Tarot With TruthinHand New Year & Solar Eclipse

This New Year has magic, decay and a Solar Eclipse all the first few days of 2019. When magic is at play you need a firm foundation to enjoy it. Like the Yellow Brick Road, it helps you find your path through dangers in strange and wonderful worlds. The path aims and guides you through the unfamiliar and helps make it an adventure rather than an ordeal.

The coming year is a foundational year. It requires you to have your guiding principle to make the most of it. So of course, to start the year, the eclipse in Saturn breaks down obsolete structures. Those actions driven by rote and routine can’t help you where you are headed.

Your habits need an upgrade to suit your new surroundings. 2019 offers a great start, since the eclipse and a pile up of other planetary influences in Capricorn are going to make what used to work for you unreliable. Like a cell phone that won’t work, you have to get something to replace it.

Do that with a combination of what you love, what you’ve learned about yourself, and what benefits both you and those around you. Don’t worry about getting it all right at once. Take it a day at a time and follow the Yellow Brick Road. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


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2019 Revealed…

Card of the Week: The Shaman

Ah, the Magician is here to play with us this week. The promise here is you already have all you need to make magic happen in your world. It also reminds you that don’t worry if life doesn’t look exactly as you wish. It’s just an opportunity for you to contribute your part to the magic and make it real. Trust that what breaks down or ends will be replaced. Remember that habits have to be broken in to fit your new life ahead, like shoes. Some fit better or faster than others. Get selective about what you do. The stronger your foundation, the stronger Magic can work miracles in your life.

Monday: Three of Vessels

The Moon waltzes with Neptune and dials up emotional empathy today. There’s a dreamy haze that wraps up the end of the year, like rose colored glasses. Give your year a kindly review to see where you made progress in unexpected ways. Friends are a good sounding board. Do watch for overindulgence tonight, the price in the morning is steep. Better to have another compliment than a cookie or cocktail. Give or receive praise, it all feels so good.

Tuesday: The Guardian

The Sun meets up with Saturn as it does once a year. There is extra emphasis this year with so many planets, including the Dark Lord Pluto, sitting in the same sign. This is the cosmic return on last year’s efforts. Like taxes, you may get back where you overpaid or you may have to ante up where you’ve fallen short, ready or not. What it definitely signals is end of a chapter. For many it is the last chapter of the whole book.

Today take the first step down that path ahead armed with a target for this year. Not a resolution, but rather a bull’s eye with rings that radiate out. There is a lot of change afoot, so have your focus on the best in you and where it needs to head. Then you have to trust the tests in life as you head out towards the target. Those tests are coming whether you aim or not. Better to have direction, it lessons the wobble in the way ahead. Make it a wonderful year, you have the power!

Wednesday: Moon On The Water

The aspects don’t do much to light the sky or the way for today’s gravity hangover from yesterday’s Sun/Saturn contact. The Moon is always the same shape, it’s the amount of light we see that changes our view of it. This card reminds us, give any fears, doubts, regrets or anxiety there ten minutes of air time to shift what blocks a clear perspective. Then move through it secure in the knowledge that light is always available on the other side of what shadows us.

Thursday: Ace of Vessels

Aces always usher in a fresh start and this one is from the heart. Vessels represent our emotions, so there is the Magic of self love to help move any obstacles today. Like water on a rock, persistently bringing compassion to bear on any uncomfortable spot is the right prescription. Logical Mercury wants to make sense of what hurts but what helps the most is a metaphorical kiss on the booboo. When you trade dispassionate reason for kind support, the day gets easier. Saturn in light conflict with Venus tempers the speed in which you feel better, but you do get progress. Patient comforting turns boulders to sand.

Friday: Six of Vessels, Reunion

We prepare for the Solar eclipse with a celestial line up bent on preparing you to jettison the old and lay the foundation for the new. Six is the number of healing and signals you are whole and complete as you are. Any place you still see your limits more than your resilience and power is an old belief that has to go. Today’s combination of Card and Stars make it almost easy to let go and stay grounded. If you catch yourself impatient to act, reign in the impulses. Pause long enough to feel the right action, the right moment. It will be one not driven by compulsion or fear. Stand firm if others press you to act before you feel ready and return the compliment if they need time. Good, now you are ready for the eclipse.

Saturday: Two of Arrows, Injustice – Partial Solar Eclipse

Your body wants to be a healthy part of the mix today. Not just today but especially today. This coming year has lightning changes built into it and the grounding rod of your body needs a good set up. What is your routine to honor your body? Do you meditate, do Yoga, work out, go to acupuncture. This cards reminds us how many hours we spend in our head with little regard to the cost our flesh pays in stress and inactions. If you want to thrive this year, get into some good habits where grounding is concerned. You can garden and call it meditation. It matters most that you love it and will do it regularly. A firm foundation can hold sky scrapers. Your body is ground zero. Give it a place of honor this year, starting today with the New Year’s first Solar Eclipse in Capricorn.

Sunday: The Wheel

The Wheel along with the Shaman and this week’s other Major Arcana cards has a strong message for you. This year has ups and downs in every direction. How well you manage them, whether it is exciting or frightening depends on you. Will you do what you require to bring all of you, mind, body, heart and spirit to the mix? That means healthy self care and self knowledge are key. Take time to ‘know thyself’ before you speak or act. Take personal responsibility for what is actually yours and leave others to do the same. Give all your emotions, even the uncomfortable ones, attention. They have wisdom to offer. This year is a practice in making those adult choices, day by day. Each time you do you move down the road and on solid feet that handles the wizardly twists of life with a sense of excitement rather than dread. I wish that for you. Happy New Year indeed…

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