Crippled by Failure No More…

Tarot With TruthinHand 11/11-17

Where do you have plans or part of life that limps along, debilitated and lame? Those areas where we feel crippled and deficient are on deck this week. Uncomfortable as it may be, this Full Moon in Taurus Tuesday is here to highlight how to let go of hobbled actions and replace them with sure-footed advance.

Webster’s dictionary definition of lame holds the key: “lacking needful or desirable substance”. We are always crippled when we act from a place that is inauthentic, dictated by needs we haven’t honestly acknowledged. The actions offer little hope of success even before you begin.

Address those feelings of shame, unworthiness, fear and lack and they won’t keep you from powerfully creating what satisfies. Squirmy feelings pushed to the background or denied altogether keep us from standing firmly on our own two feet. Once retrieved and recognized they can be managed and minimized. So can much of the damage they inflict when left unchecked in the background.

This week is excellent to sit purposefully with the places where we traded what we really feel and want for fast results. The rush to immediate gratification is filled with the doubt that we can create it and fear we don’t merit it. Time to dig deep to those original wishes, desires, longings and pair them with the trust that we can have what’s meant to be in our version of it.

Authentic connection with your inner self then connects with the authority of action on your behalf. You not only have the right to act on your desires, you have the need. How you do it determines the outcome. Denying yourself or others is a lame response. This Full Moon calls that behavior out and it cannot hide.

This week you grow in your own internal truth and outside actions on your behalf. Remember, more than a doer you are a decider. Once you decide and feel that inner click yes from a healthier, abundant place the doing becomes incredibly streamlined. Even challenges feel invigorating. It’s a big week and you are ready. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

Card of the Week: Seven of Stones, Healing

Wholeness and recovery are promised with this card. The Green Woman, who carries abundance with her, sits in front of the wounded masculine part of us that does, does, does. When we fail to achieve what we set out to we often double down and throw more effort into the wind. Eventually you run out of fuel and simply lay or fall down. This week helps to end halting effort that costs more than it returns.

Rest, let the abundance of life itself restore and heal you. The leaves that fall to the ground need time to become the food of next Spring’s growth. Let go of what hasn’t happened. Release the stories of failure and loss to make room for what can come in their place. All that happened is contrast to show you the difference between alignment and struggle.

You have a unique gift to offer the world, that gift is all of you, not just the doing part. Breathe in, breathe out. Savor the moments and the pause between breaths. Healing is a magical process with millions of little connections in our cells that take place without supervision.

Control is wasted now. Reach for integrity and authority. Command your mind, your heart to listen to your body and intuition. Let the dialogue of wellness be from all of you. When a whole you joins the conversation your life gets measurable better, no matter what occurs.

Monday: Eight of Arrows, Struggle

Oh do we have some celestial help to move out of struggle and into flow today. The subjective mind can’t stay hidden. You see how it colors even simple things through the lens of trauma. It’s doing that to dial down our expansion and potential risk. When the mind is in the driver’s seat it stays on a straighter and narrower path.

Now when you add intuition, suddenly unknown territory beckons. Add heart to connect more deeply to the experience and your body savors it so you wind up with a full life. However with the full team input a straight path is less appealing. Only when the mind cripples along trying to control everything does the rigid road of the known feel best.

When you call on all of you, patiently encouraging total input, the winding road can fly by rich with delight. The mind struggles alone in decision-making, but it fears loss of control more than loss of struggle. Be kind but take back the wheel and put your mind in the passenger seat. Let it figure out the how, not the where and it’s got a job to keep it busy.

Tuesday: Knight of Arrows

This full Moon and this swiftest of Knights can help divorce us from a halting path on unbalanced legs. When ego surrenders to honest understanding of why we don’t want to let go of past failures, hurts and stories, we are free. Everything, truly everything you’ve lived has given you at least as much as it cost. Often times more when we stop and really look.

Yet our fear brain has us fixated on the price and not on the return. You can be free of much inner conflict when you acknowledge your own part in how you handled whatever happened to you. Trauma is not your fault but healing is your responsibility and its own reward.

Only when you break up with your woundedness can you rise and walk the path you came here to experience. Honor the hurt and go beyond it. Get to the strength, courage, wisdom and resilience that are also there for you. Let compassion for yourself well up and it becomes a balm that heals all wounds.

Then compassion can also flow to others to help heal the one sided wars that no one really wins. Victory is yours when you own the defeats without letting them defeat you. They become your badge of courage and the price of living life. You aren’t alone but staying married to the wound blocks all other bonds from flourishing. Break up now.

Wednesday: Knight of Bows

Now we have the bravest of Knights to help us conquer misplaced ego today. Healthy ego gives us the courage to try things that may fail, look into the unknown and risk going where we’ve not been before. Unhealthy ego twists us into bullies or flight risks who won’t stick around for challenges that can’t immediately subdued or avoided.

Self conquest is where courage is best applied today. Be brave enough to see ego strengths and shadows. Be especially watchful for where you offend others from a wounded position. Too often we fall into the trap of using past trauma to justify behaving badly to someone in our present life.

It’s happened to the best of us, simply see it and acknowledge you have the capacity to do so. That alone can shift things in a healthier direction. Our wounds and the healing of them is our work to do. Others help but it must be freely offered, not coerced or expected.

Have the courage to ask for what you need and the generosity to respect a ‘no’ if it’s offered. There’s a yes out there for you. Go find it rather than drowning in sorrow or demanding your needs be met by people who aren’t a match. Talking with others from a fresh perspective can help.

Thursday: The Archer

“Be bold and commit to the hunting of new life” is what Wildwood Tarot says for the Archer. The key word here is commit, because we face an array of inconveniences, delays and obstacles that tempt you to think the same old thoughts. Don’t do it.

You’ve already been down that road and it has nothing new to offer you. Take a new path. Look with fresh eyes, stay open to fresh input. You don’t have to act on the input yet, just take it in and give it fertile ground. Watch for conclusions. They are premature today. You don’t have the whole picture so stay patient with the unfamiliar.

Neptune and Venus are in the mix so our desires have important input but they swim in the watery world of the Wave-Maker. Over time you see if the tide is going in or out on any particular issue. Stay with it and let the water rise and fall as it will. Both high and low tide have gifts to offer, keep your attention there rather than trying to steer the waves. Gratitude is magical.

Friday: The Moon On Water

Today the waters run deep, so the extra light of the Moon can help you navigate the murky depths. First we drop into the wounded place from childhood where needs where not seen or met from our mothers. In some cases it is our mothers who did not know how to get their needs met. The goal is to find and address the story of unmet needs so it no longer runs from the wounded perspective.

The time is always right to address and define our core needs now. It is necessary in order to live and thrive. Anyplace that feels dependent or deprived because of those needs is where to sit with yourself. What do you feel and what does that feeling need now, from you. Not from someone else, but from YOU first and foremost.

Realize our Mother wound has us mistakenly looking for one place or person to fill that need. The truth is that we can plug in to a lot of different places to help meet it and that brings down the risk of loss. It’s healing to experience the flow of even small bits of satisfaction from many people. It teaches us what abundance feels like. Move out of scarcity with a good look at all the little ways you can let in those connections from multiple sources.

Saturday: Nine of Arrows, Dedication

Nine is a master number and we can achieve the mental mastery of the Arrow world with a little help from the Moon. The Moon changes from light to dark each month in what we see, but the substance of it is always the same. So no matter what your mind presents, you know it is only reflecting how much light you have on the situation and not the actual size of the object.

Today’s Cancer Moon has deep feelings and stories we can separate from fear and fiction. Each time your mind wants to serve up the worst case scenario, you have to bookend it with the best case scenario. Each is equally possible. Just because fear is easier to believe doesn’t mean it is more likely to come true.

Be relentless in pairing up each fear or criticism with its opposite and watch the mind become a mental gym. You will be a power lifter in no time. Strength comes when you refuse to give in to crippling fears that rob you of quality mental health. You won’t stop your fear brain, so train it instead. You get a lot further, faster and with more fun this way.

Sunday: The World

The light dawns and boy does the perspective shift today. It is glaringly obvious to see where your hasty reactions (and overreactions) are driven by the wound, not your soul. It’s as if, at times, you’ve had your cart tied to horses maddened with pain who bolt to get away and drag you helplessly along. Not anymore…

The days of uncontrolled reactions are winding down for those conscious of this. These reactions no longer fit with the world you build from an integrated you. Anger and reaction is something you can command or deflect. Don’t worry if you aren’t a ninja at it yet. You are better than you’ve been before and improving each step of the way.

Those healthy boundaries are achieved without body slamming those who get too close. You can speak out without beating up on another or cowering behind enormous defenses that protect but isolate. There is a World out there for you to explore that offers more good than bad. Find your way, trust yourself and live what you came here to experience with joy and passion. One choice at a time, you build your World.

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