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Tarot with TruthinHand 9/30 – 10/6

This month builds on the earthy manifesting trines to heavy weights Saturn and Pluto from the Virgo season. Now we expand those lessons to include others in our world. Libra rules relationships – all relationships. The principles at the root of interactions with others boil down to power and pleasure.

Our brain stem, the oldest, fastest and strongest part of our brain measures these two things almost exclusively. It sees life in terms of risk and reward. If you have the power to prevail over whatever conditions present themselves you are safe. When there is sufficient pleasure to induce you to try something new there is reward. We spend our days unconsciously sorting things into those two categories.

But the powers at work now require unavoidable change to your systems. This is not to punish you or frighten you. These changes are to wake you up to powers and pleasures outside your currently conditioned patterns. When we relate to the world and those in it, do you do it from a full sense of your ability to impact anything that happens? Not as much as you can.

Where we don’t, and trust me we all have places we don’t, this Astrological season of adjustment offers you a chance to upgrade your view of yourself. This week kicks it off in a big way. Your relationships offer you a chance to see yourself and others with fresh eyes. Eyes less blinded by limits that no longer apply. Real surges of power and pleasure are yours when you do. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


Card of the Week: Ten of Stones, Home

The Wildwood Tarot calls this the card of ‘the inner and outer community’, which is not limited to your original family. We have a place inside of us where all of our original impulses, desires, talents and views rest. What happened to us in our families or communities shaped how we understand ourselves, how we see ourselves.

This time is for you to take back the definition of you from those around you. Anyplace you let others label you, take back the definition and do a makeover. We are wired to belong for survival as infants but that is not the same as an adult. It doesn’t depend on you playing a role you don’t like or want just to maintain a connection.

Work out relationship exchange dynamics that work for you. With Chiron in Aries, there could be some bumbling about trying to find a more adult space at first. Some feelings and needs have been shut down so long they need to uncrumple first. Include compassion for yourself or others who may ask (or demand out of fear) more than is an equitable exchange. See it as uncrumpling and find you have the power to sort through it together.

Watch for defensiveness – that’s simply fear that you aren’t equally powerful. It’s almost always wrong about that. Survival depended on you over estimating the challenge and underestimating you. Soothe your fears and then try it again from a place that knows you can shape what’s happening. That’s your power. When you claim that, more pleasure come along with it.

Take circumstances and make something suitable out of them rather than battling what created the situation. Don’t waste the energy wishing things were different, make them different with what is. That’s your true security and the safest home possible filled with both the power and pleasure of life.

Monday: Forest Lovers

The aspects keep it very simple today for a profound inward dive. The Scorpio Moon helps us get to the heart of things when Venus squares off with Pluto. We have to face the shadow side of power struggles in relationship.

Where do you manipulate or feel manipulated? Venus and Pluto in difficult connection are where we are afraid of losing what we love deeply. There’s little trust in the abundance of the Universe when we operate out of fear. The invitation is to trust your heart, come from an open perspective where you state what you want or what works for you. Then see if others can or want to work with you to meet your wants and needs.

If they don’t, manage your expectations and make decisions based on whether you can allow others their freedom of choice. One choice does not a pattern make. But where there is repeated history of not being met, you have to decide whether you are going to sit in resentment or manipulation or let go.

How do you handle life when it doesn’t meet your expectations and where can you untether from sticky behaviors to try to get your way? We all have them, it’s a survival skill wired into us.

But when you want to thrive instead of survive, replace manipulation, emotional blackmail, passive aggressive hints and requests with cleaner communication. Hint, when it drives you crazy from those around you, look at your own behavior. It’s in the shadows, but it’s there.

Tuesday: Four of Vessels, Boredom

Being locked in a cycle of wasted energy is how Wildwood Tarot describes this card. Following yesterday’s theme of creation versus manipulation, time to choose real power over the illusion of it. When you manipulate or coerce an outcome it locks you into an ever increasing need for more of that to maintain your results.

Nature resists and persists. I saw a picture of a seed that had been dropped in a crack in the concrete and the plant moved along the crack out to an edge where it bloomed. Life finds a way to break free of restrictions. That impulse is there in you and in every person alive.

When circumstances feel like force or submission, find a way to break out of ‘settling’ for what you can get and aim higher. Honor how well you’ve worked with what you had, then reach for better.

Four is always the promise of a firm foundation or the threat of being boxed in by four walls. Follow the light and find your way to the edges of resistance and bloom there.

Wednesday: Seven of Arrows, Insecurity

Ah, the lies we tell ourselves when opportunity is ahead of us. Today Pluto goes direct after backtracking through Capricorn since April 24th. We had a chance to visit the hell of our own making created by those lies. Fear and doubt are its favorite weapons to squeeze us back into compliance with the known. They are especially active when the unknown beckons you – tempting you to grow.

Where those lies originated – in childhood, or from disappointing and failed past relationships – matters less than how you deal with them now. Choose a different thought. Walk to a different window and see a different view. It’s there, even if your mind wants to convince you that the miserable view of insecurity is the only truth. That view is just one window out of a wide selection.

Discipline is required to walk away from the fears and over to a better option. Nothing outside of you can assuage the fear inside of you. Someone who tells you your fear isn’t true helps for a moment. But like a candle in the dark, when they walk away they take the light with them and leave you in the shadows. Learn to light your own candle of appreciation, trust, belief in more than your fear serves up.

Thursday: Knight of Vessels

Emotional confusion pops up today so you can learn how to sort it out with some of yesterday’s inner discipline. Tell yourself a better story, even if it takes an effort. It’s tempting to hang out in young territory and blame someone else or indulge in behavior you know won’t get you want you want but feels good now. Action becomes habit and habits become the limits of your world.

If you want a different outcome, do things differently. It’s that simple and that challenging. The power struggles we see in the world around us are mirrors for the tug of war inside of us. Do old habits that pinch and chafe but feel familiar win the day? Or can you break ground on something that serves you better over the long term? This Knight holds the key to creativity and heartfelt connections when you bravely confront your status quo and go further.

Friday: Six of Stones, Exploitation

Well the good news is there’s a light bulb that goes on about how to break the habit of unequal relationships today. The bad news is where they are uneven will pinch. That is to help ensure you make necessary changes.

Balance is necessary and we are out of balance in the world. Too much consumption, greed and ‘me first’ scorches all who live in that climate. No matter if you can build a cushy spot to hide out in, the world is still getting more and more uncomfortable. Ultimately it affects everyone.

Big change starts with individual choices. Collectively the world can accomplish extraordinary things. There is room for individual brilliance and group achievement.

With the Moon at odds with both Mars and Chiron, we each need to know we belong AND stand out. Find that space and make adjustments as needed to create that sweet spot where it’s possible and beautiful.

Saturday: Nine of Bows, Respect

Adjustment, adjustment, adjustment is the word of the day. The aspects serve up a simmering tension as we move between the old and new ways of seeing and being. This Nine symbolizes respect born from spiritual and mental discipline. Change requires commitment and discipline.

Like a fine athlete in training for the Olympics, refine and define your mind through difficulties. Commit to a kinder interpretation of whatever happens. Believe you can spend less time protecting yourself and more time investing yourself for solid gains.

Wildwood Tarot includes ‘respect for others and the environment’ is the path to integrity. This doesn’t mean be a doormat. Rework any part of your thoughts that doesn’t see the strength in collaboration rather than stubborn independence. You are not diminished in good relationships, you are enhanced and supported. Achieving that requires discipline and commitment to believing better of yourself and others.

Sunday: Three of Arrows, Jealousy

You get out of jail free today if you roll the dice. Jealousy is described as a fear that others may try to take what you have. Envy is when we wish we had what another has. They often show up together. One wants what another has, so the one who’s envied can feel jealous that they will lose what they love. Whew, did you follow that?

When we know, really know that what is ours cannot be lost, we are free. Often it’s our fear that separates us from what we love more than anyone else ever can. Because fear stops you from being authentic and instead twists you into a smaller less accessible version of you.

To change that you need to feel the fear and let it go. Let it pass right through you. Don’t give it too much space or oxygen. Instead let it inspire you to cherish what you have and all that went in to you creating what you love. Honor the efforts, pleasure and gifts that come with what you love. Be grateful and allow yourself to feel the depth of emotions around loving.

This not only feels so good in the moment but it provides a kind of glue that is hard to get unstuck. You feel less crazy or on high alert and can be present for who and what you love.

With space like that what you love grows into fuller expression of it. So whatever feelings come up love them and let them pass. All of them, keep the water of emotion flowing. It will carry you through a rich and full life free of the prison of jealousy and envy. Compare and dare to have your own version of whatever you see and desire.

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