light in your high beams ahead.

The backward drive won’t help you create something new. It also hampers forward progress. But it is a natural impulse reinforced by society around us. We can spend a good deal of time reminding each other what dangers were narrowly avoided in mileage already covered.

Make a brave choice to spend much more time eyes forward. Quick backward glances can help, use the information to help you steer the onward journey. Meld the two together to navigate the dark road with just enough light to get safely to the next stretch. It helps if you don’t speed…

Monday: Queen of Stones

“Learning to manage things wisely…preserve things of value”, is the tag line for this Queen. It’s well matched to the Lunar eclipse that serves up some transformational tension. Generational change is the theme. How well you integrate the past into the present will make a big difference in what you shape your world takes.

See what you’ve lived through as a rich planting of virtues, wisdom, adventures all ripe for harvest this year. The past can feed you well, without boxing you in to repeat only what you know. Fuel from all you’ve lived inspires you to dare to scale greater heights if you choose.

Find the way to integrate what you’ve done into your sense of self. This will quietly place your imagination of what’s possible on the four corners of accomplishments of the past. Even failures teach you resilience and offer wisdom. That fusion is valuable indeed… so bring that truth along as you expand into the unknown with the best insight, the one that sees you more accurately.

Tuesday: Six of Bows, Abundance

Venus gets to play with the magic wand thanks to Jupiter today, making excess all too easy. The Great Awakener, Uranus, throws lightning bolts in to help the Moon make sense of what actually serves a purpose and what is just too much of a good thing.

By nightfall the Moon gets into a pushing match with Ceres, our maternal instincts. Time to sort out good nurture from bad. Comfort food is good, a food orgy of the same has you miserable by morning.

Find the Goldilocks spot for self love that is both good to you and good for you. This combo is a recipe you can refine the next few months as ‘good mothering’ we humans thrive on when it comes to creative risks.

Wednesday: Page of Vessels

Impressive that this Page of inner compassion, the pages always signal the inside state of being, lines up beautifully with the aspects. Time to see where our own nurturing (or lack of it) from childhood has largely been the standard for self care up until now. Today some startling events or conversations will stir up the need to do your own self soothing.

Time to up the ante on how well you care for yourself with your inner chatter. Give yourself permission for the mean thoughts about yourself or another. Or give yourself a good pity party if disappointment shows up. Good, that’s the inner Mother who needed an upgrade. Really show yourself compassion.

Now move on to inner strength. Whatever triggered you, decide to turn it into something better. The how is less important that the choice and follow up actions. Be brave, be strong, act on your own behalf without trampling others. Simply work on meeting your own needs while respecting others. Equal consideration, equitable action. That’s the ticket…

Thursday: Ace of Bows

Ah a fresh start! We have the game-changer Pluto giving a strong assist today to break free of interpretations that over-estimate threats to you and underestimates what you can do with whatever comes your way. Following yesterday’s reparenting expansion, today you get to act on it.

This isn’t about perfection, it’s about practice. Remember 2019 is a foundational year. It’s also important to keep in mind that while you may not be starting where you imagined you would be, it’s where you end up and how much you enjoy getting there that makes life worth it.

So begin as you mean to go on and practice feeling what you feel no matter what the trigger is without blaming an outside source. You have less control over what happens ‘out there’. Instead get good at shaping, forming, editing where and how you interact with the world in a way that honors your unique self. Then watch where that takes you…

Friday: Five of Stones, Endurance

Don’t give up too soon. Mars and Jupiter can have you rushing ahead but good old Saturn puts the brakes on by nightfall. It’s a pause, not a dead end. So don’t get discouraged. This push/pull of Mars and Saturn happens into March. We have to learn to pause, integrate, refine our direction and efforts as we go along.

This year offers a lot of big global shifts and we do best when we keep the bigger picture in mind as we navigate our own lives. Ultimately the two connect or collide. The pauses help lessen impact when we rush too far ahead of ourselves and are on collision course with universal shifts.

So this Five counsels you to watch out for needless discouragement that has you quitting just before the Finish Line comes in to view. Creativity and strength together let you build endurance for the right races. Obstacles help you refine direction, speed, commitment and your team. So patience is your best friend today, although he may not be a welcome one…

Saturday: Page of Arrows

Today is another day to practice your inner reparenting skills. Tell yourself a kinder story! It’s easy to get stuck in old power struggle patterns so get yourself to the mental gym with this Airy Page. If the negative self chatter pops up, full of criticism for you or another, bookend the worst case scenario with the best case scenario.

In other words, if you picture others acting from a selfish or vengeful motivation, also imagine them coming from a completely innocent place. It’s just as likely today. You have to wait until evening to get the breakthrough proof that imagining the best can help you see it come true, but it’s possible today.

Commit to bookending whatever the inner critic says with an equally appreciative thought and watch what happens. If you loop back to the worst case scenario, bookend it with the best. Just like at the gym, the more exercise you get, the stronger you are.

Sunday: The Stag

The keyword for this card in Wildwood Tarot is responsibility. Watch your words today. Mercury and the Moon are in a pushing match that battles between heart and head. Too much on either side is going to throw you off balance. You need to adjust, adjust, adjust as you go through the day.

Gossip is what happens when you forget that as you think and speak about others, you also do to yourself. Don’t say anything about another that you wouldn’t want said about you. This is NOT to say you can’t have your frustration, complaints or disagreements.

It is very much about how you handle those conflicts. Use your words to get clear on what you feel and what you need so you can bring that to the interaction. Be willing to hear what they feel and need if it’s appropriate.

Know the difference. Not everyone can meet you for an equal discussion of issues. Still, you be responsible for working through your part without condemning another. Know what you need and act accordingly. That’s a solid foundational approach to any disagreement.

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