Crisis Of Action

Tarot with TruthinHand 11/4-10

Mars, the God of War squares off with Pluto’s Deep Transformation energy right out of the gate this week. The Warrior has been hidden below the horizon and is just now emerging out of the shadows. In Libra, Mars deals with the constraints of the ‘other’. It can make you cranky, impatient and all the way up to enraged when you aren’t able to get others to agree with your way.

Yet there is the saving grace of a Neptune, Saturn and then Mercury Retrograde to reveal hidden treasures in those roadblocks and detours. There’s an African proverb that says ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’. The change in the world right now, at this global level, requires that we go together.

Because resistance helps build strength in it’s opposition, one of the best ways to get people to work together is to be frustrated when moving quickly alone. We simply cannot achieve what comes next without being better at working together. Now there’s a catch to team play. You must be responsible for your contribution.

Finger pointing, blame and shifting the burden of what you don’t like to anything outside of you won’t get you where you are going. In fact it’s liable to have you stuck in a bad neighborhood you don’t want to hang out in, for safety’s sake. The blind rage of helplessness combined with entitlement is on the loose this week. It takes all your adult centered self to stay clear of those battles.

You are best served digging deep with Mercury’s help into your patterns, what needs to be released and then doing so. Ritual is good. Physical activity combined with the mental release helps to anchor new behaviors. Then practice them.

As the week unfolds you get more support to discover where your actions align with like-minded others to get you farther. As you do old patterns may try to pop back into the driver seat. But when they do you can see the underlying triggers and stories that are due for retirement. Send them off with gratitude and a gold watch, there time is done. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

Card of the Week: Ace of Bows

The Spark of Life shines brightly in the week ahead. It brings fresh perspective, new understanding and greater illumination of those unconscious drivers that have complicated your life. Time to change it up.

The more you embrace the change, the easier this shift will be. The more you resist it the more seismic the realignment. Over the week we have a sweet line up between Neptune, Saturn and Mercury (Retrograde) that is a significant support.

Neptune with Mercury highlights your ability to see patterns in a clearer light that helps you understand their purpose. Then Saturn blesses us with practical, sustainable efforts to bring solutions that feel harmonious. How’s that for good news.

While Mars and Pluto are transforming our actions by rerouting or delaying us, that triple threat gives us time to change habits. We can feel better, do better and live better when we function without so much distress and scarcity driving our actions. Others are the way to enlarge our lives richly, when we know how to show up well and encourage them to do the same.

Monday: Knight of Vessels

Today we deal with the gap between what we say and what we do. Time to dig deeper on the ego fueled stories that hide where we’ve been less than adult in our choices and actions. Wanting to be loved just as you are is perfectly normal. Using that as an excuse to behave selfishly because of fear is emotional weaponry. This heartfelt Knight navigates deep emotional waters today.

Of course we need to know we are acceptable. The person is always acceptable. The behavior is not. Behavior is the ship building in the relationship. If one person keeps punching holes of anger or helplessness into the boat it will sink, no matter how hard the other works to keep it afloat.

Take responsibility for your feelings, ask for what you need and be open to where the Universe brings it to you. It may not be where or who you thought would answer the request. You cheat yourself if you refuse the gift because it didn’t come wrapped as you wish. That isn’t to say take whatever you are given. That is just another form of fear-based scarcity mentality.

Find your particular balance between open to fresh ways of having your needs met and saying no thank you to those that aren’t a good match. Pay attention to how you decide what is and isn’t a match, though. Remember pattern recognition is at play. Your mind is quick to judge but your body has worthwhile information for you too. Feel your way.

Tuesday: Three of Arrows, Jealousy

Ah, Mars squares Pluto today. This three is about the fear that what you love will be taken from you or that another has something which deprives you. Both of these are scarcity mentality and need to be reduced and managed. What is yours can never truly be lost, you can’t miss out. Instead you dial down how much you can receive when you strangle it with fear.

The good news is we have some support from the luminaries by nightfall to help break you out of those fears. They may cast a big shadow before the light dawns, but the truth will set you free. It’s a big exhale if you are brave enough to go there and remind yourself that whatever you see that aroused your jealous, you can have your version of it.

Your job is to stay open, trust the process and your heart and let the light show you how many more streams of good news, possibility and love are flowing your way. Stop trying to hang on to the river bank being dashed about on the rocks of scarcity that won’t let go. Flow downstream and let a wealth of possibilities open up for you while you are carried.

Wednesday: The Mirror

Emotional and spiritual maturity are today’s theme. What do you hold as sacred? This does not have to be a specific religion but it can be. For some nature is sacred, life itself is sacred. We have a spiritual side to our nature and to leave it out of the equation is to miss a quarter of what informs your world.

The Moon is in cozy contact with the Nodes today, highlighting the future that comes from releasing the past. By all means learn from your past but no longer let it dictate what you do today. Wisdom and strength gained are all good harvests from what you’ve already lived. But living in fear of past patterns repeating is to waste much of the lessons.

Where does your inner journey show you about your personal power to live the life you wish to have. Are you capable of a healthy yes and no rather than a conditioned response? Do that today…Take a good look in the mirror at what is behind your choices. If it isn’t enjoyment or willing investment that dictates your answer, spend more time digging for authenticity. You’ll have a better view once you do.

Six of Vessels, Reunion

In childhood we have less obvious power than the adults. Our sense of self is originally formed with this imbalance as part of it. As we grow and hopefully mature, we learn how many ways we can impact the world around us. But there are places and spaces that didn’t mature as obviously as others.

Today you may get a nice surprise, when you look and see, where you pack a more punch then you knew you could. Be gracious with your power. It can be a bit intoxicating once it’s discovered, so navigate mindful of what it’s like for the other person. Do play with it. How do you want to use this ability to impact your world.

The aspects today caution us to be mindful of an overly dramatic story or losing ourselves in details as a way to side step what’s really happening. Remember our brain stem doesn’t like expansion, it reads the unknown as threatening. So it tries to limit your power by limiting awareness of it. Drowning in details and drama is one way to drag you off topic and keep you playing small. Manage that and let the discovery be fun.

Friday: The Wheel

There is a sweet and potent configuration today in the skies to give us a real boost in manifesting in our world. It highlights a one day at a time practical application of will to our dreams. This builds a solid platform of possibility that the Universe can then add its magic to for some outstanding and satisfying results.

Wildwood Tarot offers this up for The Wheel. “You are not a prisoner of fate but an integral part of it”. Your dreams, desires and the attainment of them are what you contribute to the fabric of life. The stickiness comes in when we battle what is because we don’t trust the magic that can make it more than what it appears.

What’s cooking right now is the cauldron of potential. You add your desires, dreams, talents, shadows, efforts and most importantly, personal responsibility, and you will be served beautifully. What comes out of that soup has the potential to nourish and restore your soul, light up your world and make life worthwhile. No I’m not overselling it. You just have to take it one step at a time and engage with whatever happens. What’s yours will come to you.

Daily Tarot TruthinHand Aug 1-7th 2016

Saturday: The Guardian

What do we have but a cautionary follow up to yesterday’s extraordinary expansion potential. Remember your brain wants to keep you in familiar space so it will do it’s best to scare you back into what’s known, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Don’t let it.

Watch for extreme solutions to moderate issues. The desire to be free of the past conditioning is very strong today and it can cause over reaction. Like swatting flies with cannonballs, you take out the problem but cause a whole host of additional ones. See your power, take it slowly. Get all the facts, know that you heal when you feel the feelings but don’t let them propel you into over reaction. Hell is a continuous cycle of being triggered, over or under reacting only to have it all repeat again in new ways. It can end now.

You can and must direct what you feel into healthy and appropriate ways to address imbalances. Many unaddressed emotions rest beneath the feelings today’s events may trigger. Don’t hand out a $100 fine for a $10 crime. The person being insensitive on the road isn’t the real issue, they just pulled the trigger. This keeps you locked in a cycle you can end with conscious effort now.

Give your feelings a beginning and middle and an end with an activity. I like to put 10 minutes on the clock and beat the dust out of my couch. Then once you’ve moved through it, choose wisely what to do about what’s in front of you. You simply cannot be at the mercy of anything or anyone without you handing over you power to them. Don’t do it. Take back your emotional driver’s seat and steer in a new direction.

Sunday: Nine of Arrows, Dedication

Now you have to practice what you’ve learned this week. Nine is the number of mastery and arrows represent the mind. You must train your mind to stay present and call on your power to address whatever comes up in the moment.

You are aware of your triggers, have a plan of action to dispel excess emotions before you act and can master your inner and outer world this way. Pause, trust that you have the ability to impact whatever happens and if all else fails you have the ability to change your situation if you can’t change the circumstances.

We often fail to acknowledge walking away is a choice. We feel stuck because we can’t get something to change that we want to change. Sometimes you must let go and apply your efforts elsewhere. Today that feels like a gift rather than a loss. Your freedom from struggle matters more than endlessly trying to stop the tides or change what does not change.

If you stay then you use the opportunity to change your mind about the situation. Make sure your whole self agrees with the choice and then let the exercise build your will. Every time you are presented with the immovable, you reassure yourself that everything is working out for you. You may not know how, but it is. Practice makes for mental discipline, that’s the gift of this nine. Use yours wisely.

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