Fear of Failure

Tarot With TruthinHand 12/2-8

Ever caught yourself pairing down what you really want to avoid making the same mistakes you’ve made in the past? Who hasn’t, right? There is a better way to decide things. This week you get to choose whether you decide from a healthy balance of heart and head or defensive rationalizations. Hint, one of them feels much better than the other one. Say yes to that one…

The goal is to find a better mental sound track. Jupiter moves into Capricorn where it sits for the next year, putting the brakes on expansion potential. However that’s not to say you can’t or won’t grow. Rather it’s about steady, planned growth as the real winner. It’s not as pumped up a sound track as has been playing this last year with Jupiter in Sagittarius, which is more like the theme from Rocky.

Instead of the sweeping optimism the Sagittarius Jupiter dialed up, Capricorn’s lens brings discernment and discretion. It shows us how to be selective in life, starting with our thoughts. This year practice doubting your doubts. Begin now, this week. Whatever failures happened in the past, you survived them. You learned from them. Review what you know about yourself now that you didn’t know before they happened.

Failure is the price we pay for creating. Life is one long opportunity to create, choice by choice. What doesn’t work is truly good information to use going forward. But your fear brain prefers to use those ‘oops’ as a stick to beat you back into safe space. Keep a watchful eye out for that. Get good at spotting those pesky doubts and threatening thoughts. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


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Card of the Week: Five of Arrows, Frustration

Fives represent the creative drive associated with the sign of Leo. It’s where we want to show the world our talents and gifts. ‘See what I did” is the hallmark of a five. When it’s in the sign of Arrows the fear brain plays a tough hall monitor. It second guesses, threatens, scolds and criticizes your efforts to get you back into safe space. It’s got it’s eye on the past and not the future, so it has limited vision.

That’s okay, just politely push back. You’ve got your hall pass. Jupiter in Capricorn says you are meant to be out of the classroom to learn in a new environment. Rules still apply but you don’t have to squeeze down into small space anymore. You’ve gone beyond the one room, the known instructor. Now you need to navigate new structures and contribute your part to them.

It’s brain retraining time and you can do this. One at a time, doubt the doubts, dismantle the fear with a bigger perspective and trust yourself – a choice at a time. Mistakes are the price you pay for living. Assess the cost, pay only what is right for you, but by all means invest in the experience. When you willingly pay the price it’s tuition and the education is its own reward. Results you love are the bonus.

Monday: Ace of Arrows, Breath of Life

When you say yes to something it can mean a no to something else. Life comes with choices. Jupiter officially enters Capricorn and begins a year of refining your choices. What do you want and what will you do to have it? Venus and the South Node highlight the need to learn from the past as a way to help define what matters to you.

Obstacles help you determine what you love versus what you merely desire. When you willingly go up, over, around and through the blocks to get to what you really want, you’ve bonded with it. This is the place that changes you and what you love. No longer two separate things, instead you entwine with it to mold each other into something more than you were separate.

Let your yes and no be felt, bone deep. You can’t go wrong when you begin there. Because no matter what obstacle is in your way, you commit to getting to what you love. Like a sculptor, you use this Ace to cut away anything that is not the work of art underneath the extra stone protection. Be an artist in life through what you give yourself to and what you hold yourself with every choice.

Tuesday: The Green Woman

Oh the planets are in sweet harmony today to shower you with abundance. The Green Woman is the attractor factor in all capital letters. Nothing like too much of a good thing to educate you on making a choice. When you believe there is an endless flow of opportunity you can be discerning in what you select.

The shadow side is fussiness as a cover for being discriminating. That’s fear masquerading as perfectionism. Turn it around with fun. Try on the idea of one choice, picture yourself in it, doing it, living it out. See how it feels in your body. A ‘yes’ always feels a bit expansive. Your head goes up, your shoulders go back. You may even feel your heart race a bit.

On the flip side a ‘no’ may really be a ‘not now’. When something in your body tightens, your chin comes down, shoulders go up then hit the pause button. Commit to honoring the feeling and don’t act on it until you can get an adjustment that feels better. Sometimes all the tweaks won’t do it. It’s just a ‘no’. Remember that endless flow and let it go. What’s yours can land in your lap when you are free from what isn’t a yes.

Wednesday: Six of Bows, Abundance

Well isn’t that reassuring. Yesterday the Green Woman served a major hit of abundance, now there’s this Six echoing the sentiment. The Moon meets up with dreamy Neptune to kick imagination into high gear. Dream and do it big. Because Saturn steps in soon after to help you sort through the overstuffed closet of possibility and do a weed out.

Some choices are decorative in our lives, some are functional and then some are both. Start with a pyramid of possibility with the selections that are both beautiful and useful at the top, then decide where the descending order is from there. Pluto steps into the picture to help decide which opportunities fit where we are headed rather than where we’ve been.

We can respect and be grateful for those choices that no longer fit what the future holds. Which makes it easier to let them go. That’s the challenge with abundance. You must release what doesn’t fit so you can engage with what does. Otherwise you can drown in to much of muchness. Gratitude helps ease the release of choices that are no longer aligned. Then turn your gaze back to the pile of options awaiting you and play.


Thursday: Balance

Trigger points get hit from the old wounds today. Self doubt creep (or storm) in with the Moon square Jupiter and then join up with Chiron. It’s easy to second guess those choices you made the last few days. Practice, practice, practice doubting those fear based thoughts. Push back with reassurance that you can start down a new path and when you get more information, you can always adjust course then.

Don’t stop before you even begin. That is your fear brain’s best weapon against expansion. If you are paralyzed with self doubt it keeps you out of the unknown. You’ve got the secret weapon though. Remind yourself that you learn as you go and have already learned plenty from your past. You can do this and the risk is worth the price. If some areas feel too risky, adjust how you approach them rather than abandon all action.

Balance says small steps move you down the track very effectively. Don’t push, don’t shove. Like a breath in and out, let the growth follow a natural pattern. Your body knows how. You don’t have to monitor every breath to keep on doing it. The same goes with anything you do. The body has wisdom, let it inform you as you do each new thing. You’ll get the hang of that conversation in no time.

Friday: Ten of Arrows, Instruction

The Aries Moon swings from harmony to dissonance today to illustrate contrast. We know what works, what feels good because we also experience the contrast of what doesn’t feel good. Rather than bridling at the latter, try seeing it an experience with good information for you. What works, what doesn’t work for you?

The better you are at letting failure be a feedback machine, the more you move through life with confidence. You can engage with what’s on offer without paralyzing fear of what won’t work out. Take a bite, chew and if need be spit it out. You may want to spit in private, but don’t swallow what doesn’t agree with you.

You are the authority on you. What do you like, what do you love, what do you hate and what leaves you disinterested. See events each day that way and you rarely find you wake up afraid to face what comes. It lets you leap out of bed, curious to experience life. Doesn’t failure look a whole lot less frightening when you see it as instruction?

Saturday: King of Arrows

The Aries Moon trips off the heavy hitting Saturn Pluto conjunction today, knocking over first one, then the other. This big picture King invites you to join him in a 360 degree view. Change is here, it’s happening and you can dance with it or else you might feel it’s dancing on you.

The aspects and the card offers a singular Truth in the form of this question answered. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, of course. While fear wants to threaten you with dire consequences for any missteps and keep you stuck, the reality is closer to Newton’s first law. If you are entrenched then change hits like a sledge hammer in order to get you moving. Resistance to change is going to increase the pressure on you to shift.

Whereas if you are in motion, change is a directional shift rather than a jumpstart plus a possible course correction. It’s less of a shock to your system to be moving, slow is good, but moving, so you can absorb the impact of change best. You can even use it to your advantage as you step outside the familiar, one decision at a time. Then remind yourself, that some of the most dramatic moments can be those ‘dare to be great’ memories that can define a life.

Sunday: The Mirror

Sun square Neptune in the wee hours serves up potent dreams. Keep a pen and paper or grab your phone to record what you remember. There is good information even if you only recall fragments and feelings. The Mirror shows up to remind us that guidance comes in many forms beyond what we usually consult.

Our bodies, dreams, nature herself can inform us once we open up to take it in and learn. The Moon collides with Uranus, the Great Awakener, to open your eyes at daybreak today. So we start with the visions, awake with a bolt of understanding then sit down with a gentle invitation to use the new perspective in a way that pleases us.

The challenge comes in by evening when the wounded place is us, Chiron, gets a poke from the Great Expander, Jupiter. This is so you can see those fears of powerlessness or fear of rejection for what they really are. Go look in the mirror. You are a strong, capable adult now. The wound is from a young place.

See both of you in your reflection and speak to those tender spots with all the compassion you didn’t receive back then. Soothe the fears and remind the young you that you are no longer alone in that painful place. The adult you is your constant companion. The two of you together can make your dreams come true – and have a lot more fun doing it.

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