Shaping What Happens

Tarot with TruthinHand 9/16-22

We have a week that offers you contrast. When you feel hurt, anxious, unhappy you can be young and helpless or mature and powerful. Being mature does not mean you abandon the part of you that hurts. Rather, it’s taking responsibility for doing something beneficial with the pain.

Young and helpless needs someone to blame or care for them. Mature and powerful knows we benefit from sharing our struggles with trusted friends. Power knows that no matter what happens to you, you can shape it into something better than the moment. Difficulties build strength, challenges become tests of character or adventures. Sharing the process with good friends helps you understand your feelings and build stronger bonds.

Helpless feels more like being attacked, demeaned, dismissed or left out. There’s a story about what’s going on outside of you being done specifically to hurt or threaten you. An event or conversation may create pain for you. But it rarely has as much threat directed at you as your young self may imagine.

Even when someone is trying to ‘get’ to you. The very best way to shut down that behavior is to ignore and side step it. In martial arts one of the teachings is don’t be where the blow lands. Move out of the way of incoming threats but consciously move in a direction you wish to go.

That’s power that serves you well any day of the week. When you can’t control what happens to you, manage what you do with it. Learn how to use your power this week. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

Card of the Week: Ace of Bows, The Spark of Life

“Learn new skills, adapt to a changing environment and focus and tune your instincts to the task at hand”, is what the Wildwood Tarot says for this card. The task at hand is key. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself.

This moment requires you to shape it. Power is in the present. Reactive habit is deeply ingrained in us, so check your reflex actions. You have new information now that adds to options for a response.

It requires a pause to feel what comes up in the moment and a hip check on automatic responses. See all the choices available not just your familiar ones. Expand your frame of reference. See everything with fresh eyes, as if you are seeing it for the first time.

You may be surprised how abundant your resources are to play with to create more of what you wish and less of what you don’t. Even if you can’t see how just yet, take that first step.

Monday: The Green Woman

Breakdown or break through this morning when the Moon meets up with Deep Transformer Pluto. Pluto is known as the unavoidable change agent. So you won’t be able to dodge this bullet – but you absolutely can turn it into your treasure trove. Because when you do your work, Pluto always rewards you – often with riches beyond your capacity to measure.

Mercury is opposite Chiron in Libra, so watch for the inner child to pop up in relationships today. Know that others may be dealing with the same seesaw between empowered adult or helpless child. If you catch yourself in an automatic response, be brave enough to revisit it and do it over. Apologies may be helpful but don’t demand them from others, focus on where you need to offer them.

There’s emotional intensity and depth to be mined, shape how you do it. Do you use dynamite or perhaps water to simply carry away what blocks you? The Green Woman promises an abundance of ways to get where you want to go. That can challenge the fear brain that wants one right way. Be patient with those fears and still keep your adult brain and hands at the steering wheel.

Tuesday: Six of Arrows, Transition

Tuesday has a whole lot of insight going on, whew! The bolts of lightning may be a little shocking but they definitely light up fresh pathways, extra options and ways of seeing things that expand your world. Six is the number of wholeness and with Venus opposite Chiron, it’s time to see where our wound limited how and what we love.

When you choose from fear-based thinking you scale down what you want and the ways to achieve it. Don’t worry about ‘how’ to heal the wound. Start by acknowledging that it is a factor in your life. Recognize it is normal to want to avoid pain, we are wired for survival purposes to do that. But you are here to do more than survive. You are here to thrive.

This means that you must stretch outside the choices that avoid pain to include some that carry risk with them. Pain is part of life but when you consciously acknowledge the risk, you don’t suffer over what happens. Instead you know it’s the trade off for a richer life experience. For the pain to be worth it, you have to go for the choices that are what you really love. This is how you balance the risk/reward. Find what lights you up and make the investment for the cost…

Wednesday: The World Tree

We have a Grand Earth Trine today, which even if you aren’t into Astrology, you can appreciate that Earthy elements and the World Tree go together. Saturn in Capricorn goes direct after backwards movement since April 29th. Saturn is the planet of ‘adulting,’ as my colleague Kathy Biehl calls it. It brings wisdom when you learn your lessons.

With the South Node so close to it, check in and discover how many of your ‘rules’ were given to you versus how many actually still fit. We are mostly trained to comply with inherited order. Yet we are in a time of intense change to get us to shape our world from a more authentic place that works for us. We then have to integrate your individual self into the world around you, because we are wired for belonging.

So how do you live your own life while finding out how to effectively plug it into the world around you? There will be some clashes but they don’t need to be violent. In fact violence is often the by product of extreme resistance to change brought on by fear. We are in the place of fine tuning individual versus collective need around the globe.

Saturn in Capricorn brings demand for emotional maturity as it creeps up on Pluto, the unavoidable change. This World Tree and today’s grand trine offers a natural feeling of balance. Find yours today so you can start applying it to more and more areas in your life.

Thursday: The Blasted Oak

Today you have to put real actions into your dreams. This Blasted Oak is like the seed bursting out of the shell – but on steroids. It feels like curative destruction. Sure, the shell is destroyed but in service of a whole new world.

There is cosmic muscle behind your shift, so take a risk, make a change. Dare to wish and act on it. Trust that the results of the first step offer yet another layer of choices. Don’t let your mind fixate on immediate confirmation that everything will be okay. See today’s investment as a seed planted that has to break the shell, then push upwards to break ground before it sees daylight. The World Tree promises big growth with faith.

Ego wants immediate validation, your inner sense of life knows how to trust the step by step. Balance the two. You are creating your one true life and it’s worth more than an instant report card on today’s actions. There is a buffet of feelings and corresponding actions available to you. Try them, taste them, decide if you want more. Let it be that simple…

Friday: Eight of Vessels, Rebirth

What an important lesson we have today. This Eight offers us a chance to walk away from parenting our partners (or asking to be parented) and instead take personal responsibility for our own actions, choices and emotions. Our partners are like mirrors where we see our own stories and react to accordingly. How do you view your love partner? Ten percent is them and the other 90 percent is your view of them.

Whatever your history and interpretation of it may be, adulting is now required. It doesn’t mean you won’t find yourself walking into the blame game. Instead it means when you find yourself there, it’s a bad neighborhood and you need to get out. You are the driver. When you accept responsibility, you also put yourself in a position to change the view.

Eight’s are always a report card that sends back to you what you send out, both the dark and the light. Check to see your balance. We all send out some contracted, or dark energy. It goes with being human. Notice and work with it. Celebrate the light that comes back to you. Inhale it, let it land in your body. You created this feeling. The more you tune into yourself this way, the finer tuned the engine is runs your life.

Saturday: Three of Vessels, Joy

Without hot water, we wouldn’t know what cold water was. If we didn’t have night, we wouldn’t fully understand daylight. Joy can only be truly experienced if you allow yourself the full range of emotion. If you want joy you have to be brave enough to feel all your feelings.

Too often we do a spiritual bypass to try to will our way to joy. Or we wallpaper over fear and doubt with a shiny optimism that has more glare than brilliance. True joy comes with a free flow of feelings. Time to do an inventory on where you’ve been taught to stamp down the negative emotions.

Emotions take about 10 minutes to physically run through our bodies. When we practice allowing them in the moment rather than forcing them back into corners and mental closets it builds our connection to deeper feelings of all kinds.

If you want more joy you have to find a healthy container for anger. You have to let yourself have a good cry when necessary. Feel what comes up for you today and shape it rather than judging or resisting it. Take ten minutes and give it a size, color, texture if you like. Work with it so it doesn’t work you. This is the pathway to true joy, overflowing.

Sunday: Page of Bows

We follow on yesterday’s theme of embracing our wider emotional capacity with today’s aspects. Both Moon and Mercury square off with Saturn and Venus. Which means worry and pessimism or fears of rejection can come up. This is not because you did anything wrong, or you are cursed in some way.

It’s to teach you how to engage with Life from a place of belief in the good that can come of anything. It’s a Mister Rogers moment. When he was young and something bad happened in the world he asked his Mother how it could happen. She said, “look for the helpers. Whenever something bad happens there are always those people who show up to help”.

Believe in the kindness in the world. It’s present. Be the kindness in the world where you can. Surrender to what is and make it better with how you engage the situation. Can you offer hope instead of fear, can you see the helpers along with the tragedy? Start by giving it to yourself. Pay attention to your dreams and let life surprise you with magic that changes difficult into bearable or even a blessing.

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