Tarot With TruthinHand 12/24th-30th, What Dreams Are Worth

It’s a magical time of year and wishes do come true, but there’s a hook.  What efforts are your dreams worth?  This last week of 2018 is a preview for the whole of 2019 in miniature.  Still, I’d sidestep getting too caught in intense planning so you set up the perfect year ahead.  Instead can you be present to what you feel, old stories and battles so you can do it a different way?  Because the next twelve months are a foundational year, one that has highs and lows woven through it.

No amount of careful planning is going to save you the bumps in the road.  Practice being present while observant about your particular patterns of reaction.  Measure the fear levels and adjust yourself accordingly.  The more fear you feel, the more likely you are to drop back into familiar patterns.  That’s why your survivor brain scares with overestimating threats to your safety while underestimating you.  Your best efforts are to walk back the mental chatter that runs scared.  Calmly and compassionately question your fear or doubts.

Stay focused on your reactions and your triggers so you better understand how you tick, the more you move down the path of dreams come true.  This week truly is an elephant you eat one conversation, mood, moment at a time.  Self observation, exploration and curiosity are you best paths of action.  Are you ready?

It may be easier to blame another, blame the Universe, anything to keep well removed from your true seat of power, but is helpless the way you wish to live 2019?  Thought not…

While you aren’t responsible for everything that happens in your world, you are very much at choice to be the one who decides what you are going to do with it.  That’s not to advocate sweeping unpleasant feelings under the rug and ‘thinking happy thoughts’.  Not by a long shot.  Rather this is observe your anger, frustration, tears and see where the roots sit.  Any suffering began long before the moment you experience this week.  See it’s history and the evolution.

The same thing goes for what makes you happy, satisfied, dreamy or inspired.  Add those histories into the emerging understanding of you.  Watch your life this week as if it were a movie and then decide whether it resembles more of a drama, comedy, romantic comedy or a historical fiction.  It can be one that isn’t included in that short list.  What matters is do you want to spend then next year living out the same theme.  If you don’t, then retell the story.  Look at the facts and see another way to interpret what is happening.

One powerful adjustment like that can change a whole lot more than just the next 12 months.  The Cards and the Stars will help.  If you are ready for your 2019 Year Ahead Reading, get yours here.  We can look at what is specifically ‘in the cards for you’ and help refine it should you disagree with the direction.  After all, it’s the last week of the Magic Season.  Who better than to apply the alchemy to than yourself.  I’ll show you how.

Thank you,


Lisa Greenfield




Card of the Week:  The Pole Star

Fascinating to have this card, this particular week.  The manifesting magic swirls in every corner.  But this card comes with a warning.  The aspects head towards a reckoning the first week of January that says you can manifest what you desire, and how you do it makes all the difference.  We have the karmic due bill being served.  Where you manipulate, lie or bully to get your way, you skew the results.  Yes, you still get results but it’s like a garden.  You will grow what you sow.  If you want to set a dynamic where you feel lied to, bullied or manipulated then go ahead and serve it up to get your way.  Just be prepared to receive what you put out there.

I can’t stress this enough.  You can have your dreams come true, a real foretaste of it this week.  And it will have the seeds of what goes into your efforts woven all through it.  Healthy generosity, kind honesty, respect for each others path will go a long way to making whatever you plant bloom beyond your expectations.  For some you may face deeper temptation than others.  The fear you won’t get what you want without resorting to low ways of getting it is going to be present.  It may be loud.  Make a brave choice, a better choice.  This is one week where the ends certainly don’t justify the means.







Monday:  Five of Arrows, Frustration

We start the day with Cancer Moon longing for the perfect Monday, holiday, family get together.  Then as the afternoon rolls in so do some trickier aspects.  Mind your tongue.  I say that deliberately.  Our mind can run away with us and your tongue will carry the message far and fast.  Hit strategic pause when you get triggered or catch yourself mid moment and put yourself on time out.  It doesn’t even have to be an argument either.  This can be mismatched enthusiasm that has you over promising and exaggerating only to be caught out later.  Breathe.

Investigate what you long for that has your mouth out in front of your brain, heart or body.  Those stories that spring to mind have clues when you dig deeper.  See what you long for, what you wish were true that may start as a tall tale today.  Then measure out where you are willing to put your effort where you mouth has been.  Are you going to show up in ways that make the wish true?  If the trigger’s been pulled, careful the story you tell about what someone else did or said and what you took it to mean is accurate.  When you look closer it’s easier to see where the shadow is long but what cast it is merely human sized and quite manageable when you breathe.








Tuesday:  Six of Stones, Exploitation

This six invites you to consider the benefits of balance and the cost when things are out of proportion.  That goes for food, fun, alcohol and anything else you experience today.  Balance is required.  Remember the due bill.  You are not going to feel good when it arrives if you go overboard, no matter how tempting.  Also good to see where you may have overspent and look at what drove those actions this holiday season.  It’s normal to want to buy approval, belonging and recognition with what we give.  Rather than judge yourself, get underneath the impulse and see where your own attention, compassion and healthier approach can do much to heal the wound.

Because sixes always represent that Virgo energy of wholeness.  When we feel complete we are far less likely to over-extend out of a fear driven need of not being enough with what we can offer. Take an honest inventory and if you catch yourself tallying up another’s over indulgence, pause.  We judge to deflect our own discomfort.  This means you’ve got your own sore point you avoid by pointing out another’s.  Lovingly turn your eyes back to what benefits you to know about you.  This effort pays long term dividends even this week.








Wednesday:  The Journey

Well today has some lightning bolts of insight thanks to Uranus and the Moon.  Fortune favors those willing to let things end.  The winter season is here in the Northern hemisphere and this card represents the time when life dies off above ground to restore and prepare for the Spring.  You have so much ease around that process today, like a cosmic rocking chair while you review and release the remnants of 2018.  The Sun and Moon, two of the brightest luminaries to represent us are in harmony to make this passage as easy as possible.

The Wildwood Tarot reminds us that while the form something has lived may end, the wisdom we gain from the experience never does.  The best and brightest shared moments live in our memories even when loved ones are no longer physically sharing our present.  So take time to process today, even if it is ten minutes for what is ending.  See where it fed you, delighted or horrified you and glean the insight to take deep into yourself as rich ground for what grows next.  Rituals are good today, too.  Bury what needs it, doing it symbolically or actually to help give the emotions the best possible container.







Thursday:  The Ancestor

Grounding is the drumbeat of this card.  The Ancestor stands for structure, laws and what governs an orderly existence.  In the darkness of winter, the bold bare branches remind us of what is solid and we can hang our dreams on to bloom when seasons change.  What is your inner law and did you agree to live by the rules that run through your day to day life?  Time to revisit who the real authority is in your world.

Before there were man made laws we had the laws of nature.  Your nature holds a wildness that coexists beside the more civilized veneer.  Scenarios that trigger ancient survival fears in the form of scarcity mentality may pop up today.  Simple sibling rivalry was a way to be sure that you lived even if that meant the person next to you died from lack.  It’s a powerful driver and if not acknowledged it can run all kinds of covert activities your mind rushes to justify and excuse.  Be willing to see where it’s at work in your life.  For sure you will spot it others.  If you have people you trust, ask for help seeing your own blind spots and talk it through.  Choose wisely thought, does your brain see them as a sibling…?






Friday:  Knight of Bows

Courage is needed today, tempered with patience my friend.  Conclusions are easily at hand and that doesn’t mean they are correct.  It’s easy for old wounds to be active today.  An innocent exchange could take on flames in no time.  Watch for hair triggers and scarcity mentality.  You can’t lose what is truly yours.  Everything you require to lead your best life is here.  Your job is to trust that and stay open if it looks like someone got your share of the pie.

That said, you do need to find healthy boundaries around your heart’s desire.  It’s all too easy to justify satisfying deep security needs today by getting what you want any way you can get it.  If you know that you can manage the shadow side and instead hold some pretty impressive transformational tension that allows you to get a big jump on what you want to manifest in 2019 without contaminating it with karmic payback for how you go after it.








Saturday:  Five of Stones, Endurance

You will be tested today.  If you stay the course and stare down fears you will be glad and grateful you didn’t quit.  You are almost at the finish line or at the dawn.  You may get a brief darkest moment just before the Sun comes up.  So manage those fears, explore and understand yourself better because of them and stay the course.  Begin as you mean to go on is a good rule of thumb for today.  If you don’t want to live the energy of whatever you choose for at least another year, don’t do it.

That goes for what you think, believe, feel or do.  Use today’s energy to be strategic.  How do you close this final gap with integrity that allows you to enjoy whatever it is you accomplish.  That includes being sure you don’t save other people from the consequences of their choices in order to feel more powerful in the moment.  You learn from your choices, allow others to learn from theirs.  By all means, compare notes.  Just watch for co-dependence or parenting behavior as a safe habit to retreat to rather than personal responsibility that makes others want to play there too with you.








Sunday:  Queen of Vessels

Ah, good fortune and happiness or emotional excess.  You decide which it is to be.  Today is the high alert to watch for emotional manipulation in yourself or others.  The shadow is also where excessive politeness or sweetness are a mask to avoid speaking unpleasant truth.  Watch for low lying themes of sibling rivalry and scarcity mentality that erode the potential for the abundance and joy this card can highlight.

Learn to feel the rising and falling tide of emotions without being at the mercy of it.  You also don’t want to put someone else at the mercy of it.  Emotions are liquid and liquid always takes the shape of it’s container.  Pluto is in the mix taking us down into power struggles that have existed since we left the womb.  The dark mother is the place of obligation and jealousy that refuses to share.  See her, respect the fear driven need in her and then take command back.  You do that when you own your feelings, allow others theirs without trying to shape or steer either.  Instead find shared ground that allows for a flow of abundance that defeats the scarcity mentality at it’s core.  Like water on a rock, wear down your resistance to anything that isn’t that flow with steady faith it is real and you can have it.








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