Commit Or Quit

Tarot with TruthinHand 8/19-25

Which is it going to be? Can you commit or are you ready to quit? The offer is this, to deepen what you love and how you love or let go. To quote Maya Angelou “Skinny love ain’t no love at all”. She may have quoted a song, but what matters is the message.

If what you’ve been working towards, reaching for, trying to create doesn’t inspire your whole heart, let go of the struggle. Let what drew you in the first place remind you why you reached for it. Then decide all over again what you really want.

Don’t get stuck lamenting what didn’t happen. Pay attention to the message those sad refrains offer up. Any place you get stuck in ‘unloved or unlovable’ because you haven’t arrived where you wish to be need comforting. Once you’ve done that then you can pick up and start selecting what goes deep.

Big Dreams, heartfelt ones run deep. You can’t talk yourself out of them, walk away from them or shut down the longing. If they aren’t in your hands yet, turn your view of what’s going on into a dare to be great moment. What would great love do in the midst of despair? Love more…

The Cards and Stars will help. Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

Card of the Week: Six of Arrows, Transition

We were trimming the sails last week and now we’ve sailed into calmer waters. In fact, one key element of this card speaks to ‘still waters run deep’. We don’t stop to weigh our heart’s mood or motivation when we are in crisis mode or day to day detail management for survival. But once the storm passes, time to take stock and dive down to the bottom of what causes the storms.

This week is it. This card when combined with any of the daily cards says ‘go deeper’. Get to the bottom of things. Where do those beliefs come from that drive the chatter in your head? If they don’t come from you as the adult you are now, sail away. You cannot stay the course for the real accomplishments in life with other people’s ideas shaping your world.

You live a bastardized version of their reality and tend to resent both yourself and them for the compromise. So move into the space where you decide for yourself. The freedom to choose comes with a price tag. When you decide then you cannot blame anyone if results don’t match your expectations. Quit both the blame game and inauthentic choices.

Instead, change expectations once you realize you really did make your own decision. Trust yourself, no matter how it turns out, and let it teach you what it will. This card signals harmony – the place where mind and heart sing in complimentary style together. Acknowledge others contribution without letting it make your choice. This harmony will improve what you create and how much fun you have creating it!

Monday: The Pole Star

One of the meanings for this star is renewal or regeneration. In combination with the Card of the Week what a potent duo to serve up rededication to what you really love and a great contrast to release what you don’t love.

For some things you let go, it isn’t forever. The timing may be off. Trust that you can learn to reassemble priorities and can mix things up whenever the Universe provides openings. It does just that when you work in trust and harmony with it. This is the energy that turns a “no” into a “not now”. The timing matters.

Feel where and what needs renewal in you. Rest and look at your partnerships. Today’s aspects favor a realignment of priorities that puts what you really want at the front of the line. Where are your needs too far behind others wants? You must speak for your needs in order to be in any kind of healthy partnership.

Give others the space to meet those needs in the way they can. Then determine whether that works for you or if further discussion can continue the evolution. Relationships of all kinds grow and it’s only in connection that we make the really big dreams happen. So tend those today and let them show what needs rest and rejuvenation.

Tuesday: Ten of Vessels, Happiness

Anytime a ten lands with the Six of Swords, you’ve reached a critical turning point. The worst is over and you have all the ingredients you require to make your dreams come true and enjoy it when you do.

That second half is crucial. Because happiness is wanting what you have, not having all you want. Embrace every bump and ripple of the day for the rich texture it brings and you will never be short of joy. That allows for the eruption of anger, disappointment, fear, sadness.

These emotions are landscape that adds to the day but not an island where you stand stuck. The aspects give you a lot of help today to feel the difference in perspectives. If you look with your mind you may feel the tug of war. The heart knows. True love – whatever form it takes hopes all things, bears all things, believes all things. Love never fails.

Find the place that turns challenges, disappointments, failures into reassurance that you follow something bigger than any obstacle you face. That’s when you know you’ve risked big and can win big. It’s what turns you towards the light of what you love and away from the shadow of fear. Turn, turn, turn – so much more waits there for you.

Wednesday: Six of Vessels, Reunion

This is the second six this week and two together also symbolize reunion. So the message is doubly reinforced. The marriage of your head and heart, your actions and intentions will show up in the world around you in similar ways. Harmony is present in what you create.

Venus moves into Virgo ahead of the New Moon, the sign of healing and wholeness. You are complete as you are. No matter your wounds and scars- you are fully here with a little attention and command. The Wildwood Tarot describes it as ‘a reunion with your own true nature’.

It is with that nature that you create your life, one breath, one moment at a time. Mercury touches Jupiter, the Moon and Uranus in that order. So you expand your viewpoint, bring a fuller range of emotion to it and then break free of limitations placed on you in the past that no longer apply. You are free….

Now the question is what to do with that freedom? Where do you shut down and look for an authority to decide for you? Notice where you do and shift the decision back to you. Good job. Now do it again. And again…

Thursday: Three of Stones, Creativity

Oh how much easier it is to create when the authoritative critic in our mind is well positioned at the back of the bus. The aspects today show a pushing match between head and heart. Don’t worry, you’ve done it all your life. Now you understand what’s happening and can do something about it. Like a parent separating two squabbling kids, manage the argument in your own creative way.

In fact, that may well be the reason behind today’s aspects. To prompt you to find a way to discipline yourself that is neither shame or blame based. Give your mind a job to do and it is usually happy. Give your heart something to praise and applaud and it can shift out of defense and into loving glow.

How can bring your unique flavor to a solution that feels good and gives you a reason to admire the different parts of you. Bring them into harmony and start a new habit to deal with conflict. Then watch where it takes you going forward. You may be on to something bigger than you realize.

Friday: The Sun of Life

The combination of the Six of Swords and the Sun is often the end of an era. Something has reached completion and cannot continue in its present form any longer. The cosmic timer goes off.

Ceres, the Great Mother is in the mix and so is Chiron. Our chapter as children ends, time to step into the adult arena. Now before you protest that you’ve long been an adult, know the Moon is the mix. This means emotional pockets transform more than physical reality.

You may stumble on a place where you are stuck in a habit of helplessness or powerlessness and see it for the first time. It’s both disconcerting and freeing. Because once you see it you can do something about it.

Trust any conflict that comes up to reveal how well you own your power. Go deeper, find harmony within your head and heart and respond from there. Who knows what it may bring out in the other person…This card is the most positive card in the deck. It stands for gradual improvement, day by day. The light dawns and you can see yourself in it.

Saturday: The Wanderer

When the Sun comes before this card, it means life begins again simply in a whole new direction. You’ve been deepening your emotions, recommitting to what you love, finding your way to harmony through conflict. Now you arrive at the fresh start that has an ease to it.

The key to turn the ease on is to follow your heart. The Wildwoot Tarot calls this card ‘blind faith’ and ‘follow your heart’. Because our feelings defy logic and make magic happen. It’s not a linear path and you cannot map your way there on a straight and narrow road. You must sign up for whatever is on that path.

You’ve had preparation for this. Time to release and leave behind what no longer serves you. The places and spaces you’ve lived from obligation, expectation or ‘shoulds’ aren’t going to help you where you are going. Leave them behind. If it doesn’t light your heart up, don’t do it until or unless you get the GREEN go ahead. It takes courage to live from this space and you are ready. Take that leap of faith.

Sunday: The Five of Stones, Endurance

This card combined with the Six of Swords signals an end to scarcity mentality. With both the Moon and Mars in touchy feely places today, it’s easier to grasp that your mood colors what happens. You also realize how to change up that mood so that instead of gritted teeth you get a more relaxed place around how many resources are right there in plain sight. Just look with fresh eyes.

This card also means the end is in sight, so don’t give up. A little more ‘endurance’ applied with enthusiasm makes a day stream. You can grit your teeth and try to push water uphill with struggle or you can loosen up, look out for unfamiliar resources that are available and go with the flow. Which one feels better, hmm?

Today is also a weed out day. Challenging spots are meant to give you a chance to give the situation a thumbs up or thumbs down. Down means let it go. Time to streamline your efforts for better feeling results. It doesn’t have to be forever but it does require careful selection now. What gets your attention matters, so give it to those heart choices and quit those head only choices.

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