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Tarot with TruthinHand 11/18-24

We work with the energy of the New Moon last week to leave unsteady old plans by the curb. Change feels potent especially this coming Sunday with Mars in Scorpio staring down the Great Awakener Uranus in Taurus. Unfamiliar energy thrums up from the ground like an the rattle of an 18 wheeler approaching. The desire to act on things long-denied or delayed builds tension.

Time to practice a little gas and brake combination to prepare for what’s ahead. This isn’t a small change, it’s big. So quick action brings down anxiety in many cases but holding transformational tension enlarges it. Feel how much you long for that wish. The pure raw power of innocent love, is the lightning bolt of Uranus that offers freedom – now and later when you acknowledge both sides of you.

The feminine side of all of us longs to be connected, attached, belong and be cherished and loved. The masculine side of us wants to be seen for our individual accomplishments, stand out and be recognized as an individual free of tribal dictates. Love versus Freedom is the opposition of those masculine and feminine natures. Ah, but the next Full Moon ushers in a real draw towards harmonizing those two sides and acting on it in a powerful new way. You get both love and freedom.

Which is why you want to play with the gas and brakes about what you do and when you do it. This investment of time and attention give you a much better experience in good time, it’s worth your time. Remember anywhere you felt you truly belonged and were also recognized as the unique individual you are. The memories may be subtle but worth thumbing back through like photos.

You have the seeds of love that is free about to get much more visible within you. Pull up the places where you already experienced the sense of this. Then use that memory, the feeling to help stretch those dreams up towards the sky. Shine a little light on those powerful seedling memories and watch them sprout up. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

Card of the Week: Nine of Cups, Generosity

This Nine holds the key to this week’s best gifts. Abundance is around us and when we see it, we can be generous. The opposing needs of love and freedom are perfectly unlocked with this key. When we attach our requirement for love to one person, place or thing suddenly any freedom or separation threatens to remove our cherished source.

Our need to be loved can be fulfilled from many different sources then we can more comfortably accept some separation. It doesn’t even have to diminish the one special source. Rather it gives breathing room that strengthens the bond instead of weakening it.

When you feel free to choose (or freely chosen) rather than constrained by guilt and obligation love flow increases. Care must be taken to learn how to navigate the give and receive. Boundaries are negotiable, updated every so often to reflect growing confidence and strength. Those competing needs can be brought into harmony with ease and grace.

Gratitude is always at the heart of generosity. Practice your gratitudes this week anytime scarcity or fear tries to step in and throttle down the freedom impulse for you or those you love. Recognize your fears, be kind to yourself but don’t let them drive the interactions. Discipline is the mark of true power when you choose your thoughts. Free to love and be loved deeply and completely is worth the investment.

Monday: Ace of Arrows, The Breath of Life

Both the Mercury transits and this Ace highlight our subjective mind today. When we over react to a trigger it’s because the story underneath has built up emotional content that springs out like a Jack in the Box. Today when that happens, you can cut the springs on that particular trigger with gratitude.

It shows you where you’ve been tied to scarcity and fear of loss. It doesn’t matter what the loss is, you’ve been wrapped up in protecting it long enough. Time to open up to all the ways that your heart’s desire can be met. When you open up, really allow the light in to see how many little ways you can already receive more here the ties to one particular choice are more easily cut.

Set your intention to see all the places, spaces and ways that you can receive more of what you wish for beyond that one spot. Little things can jog a memory of ‘more’. So can chance encounters with others. Be open – it’s a choice and you can make it. Amazing things happen when you do.

Tuesday: Four of Arrows, Rest

Today is a great day to fine tune the play between gas and brakes. A strategic pause is a powerful tool. So is knowing when to ease up on the accelerator without necessarily stepping on the brake. Play with it. The Sun is Square the Moon to highlight any imbalances and bring them front and center.

Moon, Jupiter and Mars combined are ‘actively generous’. That includes generosity towards yourself. Some rest and down time or play time will get you closer to your goals today than racing towards them. Notice where you want to grab an opportunity. Fear of missing out can be a big motivator and one you want to manage well.

Trust there is more than enough to meet your needs and rest today when you need it. If you have to let go of one opportunity, be in gratitude that you had it and trust you can have more like it at the right time. Check in and feel your level of fatigue, it is another way to give to yourself. Find more ways to be good to you and watch the world meet you there.

Wednesday: Page of Arrows – Mercury goes Direct

This Page symbolizes news received and Mercury going direct today offers just that. The Moon is in harmony with Mercury to observe and understand your emotional process. Dreamy Neptune stands opposite to help clarify what you must do to make those dreams a reality. This begins with cleaning up the emotional state.

Saturn joins the party to add a practical and realist path to move forward. One that doesn’t deny dreams but rather helps you fulfill them one solid step at a time. Responsible communication is key, key, key here. Take responsibility for what is yours and let others own their part. If they can’t, notice and adjust your roles. Don’t just habitually take on more and lie that you can make it work. This way you let go of over functioning or under functioning that keeps you out of harmony.

Mercury makes one more pass over the issues covered since mid October as it moves direct – time to stop limping along with less than what’s available to you. Abundance is all around you, tap into it. It requires sharing power, knowledge, risk. And it is the making of a new kind of relationships that take you a lot further than you could possibly achieve on your own.

Thursday: The Shaman

Transform the wounded child into an empowered adult today. The Shaman brings this kind of alchemy with help from the Stars. Accept what is so you can start to shape it with who you are is your job now.

Dialed a bad hand at work? Pause, see where your strengths are seen and where they serve, redirect efforts towards some of that today. If you feel trapped or stuck, redirect the effort to appreciation for the contrast this offers. Learn from what created the situation, but not to blame anyone, including yourself. Rather let what you learn help you create something better. When you are free to love and love freely it’s an unstoppable creative stream.

Don’t settle for ordinary, you are made of the stuff of stars. Discover how to turn your struggles into weight lifting that builds strength. Then you don’t have to push so hard to move a mountain. Feel which mountains can be tunneled through and which can simply be admired from afar. Look at the landscape of your life with an eye towards making magic happen, the magic of your full participation that changes everything.

Friday: Page of Vessels, Reversed

We continue on yesterday’s magical trend with this pesky upside down Page today. The Moon squares the Nodes and asks ‘what needs to be transformed and worked on to achieve growth’? The Pages our the inner state that precedes our actions in life. When the Page of Vessels flips upside down our immaturity or refusal to take responsibility for our feelings is the issue.

As long as there is someone or something to blame you stay stuck in a powerless story. You cannot make your way forward with any real excitement or creative expansion when you fear the ‘outside’ influences will stop you. Once you understand that you always have the power to change your circumstances by how you do this moment, you’ve got the keys to the kingdom my friend. This is true freedom.

It doesn’t mean you don’t hit rough patches or things that upset or annoy you. The difference is you go to work adding more of who you are to the equation and see it shift. Watch for bullying or being bullied. Collaboration is what’s needed, learning how to do it is a cornucopia of riches. Let go of the story that blames or shames and see how much opens up. This is the gift and the promise of being an adult.

Saturday: Knight of Stones

Horse power changed the world as we know it. You can harness the same strength within you as you free yourself from the unloving stories of helplessness or threat. It’s slow moving this Knight, but strong and steady. It gets the job done and reminds you the right tools applied well can do the work of a team of horses.

You’ll need to choose your thoughts, actions and stories with real care the first half of the day. Attention to detail helps. Clean up the stinkin’ thinkin’ and remind yourself you have the power within any situation. Your fear brain serves up just what frightens you most as you expand. That survivor brain wants you back in familiar territory and it’s adept at maneuvering you back there with fear.

Consistently bookend any fears with the best case possibilities. One is just as likely as the other. When you dig deeper into your brain’s narration your strengths are what is revealed. After all it is your greatest strength that expands you, so your fears will always attack there first. Know that it’s lying to try to protect you and push back on those enlarged threats. Fear will always underestimate you and overestimate a threat. You’ve got this and your life is heading in a game changing direction for good.

Sunday: The Green Man

Mars the plan of action is directly opposing Uranus, The Great Awakener. There is a feeling of big breakthrough here. You fly free of the old limitation and it is scary. Our survivor brain fears the unknown. The Green Man is order and structure that began in nature. Long before we had laws and courts there was the Law of Nature.

Even what looks like chaos has a rhythm and pattern that emerge given enough time and patience to see the big picture. Stay present today, moment by moment to decide each choice from your adult self. If you find yourself pushed into the young place of reaction, take a breath and step back into adult mode.

See your influence in any situation, it is there. Know that you see it, use it wisely and see what happens. Subtle shifts inside of you can be the first domino tipping that brings a lot of little obstacles down, one after the other. The Green Man signals a move to a new level of confidence and assertiveness that is dynamic. Feel it. Revel in it. Get used to it.

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