To Choose or Not to Choose…

Tarot with TruthinHand 10/28 – 11/3

A pause before you act will make all the difference this week. This theme is not new, you’ve heard a few times the past few weeks. Now the stakes are higher and it helps to understand what that means for you.

Our everyday impulses are wired to old power structures that are crumbling these days. Change brings your brain stem into high alert, which is a pretty common state, especially the next 90 days. The unfamiliar threatens your survival instincts comfort with the status quo.

Perceived threats start a cascade of chemistry that has you on fight, flight, freeze or fawn. Which is why a pause allows your executive brain to take in the bigger picture and adjust accordingly. This pause requires practice to get into a fresh pattern. It’s also a way to manage anxiety.

Old reactions cause disruptive and even explosive outcomes right now. The Universe has upped the stakes on our evolution, both personally and collectively. A pause is not a high cost addition to your daily routine and they help as power struggles are evolution of the old patterns versus the new.

You get to discover how powerful it is to want something, put it out there and then find harmonious connections to help bring it about. Misuse of power won’t turn out well. It’s all part of what’s disintegrating.

We need new ways to express our personal power together. Interrupting the old reaction allows you choose a better way of getting to where you wish to go.

Old habits and knee jerk reactions to people places and things push those better options out of view. So strategic pause is a highly effective new tool to add to your life tool kit.

If you catch yourself after the old reaction kicks in, reflect on the choice, be brave and revisit the situation. Take responsibility for a fresh approach and try a do over where you can. See where it leads you. The Cards and Stars will help as new vistas continue to show up. The whole World is waiting for you.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

Card of the Week: The Green Woman

One of the reasons we follow familiar paths is not just because there is less danger from the known. Our brains overload with too many choices. They’ve researched it in order to sell us more things online, and when we have too many options the abandonment goes way up.

We like three or less options most of the time. It’s a small enough amount of data to wade through that we can feel somewhat in control of our choice. So imagine how haywire your brain feels when it’s confronted with the reality of a whole WORLD of choices.

While we are wired to seek pleasure, pain avoidance is wired all through that process as well. So how do you manage to include more of what pleases you and minimize what pains you? This is where the biggest upgrade takes place right now. What pleasure is worth the risk of pain to you?

Love is the perfect example. You cannot control what happens with those you love when you open your heart. Loved ones are lost to death, disappointment or distance. Can you risk connection in spite of the potential pain it inevitably brings? Where do you go into over or under functioning to manage any potential pain?

All of these are good places to dig deep this week and spend some quality time with you. The upside is you can enjoy the rich array of choices that comes out of this kind of contemplation as you open up to the world of abundance promised by The Green Woman. Take it one moment at a time and breathe. You may actually enjoy yourself.

Monday: The Great Bear

The Sun is exactly opposite Uranus today, while Mars squares off with Saturn. So independence is the theme, but how you do it depends on that strategic pause.

A young reaction that swings wildly at anything that threatens a sense of individuality is one way. So is a centered sense of what’s right for you even if it disrupts the status quo.

Be thoughtful on how you serve up change – everyone feels the tension today. As the day goes on you get help from the Moon in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn to soothe your nerves with inner strength.

This card represents reaping what you sow. Be mindful of the seeds you plant for you will surely see their return. Patience, courage, grace are all there for you to draw off of for your benefit.

Pass it on when and where you can rather than judge another when they don’t have it on hand. Be the rising tide of compassionate change that lifts all boats around you. You will never lack for good company this way.

Tuesday: Page of Vessels, Reversed

Dreams can be a wonderful way to open up to possibilities and abundance. The challenge becomes to pick a couple and actually invest in making them real. This Page is the creative or heartfelt inner state that gives birth to inspired beginnings. The inner impulse needs outer form or it is incomplete.

When fear of failure, judgement, criticism rob you of joy creating brings you are out of balance. You need support, your own for starters, to soothe yourself and then go beyond the barbed wire of fear so you can share what you imagine. Remember that great masterpieces almost never pop out fully formed on the first try.

You get wonderful support to face those inner doubt demons today and risk sharing some of what makes you feel so good. Dance with delight at the image of people who appreciate what you offer. Picture it, fine tune it with a pause to be sure you’ve chosen believers rather than doubters and share. It’s one powerful step towards making your imagination live and breathe.

Wednesday: King of Bows

Ah, clear boundaries are the matter at hand today. How clear are you on what’s your authentic yes or no? It’s so easy to respond out of habit today that the strategic pause is going to be a real exercise. It may be a day of do overs, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Instead, pay attention to what drives the automatic agreements or distancing behavior. We are wired for love and belonging, so conditioned responses are part of how we learned to belong. It just needs an upgrade, evolution, bigger container. The container has to fit who you are now.

Don’t worry at an uncomfortable pinch, change is rarely comfortable for the fear brain. Instead check in on how you feel with that yes or no. Does it make you feel better or worse? When you compromise yourself to fit in, the discomfort is louder now. And when you show up as the real you the payoff is rich.

Follow the feelings and let your brain plug in to what feels right for you, the belonging comes when you own your choices. This place of belonging to yourself lets others be themselves without threatening connection. It’s the perfection of sky and land. Two opposites that go well together.

Thursday: The Pole Star

The symbolism of the Star is of renewal through an infinite number of lights in a dark sky. The Sun is a single blinding source of light during the day. But at night, we have the darkness punctuated with an uncountable number of stars.

Mercury goes Retrograde today for the next almost three weeks to walk us through choices we may have rushed past, been blind to or simply failed to look up and behold. Renewal is its promise and quality time with you fulfills the pact.

There’s a raw place in us left over from childhood, like a grain of sand in an oyster, that produces pain when anything comes in contact with this place. Life offers nature, love and connection to bathe that grit with shared moments and memories that transform the original pain into a thing of beauty.

Our ability to learn how to go beyond that which makes us suffer into the joy of life is the gift of renewal. The Pole Star represents that promise and you can see it every night after the Sun sets. Let today offer you pearls for your pain. All you have to do is be willing to see it.

Pole S

tar Daily Tarot

Friday: Ten of Arrows, Instruction

Your mind can’t win when it’s in the lead. It is not designed to be the master, it is meant to be the servant. It’s been carrying too much weight and it fails repeatedly because it’s not in the right job!

Your intuition gives you a sense of what’s beyond the known. Your heart tells you where ‘out there’ is aligned with you and your unique desires. Then and only then is the mind meant to jump in and figure out how to get you there.

Your mind is not in the driver’s seat. It does not get to decide what you want. It is meant to shape the way that you connect with whatever you love. The how can and does put up healthy guidelines on what you want and need. Just don’t let it try to separate you from your heart.

The mind is a great separator when it’s in the shadow side of its work. Yet it’s gift is to be the bridge builder. Venus is following an uncomfortable lead from Saturn, which means this is a mindset that needs practice to perfect.

But it is so worth practicing. Your mind is third, not first or second. Help it do what it’s meant to do well. Your life gets a whole lot better when it does.

Saturday: Two of Arrows, Injustice

Your brain will likes the driver’s seat and won’t like being moved. However, the resistance it offers is really good training to get your mindset in top shape. With Moon and Mars squaring off today people and situations will push your buttons.

Bring that pause out. Feel your way rather than hammering, freezing or fleeing the situation. Breathe and give new information a chance to get a toehold. Not all is what it seems. Sometimes what feels unjust can be remedied with a little time and patience.

By as early as this evening you get a chance to see how things can shift when you let more information in before you jump to conclusions. Those jumps have more to do with old patterns than they do with what’s actually happening.

You serve up real justice when you let more facts paint a bigger picture. When you see how the strategic pause gives you a real advantage you have the best kind of brain fireworks by bedtime.

Sunday: Six of Arrows, Transition

And, just like that you’ve turned an important corner. It may take a while of sailing down this new mental pathway before you start to realize how big an impact it’s had on your life. But impact it did. Your brain no longer runs you with outsized fears and threats.

Instead it’s your ally in helping you to connect with what you love in a way that makes it sustainable. We graduate from the young place that gets easily discouraged when things don’t look the way we pictured them when they first arrive in our lives.

Now we understand that whatever is lacking, off size or misshapen is the invitation for us to get in there and add to it. Rework it, edit and contribute. This is so much fun once you get the hang of it. Anything can be turned from trash into treasure, if you feel drawn to it.

So you don’t have to despair over what doesn’t seem to work out. Instead, learn how to feel your way through to making magic happen when you invest yourself in the ways that are important for you. Drop the power struggle in favor of real collaboration and harmony. Now that’s a life you can enjoy.

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