Responsible – Or Not

Responsible is an interesting word, with dark and light rolled up in it. In the best sense it is one who responds well to opportunities or threats in day to day life. It is also your actions that initiates a response from others. It is a force that prompts others action and we do it all day long, whether we realize it or not.

This week you get to take a good look at your impact on those around you. Your response to what happens to you is also part of the package. How well do you do initiating and/or responding to activity in your world?

There is a bit of Goldilocks energy at play. What’s just right for you? Which means you may feel too hot or too cold before you land on the solution that answers your wants and needs. Now check how your solutions impact those around you. Responsibility is best when it is equitably shared.

In other words, time to come clean about where you take on too much or too little responsibility. Too much and you try to control things that aren’t yours to address. Too little and you want others to make things right for you. The sweet spot is somewhere in between that and the target moves.

That bullseye is yours to map out if you want to move through your day with a lot more energy, joy and freedom. People like collaborating with someone who pulls their weight in tandem well with those around them. In the short run imbalances can work, but they tend to shut down real growth potential. The results are limited by the uneven contributions.

This week a nice upgrade waits when you negotiate fair distribution of responsibility. The Cards and the Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

Card of the Week: Ten of Stones, Home

Tens are one taken to the next level. Your upgrade awaits you. Accountability for your actions means increased ability to operate independent of unwanted influence. You don’t depend on the opinions of the world to decide for you. Instead you act and accept the consequences of those actions from a place of self awareness and knowledge.

It also means you set the example for those around you. If they don’t want to play that way, then you have to decide how small you wish to stay with those limitations. The real sweet spot is to inspire, invite and entice others to share the heady sense of empowerment that comes with that kind of responsibility.

There is real freedom when you create your life knowing that whatever happens, you’ve given it your best shot and teamed up with others who do the same. Even failure to get the results you shoot for feels better when you’ve given it real effort. It’s like the Olympics, you can be proud to be in the big leagues even if you don’t win the Gold. This sense of self is the best home.

Monday: Queen of Bows

The Queens are the feminine receptive energy and boy do get a good shot of help and hindrance today. Consider it your proving ground. With the Moon rolling through soft and hard aspects power plays will center stage. True power can share whereas fear won’t let their guard down for that.

Watch for the blame game, any place it shows up. Time to pull those weeds that choke off any real growth right out. Bows are fire, which can take what you have, use it as fuel and turn it into light and heat. Take back blame or give it back when offered. Know what is really yours and what isn’t.

If you aren’t sure, feel your way, that’s what the Ten of Pentacles offers. Your body knows a yes when you tune into it. Yes always feels like expansion with happiness or courage in it. No always feels like tension or contraction that jangles nerves or stomach.

Sometimes the timing is off, so no’s can really be ‘not now’. Learn your body language. Your intuitive knowing paired with the body’s instinctive response is a winning combination every time. Hone yours and be free of sticky power plays.

Tuesday: Six of Bows, Abundance

Today quick reactions may pop up unexpectedly and then you catch yourself. Thanks to some help from the Great Awakener, Uranus, you break free from knee jerk reactions. You may even break free from some jerks’ actions as well.

The satisfaction of driving your own bus, so to speak, feels good. It may become a new favorite thing it feels so good. Nothing like knowing you don’t have to struggle with unwanted rebellions unless you really want to do so. Instead your intuition warning light flips on and you side step the stickiness. Six of Bows is situational wins in traditional Tarot. Take your victory lap and enjoy.

Wednesday: Queen of Stones

This sturdy Queen reminds us a good attitude is money in the bank. Two Queens in a week signal friendships are the main subject today. Do you feel good about the overall sense of influence and accountability between you? The Moon’s activity today highlights passive resistance rather than active discussion.

It’s too easy to bury uncomfortable topics for the sake of maintaining a connection. The problem is, the connection is flawed when it’s built on this foundation. It won’t hold. The good news is that with Saturn in the mix, it may be awkward but it pays dividends going forward when you sit down for a heart to heart – without blame.

Instead, take responsibility for your feelings, wants and needs while you ante up to really hear theirs as well. When you do that, you’ve taken the connection to a whole new level of trust and intimacy. The kind of trust that forges iron bonds when you do.

Thursday: Five of Bows, Empowerment

Say hello to progress today. The Moon moves into Sagittarius after a quick tango with Mercury and meets up with Ceres. This is the place where you can look on any little difficulties as an opportunity to peck your way free of confining shells.

When you see the truth behind that statement you start to understand how whatever irritations or difficulty pops up, you can brush away outdated defense systems and instead trust yourself to know what is yours and what isn’t.

A hundred choices a day offer you the chance to open up new vistas and test out new playmates. The only restrictions are what you decide on for structure. When mistakes get made, be accountable for your part, learn and move forward. You only benefit from the wisdom of the experience.

Friday: Three of Bows, Fulfillment

Success is in sight and there are some caveats to go with that bonanza. First you need to know that not everything you wish for arrives in one fell swoop. Second, what you wished for may not look the way you imagined it to look. That being said, your ship is still about to dock at the harbor.

That’s cause for celebration. So often we picture the perfect scenario and long for just that. We get attached to the longing and the two dimensional image in our mind. The problem with that is it can rob us of delight in the present moment that offers more than we imagined.

But fear has us picking apart what we do get rather than being open to receive. It’s vulnerable to stay open. If you want to do away with scarcity mentality and lack, your work is to stay open. Ask your wise self to give you clear vision, enough to recognize what’s being offered. Then practice a little gratitude and watch as the bonanza keeps on getting bigger…

Saturday: The Great Bear

There is transformational tension in the air today, you can feel it like a thunderstorm approaching. The urge to discovery, self mastery and the equally strong pull to hide out and keep things the same square off. You don’t have to force anything.

Instead commit to keeping your heart open and curious. Say your authentic yes or no – not from shoulds but from that open heart. Remind yourself that you’ve survived life up until now and you will deal with whatever happens. Protection and defense isn’t living. It is survival. You want more than the crumbs that surviving offers. You want to thrive.

To do that you have to face the risks. Choose the ones that are worth taking and believe in yourself, even just a little bit more. You can do this – there is abundance waiting for you. The good and the bad come together and balances out when you add your individual stamp to all that happens.

Life gets bigger when you stop living behind protective walls. You may keep the bad out but you limit everything else along with it. Choose to live… that’s the greatest transformation of all.

Sunday: Ten of Bows, Responsibility

Ah, the second ten of the week and one that has responsibility stamped on it. Two tens bring good fortune associated with a change of work. Tens are that empowered one and the bows are fire, Spirit realm. So time to tap in to your intuitive self and bring that to your day to day efforts.

We forget to ask Spirit for help. We forget we are never alone. There is divine wisdom you can call on at any time. How often we forget and muddle around resentful or afraid when all you have to do is ask. Spirit loves to play, too. There are signs, angels in fur, feathers or odd strangers with a quirky directional update.

Being open to this possibility is vulnerable, too. It requires faith. The mind wants to run the show and with Chiron in difficult aspect to the Capricorn it can be a bit of a bully. What limits did you inherit around how you connect with Spirit?

Jupiter goes direct while Uranus turns retrograde. Time to check in on what you believe about your spiritual life and how much of it fits who you are now. What do you want this part of your life to look like, what do you bring to it and what do you want out of it? This is your responsibility to discover.

When you let yourself partner with the Divine and bring that added dimension to anything you do, true abundance is always the result. The outcome satisfies the soul and even disappointment gets folded into the greater good. Life feels lighter, no matter how dark the skies outside.

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