Toxic Projection Shift At Hand

Tarot with TruthinHand 10/7-10/13

There’s a lot of celestial muscle packed into this week. It brings illumination without out a doubt. The challenge then becomes what you do with that enlightenment. Because it begins right out of the gate on Monday with clarity around where you’ve been projecting onto others.

Be very careful when you get that bolt of insight that your mind doesn’t default back to blame. We can see the Truth, that what we believed about others has more to do with our own fears than it does with them and it can be a shock.

Suddenly the brain wants to scurry around to find a way to justify that now toxic projection. Because once you see the projection, choosing to keep it and rationalize why you were right is slow acting poison.

Harness those thoughts. People are meant to trigger us so we see the beliefs hidden inside of us that aren’t true and don’t serve anyone in the long run. The problem is when we get ego attached to being right. We are the good guys – they are the bad guys. You can see that playing out on the world stage, too.

Hint, no one is all good or all bad. You disagree with others, perhaps strongly. Careful, because this Full Moon in Aries gets the self-righteous juices flowing. Manage them.

If you feel strongly you need to remember what the goal is. Where you disagree is the place to practice seeking harmony or some resolution of opposites. Bringing contrast into balance gives the outcome steely strength.

You can’t get that when you have contempt for those who are different from you. It’s fundamentally impossible to bring about lasting change that way. You may manage to gain the upper hand only to lose it again when the next power shift comes. And one always comes. Look at history. So turn your eyes on you, first and foremost. Start there. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

Card of the Week: Queen of Bows

The key words for this Queen in the Wildwood Tarot are kindness and responsibility. What an excellent guide for how to take back toxic projections. Compassion for yourself as you realize you’ve been making your life harder and more oppositional than it has to be.

The good news is you can drop the rope and stop battling so hard. Whenever someone triggers you, 90% of the work around those feelings are within you. That’s powerful. More than a doer you need to practice being a decider. Decide that you won’t believe the worst of your fears. Decide to doubt your doubts and push back on your fears.

Life offers you an opportunity every second to contribute your authentic self to whatever happens. Not as a mindless reaction, but as a reasoned contribution. Ask yourself before you do anything, ‘does this contribute to the quality of the life I want to live’. Notice this is not keyed on results but on the process of getting results. When you do this, what you receive may out pace your own imagination.

Monday: The Blasted Oak

Curative destruction, ouch. That’s what this card signals and it’s appropriate given Mercury’s opposition to Uranus. The light bolt of insight is here. You cannot unsee what is lit up today. You can try to bury it with blame and more projection. Or you can decide to be generous with yourself and then get busy putting the insight to work for you.

This is a slow process and while you may suddenly feel you are a boiling frog, you need to plan your leap out of hot water so you don’t land in something worse. Choose what you believe and try it on, take a lap or two in it. When you see something that feels so much better and you want to land there, take aim and check the details.

You can benefit from a new direction with a little thought and care, that’s the good news. The bad news is that when you land on the new belief, it’s just the beginning. It won’t look fully formed yet so practice patience. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and your first one was probably a doozy. Rest and feel your way. Moving slower helps adjust for the good things and bad along the way.

Tuesday: Eight of Bows, Hearthfire

The upside today is that you get positive feedback from the Universe on what needs to change and why it matters to you. Your wants and needs have a special contribution to add to the world, that’s why you have them. You are learning to adjust how to feel and contribute them from a healthier place rather than a wounded defensive one.

Mars (our actions) is opposite Chiron (the wounded where the light enters us) which makes the things we do out of habit show up. Often our defensive behavior comes from a lack of self esteem we project on to others. It makes us feel we are being disrespected or slighted when that is not the case nearly as often as we think it is.

When you take back your own measure of what you do, the power shifts back into your hands. Act from a place that is aligned with what furthers what you want to create, not from a fear you aren’t worthy. Ask yourself, “Does this contribute to the life I want to live” before you do something.

If the answer to that isn’t a whole hearted yes, pause. Let more information and options arrive. Don’t act to earn approval or hand out retribution. Find the harmony inside of you that brings what you want closer to you rather than forcing a fit or waiting for others to give it to you. Feel how good this place is and let it unfold from there. You get better results because of how it feels creating it.

Wednesday: Four of Stones, Protection

This Four is about the wall (literally stonewalled) we put up between us and fear of hurt. When we offer compassion for our defenses rather than letting them run the show or shaming ourselves when we do it, it allows the walls to enclose us in a healthier way. Compassion opens doors in the stone wall to allow us to step behind healthy boundaries without shutting out the whole world.

We can imagine that others are wounded too and their behavior doesn’t make them a monster. Instead it highlights their defenses and offenses as their protection mechanisms. From there you can start to separate out behavior from the person.

Their behavior can change and in some cases must change to stay in connection with you. But the person is someone you care about underneath the difficulties you experience in interactions.

Collaboration allows for the individual differences to enrich whatever the solution is rather than forcing a compromise where you must give up what you want. It’s all in how you frame it.

Today is a great day to practice building this skill with Moon and Venus offering a helping hand to make those dreams more of a reality.

Thursday: Page of Bows

Believing is seeing. You limit what you can achieve when you don’t believe it’s possible. Today invites you to go beyond what you ‘know’ you can accomplish when you feed yourself better stories. Ceres is collaborating with the Sun to nourish your beliefs about you, the world and what’s possible. Take a bite out of the stories that look good to you.

There’s also a stack of aspects to the Moon, what we love and fear losing. Those fear drive defensive and offensive reactions that aren’t equally matched to who we are now. Self esteem is once again at the core of better choices, better outcome. How you build self esteem is through slow steady trial and error with self acknowledgement and corresponding actions.

When you see yourself, really look at the dark and the light with less judgement and more empathy, that is self esteem. We all make excuses. But can you catch yourself, backtrack and make it right? Or do you double down on the excuse and settle for less than what you are capable of doing? Believe you can live up to your own better self, give yourself encouragement and watch where that belief will take you.

Friday: Balance

Interestingly enough today is a quiet day astrologically speaking. It’s as if the Universe knows you need a day to catch up and integrate all that’s happened recently. This card speaks to an inner harmony that reflects in an outer harmony.

Your body already knows how balance works. Our arms, legs, eyes, nose all have two sides that work together for you. Breath in, breath out, reminds us we know how to receive and how to let go. See if you can let all that is unfolding be as simple as breathing in and out, closing your eyes and opening your eyes. It’s a worthy goal and your body already knows the way.

Saturday: Knight of Bows

Well this bravest of Knights gives you the courage to charge into battle but now the question is do you need to fight? Courage allows you to hold a firm boundary, say no and have it resonate. A mismatch in how we see ourselves now versus when we were less powerful can prompt battles where none are required.

True courage can be patient, wait to let the situation reveal itself and trust that if needed you can take care of yourself without over or under reacting. Venus opposing Uranus can bring a discordant note to show you where you are out of harmony with what’s going on around you. The place to adjust for that is inside of you.

It’s all to easy to have the toxic projections pop up today. Get curious, explore and dismantle them. Projections block you from what you want, they aren’t bringing you closer to it. Fear will have monsters, threats and enemies to slay when the battleground is inside of you, not in the world around you. Have the courage to make peace with what gave rise to those stories. That’s the real winning strategy today.

Sunday: The Sun, The Full Aries Moon

We have a dynamic T-square for today’s Full Moon. Change is unavoidable, deep and long lasting and your projections are at the heart of the shift. Because how you perceive anything that happens shapes your world. When you see the world in terms of winners and losers, you see what supports that view and nothing more. Not because there isn’t more, but because you won’t see it.

This Full Moon offers you a real and lasting change to view the world and all that happens in it as somehow beneficial. Even those things you may hate, poverty, war, destruction have a way of being put to work to serve a greater good. This is not passivity or a head in the sand optimism.

Rather it’s a way to engage with your day to day life contributing what matters to you. Get involved to address what doesn’t feel good or right to you. Stand up for what you believe and work towards a reality that includes more of what you want and less of what you don’t. That is your unique contribution. Just don’t demonize what you see with toxic projections that don’t serve. Focus instead on what works for you.

Then set about finding those who also want change and harmonize. Ask for what you want and be open to where it shows up. Understand others’ reasons or drives may not be the same as yours but, like notes in a symphony, each contribution can add to the overall beauty of the song. Let life bring you the beauty of your individual contribution. Let that be your focus more than fear of the enemy.

What you believe you will see, so work on those beliefs and know that you can and do recreate your world every day. The change is here, it’s unavoidable and it will set you free if you let it. Or you can double down on grim battles that originate in your mind and play out in the world around you. You decide. Believe in a better you, a better world and watch it unfold, help it unfold. The Sun is the most positive card in the entire deck and promises that light will come no matter how dark the night.

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