Devil In The Details

Tarot with TruthinHand August 26-9/1

We have a pile up of planets in Virgo for the New Moon Friday. Criticism is busy trying to make sense of the shifting world and your place in it. With Uranus, the Great Awakener, in tight trine to the Sun, Moon and Mars, change happens. So your mind goes into hyperdrive to sort out and limit any potential threats to your status quo.

Problem with that is most people’s brain stem is set for survival from childhood. That’s why they say we use only a fraction of our brain. Because our brain stem is two seconds faster than our frontal lobe and all it cares about is familiar (seen as survivable) or unfamiliar (possible threat).

When change is afoot as it is this week, the brainstem defaults to the inner critic. Watch what the mind chatter says. Our brain always goes to work tearing down our greatest strengths not our greatest weakness. There’s a reason for this.

Our soft spots don’t expand us out into the world like our gifts and talents do. Which is why the unpleasant thoughts to erode your confidence often get loudest before a boundary stretch. The new is unfamiliar and therefore threatening. Hello inner critic.

Our heart’s connect us and dissolve boundaries, which is why the mind works so hard on the opposite end to define ‘what is what’ with compare and contrast thinking. Explore those details of your mind this week and how remember you can shape it.

Like a sculptor, cut away what is not really ‘you’ and leave what is, as a work of art rather than just shredding potential expansion with criticism and judgement. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

Card of the Week: Page of Arrows

Perfect match, the card for the inner critic along with a New Moon and its stack of planets in Virgo. Not all Virgo energy is hypercritical. It can be discerning, but easily goes to the mind, which brings distance or separation. The goal is to bring your whole self, including the inner critic with you to what you do. Time to manage the inner dialogue.

It is healthy to bring a strong sense of self to any relationship. You can’t surrender a boundary and connect if you never had one in the first place. This week can put any relationship, including work, family and friends on firm foundation. Remember, skyscrapers dig down a few layers before they go up. The taller your dreams, the more firmly anchored you want to be.

There is potent, manifesting, earth energy this week. Begin as you mean to go on – with your mind in healthy check. Let it do its job, just don’t let it take over the whole world. It represents only 25% of your assets, so be sure to equally include your heart, intuition and body for the best and sweetest results.

Monday: Five of Arrows, Frustration

There is a sweet breakthrough in relationship frustration today. The windows are thrown open to see where your mind scatters unfocused energy around, diluting its impact and missing the actual mark. Like a driverless car, the hazards of letting your mind go where it will are real.

Sure it’s easier to let it scamper about from thought to thought, potential threat to potential threat. But there’s that pesky mark out there somewhere. Missed it again. It’s frustrating to head for something and never really arrive. Attention to the details pays off today.

You get a cosmic wind at your back so you can head out on a more directed path. If your mind wants to feed you stories, get picky with that menu. Choose what is good for you and feels good, nothing less. Both sides need to be included. Do that and watch frustration melt away. Enjoy…

Tuesday: Six of Stones, Exploitation

Imbalance requires your attention today. It’s that simple and very important. This New Moon later in the week increases cost when you ignore what doesn’t add to a better experience for you and those around you.

Attention to how your decisions impact others is highlighted. Both Mercury and Mars, what we think and how we act, offer their report card today. See the big picture. Are you taking more than you need? Is someone else doing so? Time to be sure the communication flows both directions with some equitability. Mind you invite others to address what’s off, rather than demand it.

Lopsided spots need a tune up but everyone has the inner critic chattering. Put your hyper-vigilant inner critic on task, to serve up correction kindly and without judgement. Let it be observational and informative. Then you can thank that critic and park it on the couch with a remote control. Addressing the spots that are uneven needs a kind view first, followed by a confidant, strong one.

Where correction is needed, ask questions to be sure adjustments fit the situation for the betterment of both halves of the equation. The Devil is in the details. Too much or too little responsibility is the issue. Carry only what’s yours and set the example for others to follow rather than demanding they do. When we all carry our share the load gets much lighter and arrives sooner.

Wednesday: King of Arrows

The combination of today’s aspects and this wise king counsels us to use a disciplined approach to problem solving. If you don’t have a problem to solve, apply discipline to that idle mind to keep fear-based thinking properly parked on the couch.

Your actions today give you fresh insight into how to adapt mental chatter and turn it into a chorus of cheerleaders in the background. Give the critic a job to do and then praise it when it does. Look for ways to fine tune the flow of energy between you and anything you do.

Gratitude helps, and be willing to let ego take a back seat. See and appreciate the help available to you – it’s there. Where you can, be that help for someone else. Just keep in mind that the solution for them may not agree with what you ‘think’ it should be. Watch for signs that your help is the ‘sunny side of control’ as Brene Brown likes to say. Adjust accordingly.

Thursday: The Seer

The Sun gets a cosmic push from several friends today to apply a creative approach to the same old routine. There are more inspired contributions in you than the world has seen yet. Time to park your ego’s fear in the passenger seat and grab the wheel. Yes there is risk involved in a bigger creative contribution from you, and the reward gets bigger too.

The Seer plus today’s aspects offers balanced ’emotions, intellect and willpower’ to kick creative efforts up to a new level. Contributions get some real punch today, even though it doesn’t all come from one source. Which is why ego might not drive you there if you don’t manage it.

Collaboration brings out the best in everyone with a little effort. Plus the results go up exponentially with more than one talent added to the mix. Share the credit, share the experience and unlock new levels of what’s possible, with this wise woman showing you how to ‘feel your way’ through.

Friday: Three of Vessels, Joy – New Moon

Today’s New Moon carries an ensemble cast of bright lights. The Sun, Mars and Venus all join her in Virgo. Then we have the Great Awakener, Uranus, in friendly contact with them all. Even though it’s a cozy connection, being zapped with electricity is still a shock to the system.

In this case it’s a bolt of good fortune, happy news or celebration. There’s the ring of freedom to expand here, so of course the inner critic pops up to limit this expansion. It feels like a relief to say what’s been nagging at us when those fears crop up, but mind how you do it. For that matter, mind all the details about where and when you do it, too.

Today there’s an element of vulnerability that triggers overcompensation. You may unburden yourself with a bit too much force. Hip check the impulse to spout off immediately. You aren’t necessarily wrong but you can serve it up badly and gain no ground. Tap into the order and insight available to help you communicate more effectively.

While insight comes in a moment, actions require foundation and order. Lay out the plan, give it a second look and then take the first step. Speed is what happens when preparation meets flow. Joy is the result. If you hit snags, they are most likely speed bumps. There are additional resources available and the pause simply gives them a chance to get aligned. Then you keep on rolling with a smile on your face.

Saturday: Knight of Stones

Ah, the slowest moving Knight continues yesterday’s steady pace ahead. The sweet part about this slightly molasses movement is you have plenty of time to make corrections. Which is good because the combination of quick thought from the Page of Arrows Card with this Knight gives real traction to create something new.

Mercury meets up with a lot of tender spots today – so what we believe we see. If you don’t like what you see, change up how you view it. Pretend you are someone else and ask yourself what they might see if they looked at the same situation. Get out of the box, the Universe will help.

Connect with your mind in a way that feeds you from the feast of possibilities instead of crumbs of leftover ideas from someone else’s banquet tables. When you do that, you have energy to spare and renewed passion for the road ahead.

Sunday: Four of Vessels, Boredom

Boredom is a direct result of boxing yourself in from possible hurt. Over protection brings you to the point where nothing exciting happens in your life. You have to risks to get rewards and this four says too little risk will cost you. You are stronger than you ‘think’. You’ve made it this far in life.

There’s a funny little cocktail party in the sky today where lots of mixing and networking goes on for you. Introductions between new people, places and things have an electric buzz and real charge. It fuels you forward if you are willing to see progress instead of perfection.

This is one of those days where perfect is the enemy of good. You don’t have to rush but you do need to take a step, even before things look the way you want them to be. Begin. Take a heartfelt risk and break free from the prison of perfection that will bore you beyond belief.

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