A Big Win With Right Effort

Tarot with TruthinHand 9/9-15

“Being on the verge of decisive, cutting edge action,” is how Diana McMahon Collis describes this week’s Full Moon. The Sun and Moon are one pair of opposites plus Mars and Neptune are the second pair facing off. To make your action count, you need a few things.

First check in with your heart, mind, intuition and body about what you wish to create. Balance is the key word – no one feature can run the show without a lopsided outcome that disappoints. In the Western World the mind is usually running the show, but too much planning works against you right now.

Time to learn how to feel your way forward and trust your choices in the moment. Don’t rush, don’t freeze. Find that Goldilocks spot for yourself and that comes with some trial and error. Allow the learning curve this week and you find your own tailor-made sweet spot that feels more confident, present, engaged and enjoyable.

That’s the big win. You will know how to create in any situation from your true self, no matter the circumstances. Then you are truly free. Free to live your life, accept the risks and enjoy the rewards. Consequences come with whatever you do. There are even consequences when you do nothing. So why not put your self in situations that hold the promise of what you want.

Then you get a lot more of what feels good to go with what disappoints or frustrates you in life. Suddenly more adventures are there rather than seeing mostly pitfalls and monsters. The world offers the full range, choose which fears to face down in order to open overcome the risks you were born to handle in order to have your unique life. The Cards and Stars can help…

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


Card of the Week: Nine of Vessels, Generosity

The Wildwood Tarot quotes Theodore Rubin for this card, “Kindness is more important that wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.” Compassion is key to enjoying life as it is. It’s a soft place to sit when the world feels harsh.

When we allow for our own mistakes without using compassion as a dodge, then a world of possibility appears. My mother used to say, ‘be as generous with others faults as you’d like them to be with yours’. This week comes with hard truth and justice served, so a kinder view of yourself and others can offer welcome relief.

Keep in mind, Nine is a master number so this isn’t about letting bad behavior slide. Rather it’s serving up compassion along with consequences as an effective behavior modification. Hold yourself and others to an adult standard, the world needs responsible adults more than ever. Do it with kindness that won’t compromise with lies and excuses and the results can exceed what you thought possible.

Monday: King of Arrows

We need the big picture realism of this high flying King today. The aspects stir up escapist tendencies, self deception and even grandiose self importance. These are the shadow side of a healthy ego that helps you expand into new, uncharted territory.

Wildwood Tarot advises us to ‘find our way through chaos with calm clarity’. Look for the sweet spot that brings different parts of you out to play. Put together a mental (or physical) list of what your tools are to deal with challenges. You may be pleasantly surprised at how many you have to work with from experience.

What’s your body’s preferred way to move energy through or feel a yes or no? What’s your heart’s signal for take the next step or hang back? Do you let Spirit have some fun with signs and signals to help you turn a corner or hang tight a while longer? You may have a favorite for each but let yourself be delighted as you discover one or two new ones.

Tuesday: Seven of Stones, Healing

Today is a simple day, the space to let things settle before the big Full Moon later in the week. There’s room to feel the truth of what is good for you. Not just what you think is right, but what is good for you. They aren’t always the same thing.

There are times when you ‘do the right thing’ and it’s absolutely wrong for you when someone else told you what’s ‘right’. Find your version of it. There may be some of what you’ve seen, learned or done before. There is also room for new additions and a few subtractions to your normal reaction/actions. Explore those.

You live with the consequences of your choices more than anyone around you does, so it needs to work for you. Then you can invite those you care about or are connected with to incorporate the additions/subtractions. They may want to make a few of their own. Let it be like trading in your car for a new model. Find the best fit for what you where you want to go together.

Wednesday: Knight of Vessels

Knights are about movement, action and this one is heart driven. Our hearts have a rhythm that is uniquely ours, like an internal tide. It’s only over time that you can tell whether the tide is going in or out. What’s your tidal cycle, do you know it?

Mine is about 48 hours. I feel the pull towards something, then I feel it pull back. Only when about two days have passed can I see the movement enough to realize whether I’m drawing closer or moving back. You may have a two hour cycle or a two month cycle. It’s your pattern.

Get curious about your tides and let them dazzle you with their input. Keep in mind that certain Moon conditions can strongly affect tides. Which means both fear and love drive an unusually strong push/pull cycle. What does yours look like. See, you aren’t being wishy washy, you just didn’t understand your emotional rhythm. Today’s a good day to recognize and benefit from knowing yours.

Thursday: Five of Vessels, Ecstasy

This card highlights both the dark and light side of relationship, perfect for the aspects today. If you want real ecstasy in relationships you have to have healthy boundaries. Most of us have been shown walls as boundaries or none at all. Somewhere between blocked off and walked all over is a better place to land.

In order to enjoy falling in love, you benefit when you know what you stand for. Otherwise it’s just one more tumble in an ever flowing stream. If you want a love that stands out, stand up for your self enough to know how to merge with another.

When we don’t have a solid sense of self the relationship turns into a lot of different things, but most of them challenging. Power struggle is the number one reason couples split in the first year, according to statistics. Could it be because without a strong sense of self, we battle the other in order to feel our power? Use the energies this week to expand your self knowledge. It will definitely add to your Ecstasy potential.

Friday: Knight of Bows, Full Moon

This is the bravest of the four Knights, the one that takes us out of our comfort zone and into the unknown. Time for that “decisive, cutting edge action” to become part of our daily lives. Change brings up fear and the Full Moon with Neptune can dial up escapism. We are in a cosmic time of great change that continues for a few years more, so hiding out numb won’t serve you well over the long haul.

Better to be in connection, community, conversation with trusted people. They’ve proven that having company in difficult situations will bring anxiety levels down up to 50%, even if the other person can’t help with the perceived threat. For example, an adult having a child with them still experienced the same drop in anxiety levels. We are wired to belong.

This Full Moon offers a retooling of how we show up in connection with others. The more you show up as the adult, the responsible party for your choices and see others as equals, the more your world becomes a safer place. Not safe, but safer, as we dismantle ages of traditional pecking order with us versus them.

This Full Moon offers the promise of equality, connection, compassion and love when you show up to help create it. Your internal weather is your responsibility and whatever storms there are outside are just a barometer of the internal state. Adjust yourself accordingly and watch the storms move beyond you. This brave Knight points out the courage you have within you to move in the direction of your dreams with confidence.

Saturday: Queen of Vessels

This Queen poses a question for you today with our aspects. Where do you value safety over fulfillment? The add on is are you ready to dial up fulfillment in exchange for some risks? This Queen promises good fortune, good news, emotional riches when you invest yourself in what your heart wants.

The aspects today help to stir up those places in us that want to hunker down and hide out from potential pain. Now pain avoidance is wired into us, however our brain stem immediately overestimates threats and underestimates our ability to cope. This is a leftover survival skill. If you always over estimate the threat you will be more protected than if you ignore them.

But you aren’t a child and you’ve learned more than you realize from past pain. You’re still here. The heart is a remarkable organ and while it is sensitive, it is also incredibly strong. Emotions are represented by water and do keep in mind, water can wear down a rock. Time to bring that rock solid heart of yours to bear on obstacles and let love help reduce them to dust.

Sunday: The Sun

We end the week with the most powerfully positive card in the deck. The Sun is the promise of light that offers much to any situation. Of course, the aspects today remind us that too much Sun can burn. It’s also a symbol for our ego self. We have our egos for a reason. They help us take risks by raising our esteem to overcome our brain stem underestimation protection strategy.

Balance is required. Put a list of your big wins together, places where you took risks and saw them pay off. Those wins are as much a part of you as the pain or disappointments our brain tends to focus on as protection. See the bigger you than your fears would have you believe. You can trust yourself, you’ve gotten plenty right. So where can you let go of unnecessary walls in favor of healthier, boundaries?

The balance part is to acknowledge that risks exist. Why not prepare for them rather than let them shut you down. Pull out the list of wins and notice the sense of self, skill and unexpected support you received when those things happened. Trust yourself a little more, trust the Universe a lot more and have fun creating.

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