Desire Transformed

Tarot with TruthinHand 10/21-27

Life itself pulses with creation energy of desire. The plant inside the seed’s shell longs for the sun’s light. The bee hums with eagerness for the flower’s sweet nectar. We vibrate with that same electromagnetic pulse for a reason.

This week we begin a six week exploration of those original desires. The ones we had before we were taught what society viewed as acceptable. Because they have important information for us about how to really thrive in life.

Then we have to learn how to shape those desires through interactions with others. It’s recalibration time for a balance of power. What we went through, with last week’s walk through projection territory, was to lay the groundwork for our tune up.

Most of what we see play out in world is colored with power struggles. How do we get what we want from others or where do others get what they want from us? The transactional method is only one way to put desires to use.

Another, more expansive and exciting way to tap into desire is to free up the Universe to play with us. That’s to know what you desire and then ask each moment of your day, what wants to be created with that desire.

This way there’s an openness to possibility that doesn’t rush to get results, rather it wants to explore options. When you begin to try this approach on crazy synchronicities and harmony can surprise you. It’s an expansiveness of outcomes like that between the mustard seed and the mighty tree.

Where can you stay open to the possibilities, practice letting go of being narrowly result oriented and let the transformation surprise and delight you? The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

Card of the Week: Page of Arrows

The Wildwood Tarot asks this question when the Page of Arrows appears. “How do I engage flexibly with the situation?” It also asks, “what is the mystery at the heart of the matter”. Combining head and heart gives you the best recipe for anything that happens this week.

Flexibility means you don’t automatically let yourself respond in a patterned response without a stop to revisit that action. If you catch yourself on auto pilot, pause and dig deeper. How well is what you really want represented in the situation? Where did you compromise away something valuable that doesn’t feel equally met.

You and what you desire, really desire, is worth your time. We tend to focus on specific results, but when you get that result what is the feeling it offers you? Love, acceptance, validation, accomplishment, what drives that desired outcome?

Now pause and feel what else is present in what’s happening? Take an honest look at fears, unexpressed needs or other motivation that are underneath the first layer. Spend a little time here before you act on anything this week. Actions can be confused if you rush or try to ‘get it perfect’.

This week is not about being first or best. It’s about being more true to yourself and finding out what else is available beyond what you initially think is there. Be curious and patient and the rewards are deep and broad desires with a thousand roads to get there.

Monday: Three of Stones, Creativity

There’s quite a dynamic pairing of gas and brakes astrologically today. It offers a transformational tension that can have you a little whiplashed if you aren’t mindful.

Your body moves slower than your mind, so while you may leap tall buildings in a single thought, your body needs support to scale the heights. This patience sheds light on hidden fears and doubts so they can assume proper size instead of casting long shadows.

You, and what you want, matter. So do other’s wants and needs. Now, how do you bring the two together in a way that isn’t a battle for the win but rather a collaboration that brings sweet harmony? That uses this communication-centered three to its best advantage.

That symphony takes a little practice to get it down. So take it a step at a time, mind your wants and needs while being open and respectful of another’s. This way the gas and brakes can get you where you want to go safely – and you can even enjoy the ride.

Tuesday: Three of Bows, Fulfillment

Ah, the second three in a row always reminds us we have choice. Which comes in handy when a little pushing match between what we desire and what our fears want shows up. Fear wants to save us from unwanted pain. Desire is brave enough to choose what we risk pain for in order to be fulfilled. The Moon in conversation with Jupiter dials up both opportunity and risk.

What do you desire and how will you invest in fulfillment of it? There is risk when you open your heart, always. But vulnerability is a necessity to connect with what you want. Without that openness you see the endless wanting more without ever being satisfied with what you already have.

This intuitive three reminds us that happiness isn’t having all we want, but rather it is wanting what we have. How can you be grateful for all the building blocks you have in your life right now? The people, situations, opportunities and even failures can be put together to form a rich array of life for you. Your work is to assemble them in a way that let’s you see what’s there for you rather than seeing what isn’t present yet.

Wednesday: Four of Bows, Celebration

We have a day of easy aspects to give you room to celebrate the efforts already made. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude is today’s guiding principle. Four is always a firm foundation and bows signal the Spirit realm or intuition. So stay open to angel signs and fun synchronicities there for a grateful believer.

Today believing really is seeing. So the more you say thank you, the more you find to be thankful for. The Christian mystic Meister Eckhart famously said if you only ever offered one prayer and it was ‘thank you’ it would be enough. So pick your people, places and things to offer that up for today and watch what happens.

Thursday: Seven of Bows, Clearance

Today you get some light on the confusion that can be cleared away. The real roots of dissatisfaction are within you, not in the situation or relationship. You get some help from the Moon, Saturn and Neptune to get to the worm that eats the apple of happiness from the inside out.

Too often we let what looks good on the surface and to others paper over the deeper questions and issues swimming down below. What looks good won’t stay that way without maintenance on your underlying emotional issues. We all feel doubt, fear of being loved and loss.

How do you handle it now and do you have a good conversation with those you love about those feelings? It’s a good time to check how well your emotions show up in your relationships. Do you have healthy expression of a full range or are they limited to the ‘acceptable ones’.

Time to clear out any blocks to deeper intimacy and vulnerability. Those less pleasant emotions have important information, so best to learn how to express anger without rage or blame, fear without shame, and grief without apology. The better you are at bringing your emotions out of the closet in the moment they get triggered, the less they fester away in the basement growing larger and nastier.

Friday: The Wheel

Today you can roll free from the wounded young place inside you who tries to call most of the shots in your adult world. You’ve been doing a good job of showing up for the adult conversations, risks, responsibilities and it pays off. Jupiter with Ceres showers abundance where you’ve done

Those two luminaries together richly blesses any educational effort with success. So if you are open and willing to learn, you get insight with every turn of the Wheel. Like a spiral endlessly looping forward the more you see the Truth about your life, the more you are able to see.

These are the good views, too. The views where you credit yourself for courage, acknowledge your strength and take a bow for learning with experience. You’ve done all that, but when’s the last time you gave that feedback to yourself? Life has its ups and downs and you’ve ridden them. Now is a good time to take more joy in the ride when you let your adult self desires in on the conversation…

Daily Tarot TruthinHand Aug 1-7th 2016

Saturday: The Archer

Both will and spirit work together to bring you success when this card appears. You will need it today because the Moon walks a difficult path through fear and attachment towards fulfillment of your heart’s desire. What we love we fear losing and the Moon symbolizes the rise and fall of any treasured connection.

Fear dials up a rigid protection response that overestimates the threat and underestimates you. Adjustment is required. You are more than likely vastly stronger than you were as a child. Your inner emotional landscape hasn’t quite caught up to your abilities. This makes your fear response out of proportion to whatever threat you see.

It takes patient application of will to over ride the impulse to shoot flies with cannon balls when it comes to emotional triggers. Sure you kill the fly and you do a lot of unnecessary damage too. Take responsibility for overkill with a little more humor and then correct it.

Get the response in proportion to what is actually happening, not what you fear is happening. The world is a lot easier than your mind wants you to think. That’s how it keeps you in safe, familiar territory, with the threat of the unknown. Over ride it with steady, intuitively-applied will to give those expanding desires solid ground to build on for you.

Sunday: Page of Stones

The pages are the inner state we achieve before we act on it out in the world. This Page of Stones is the slowest moving and most grounded inner child. Which is helpful, since Mars shows up at odds with Saturn to represent that young place in us that is that needs a mature approach to action.

Like Goldilocks it takes a little time to unlearn our conditioning and respond to whatever happens in the moment – to get it ‘just right’. Once you had natural responses that benefit from maturity. But it’s not common to have good training on how to use our ‘martial’ impulses well. On the battlefield, in competition and in relationships the wish to win over another is common. Force and speed often rule.

To get back to your best fit of actions, you need to slow down or swap out those actions. Speed is not your friend today, neither is overpowering another to achieve an end. Slow steady movement that calls on all of you is the sweet spot. Get your heart, head, and intuition embodied as a team and you can’t miss. Just take it at a turtle’s pace for now.

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