Trust in Confusion

The Full Moon this week is wrapped in a fog of confusion. There’s a good possibility of misplaced anger with it, too. Rage happens when we feel helpless, whereas anger knows it has a job to do. The explosion that comes from an adult feeling powerless, when they aren’t, can feel like a volcano erupting. That’s a young way to clear the fog of confusion.

And there is a better way to clarity, too. Go inward. Use your directed anger to put healthy boundaries in place. This is necessary now more than ever. Focused inward first, anger helps consolidate your strength. When you attach it to purpose, you’ve got a formidable tool for moving forward powerfully in confusing situations without adding to the danger.

Because this confusion is going to linger for a few weeks. The purpose is to teach us to trust our own inner navigation. Jupiter went into Capricorn, which means the failings of authority figures. This is not about politics, although it may show up there. Rather, it’s our own authority figures that will fail in our lives at present.

We internalized our parents’ voices, or societal shoulds, and parrot those instead of making fresh decisions. Learn to rely on your own inner wisdom, your personal choice rather than looking to outside influence to decide for you or keep you from harm. That’s the reason they fall short at present. The fear in being our own authority is that we want to be sure we are right.

After all, being right saves you from unpleasant consequences, surely? Sorry, but that’s just not accurate. Because there is no perfect path to get you where you want to go that also saves you from experiences you don’t want. Instead it’s you, trusting yourself from internal guidance not external rules decision by decision where change happens.

Whether you are used to calling the shots or used to relying on others to do that, change is at hand. Integrate your own inner authority better into the world around you in sustainable ways. It’s a work in progress to make it more yours, less inherited restriction. This week’s confusion gives you a chance to hone this crucial skill.

Focus less on results and more on your process of decision-making. Release ways that don’t serve you and craft ones that do. The feeling about what you are doing is key. Where do you let intuition open up new options you’ve not explored? Learn how the mix of your heart and head and all of you plays out for you now. The Cards and Stars will help. Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

Card of the Week: The Ancestor

It’s easy to rely on tried and true authorities to tell you how to safely accomplish what you want. The problem is we are in a new paradigm and those old patterns won’t work the same. They are crumbling around us, even now. Still, there are good bits in the structures of old. Which means it’s the right time to assess what works and what doesn’t rather than go with the familiar.

The reason for this is that you have wisdom inside of you to add to what is unfolding. Any fear that you can’t do it right or that others won’t do it right is just brakes on expansion. Too much planning and control do not serve you. This is a moment by moment navigation of your new normal. This normal includes updates from your heart, body and intuition instead of your mind deciding for all.

Structure will emerge over time, a structure built on congruence between the inner you and the world around you. Find who you align with to help you build. Even those who disagree offer you contrast that highlights what you feel is right for you. Discover how to nurture yourself and so have more quality contribution to bring to whatever you do. That way disagreement is done from a place that benefits all.

Monday: Nine of Arrows, Dedication

This is the card of mental discipline against fear. Mars is opposite Vesta today, and highlights where we project onto others our lack of personal responsibility for what we create. While we cannot control all that happens in our world, we absolutely can decide what to do about it. Blame and judgement are two signs we are not in living in our power.

When those heavy weights show up, don’t waste much time judging yourself. Rather, the opportunity is for feelings to help you engage in creation instead of reaction. Nine is the number of mastery. So foggy weeks like this are great practice.

When you see the reaction, master the emotions. Go inward and make fear work for you. It always accompanies power. The more fear you have, the more power is also present. Focus on what you feel and what that feeling needs from you. Then see where to plug in and meet that need.

No one owes you anything, neither do you. But look for those who can respect your feelings and needs even if they don’t meet them. The stories you spin about why they aren’t giving or doing what you want is where you focus. Those stories are where you still feel helpless. They are projections of past trauma pasted onto current situations.

Free yourself and others from them. Stay present, ask for what you want and need and find what meets it instead of spinning stories about who or what doesn’t meet it. That’s empowered creation.

Tuesday: Moon On The Water

Wildwood Tarot calls this card the ‘still point of potential’. Out of Winter’s death comes the rebirth of Spring. There is nothing you lose from what is passing away that doesn’t have roots of renewal in what you create next. I won’t lie, it’s uncomfortable to let go. We form attachments to ideas, places, routines, people and structures.

Yet all of nature shifts and changes beautifully. Snow melts into streams and waters the entire mountain and valleys below. Fallen leaves decay and become food for new plants. Be still and know that change is perfectly orchestrated. Your focus is to find a unique rhythm and add it to life’s flow when it feels aligned.

Watch for trauma patterns that makes you want to leap too soon today. It’s a young response to rush past the transformational tension to make something happen now. Trust yourself, trust intuitive knowing, trust you can feel when the timing is right. The still point of potential calls you to rest in the certainty of the good unfolding for you and with you right now.

Wednesday: The Archer, Full Gemini Moon

“Commit to hunting a new life” recommends the Wildwood Tarot when this card shows up. Through the hazy uncertainty, feel the Truth of you. Make decisions from this feeling space and integrate them well into the world around you. Holding others as worth the minimum of respect is a good starting point.

Battling is mostly for those who don’t know their own strength. Persuasion and alignment are a light that dawns through the clouds. When we share what compels us, what drives our decisions with others, they have the option to align with us. Who doesn’t love to be invited to share? Even if the answer isn’t a yes, the compliment is there in the invitation.

Gratitude for the inclusion of offers from others helps clear a mind to make the best choice and honor the invitations. This creates space to shape and mold what is possible in the world. It can get you to a yes, with finesse and contribution from both sides. That’s the adult, empowered place to play. Or you can hang out in power struggles, blame and judgement. Which gets your closer to what you want? The former of course. Plus it feels better.

Thursday: Seven of Stones, Healing

There is a meme making its way across Facebook that says, Trauma is not your fault, healing is your responsibility. Bingo. This Seven is exactly that sentiment. Suffering happened to you, and doing something constructive with it is how you make a life worth living. Emotions are close to the surface and run deep with the Moon moving into Cancer. There it squares off with Chiron, the young wounded place in us.

We get lots of help as the day moves on to do things that make us feel both comforted and impactful in our world. This is a good day to feel what comes up, soothe yourself and then make fresh choices knowing you have the power to work with whatever hurt you in the past to create something good.

This is not dismissive of your pain. Rather it’s putting it to work to inform a better choice. Creation is (1) a new thought plus (1) insight from the lesson learned that adds up to three instead of two. You have more than just the addition of those two elements, you get a bonus third.

Reaction is (1) Defensive thought now plus (-1) fear from an old scar that leaves you at zero. You gain nothing. Protection is healthy, defense is a zero sum game. You protect yourself with wise choices that trust that what you learned can benefit you with insight to choose better this time. Each empowered choice is healing.

Friday: Knight of Bows

Courage is the gift and courage is required today. If you rush into confrontation you are most likely going to come out bruised. Not to mention the damage you do to those you could have teamed up with today. Change is here, Venus meets up with Pluto and is still close enough to Saturn to feel the weight of this shift. Asteroid Eris is at odds with them all, so chaos is part of the equation.

Our fear brain wants to know now how to get what we want and avoid what we don’t. Those competing needs don’t always work well together. Sometimes you have to face some of what you don’t want to get those desired results. How committed are you to those desires of your heart? What will you do in service of your dreams?

Today you have to conquer the place in you that needs courage for a slower, steadier pace to accomplishment. Can you take whatever happens and see it as part of the path leading you home? Upheaval shows you where there are opportunities to create and revise plans. It’s a good place to streamline, edit and refine feelings, actions and alignment.

The status quo can’t help you now. Begin crafting your own particular new status quo. Respect is necessary. Both for self and others, as it will give you solid ground that no amount of chaos can destabilize. Separate out people’s behavior from the person. Behavior can change and you may need that to happen. Respect the person and they’re far more likely to shift the behavior. The power to call out better behavior through invitation is unstoppable in what it can accomplish.

Saturday: King of Vessels

This is the King of emotional magic. The masculine King plus the feminine cups has the ability to turn a difficult situation to your advantage. Call on the magic in everything you’ve learned when things go sideways today. It may be little upheavals or big. Still, you are more than capable of changing it from lead into gold.

The Cancer Moon opposes first Venus, then Saturn, then Pluto. Oppositions show up as contrast in the world around us. What is reflected back to us is the shadow side of what we desire. What price will you pay to get what you love? Will you sacrifice personal values to win? Will you win at any cost? Do you give up and walk away from fear or self doubt? You may well be presented with that kind of choice today. Choose wisely.

Hint, when you trade away who you are to get what you want, you can’t enjoy the win. When you walk away out of fear of failure, you betray yourself. It’s a test and one you can win. But Eris is in the mix and can be sneaky. One little corner cut can mushroom over time. Be clean and clear today. If you catch yourself compromising, go back and do it over.

The child fears that you can’t have what you want unless you grab it now at any cost. Or that young place wants it to drop in your lap with no effort. The adult in you wants to enjoy the victory by making the right investment for a good reward. When you release the need for a cheap victory, magic steps in to help you get it another way.

Sunday: Page of Bows

Uranus, the Great Awakener, trines the Great Expander, Jupiter, this morning. The cell door swings open, the chains fall free. Clarity dawns that you are the jailer and the jailed alike when it comes to your life. Anyplace you’ve boxed yourself in, you see that you can let yourself out. That much power can feel a little dizzying.

The aspects today have you going back and forth between elation and doubt. This Page is the card that stands for belief. The Bows are Spirit, so this internal state of Spiritual Awakening, adds an optimistic note to whatever you do. Believing is seeing. The more you see the fears and doubts as self limiting talk, the more you can manage them.

Those doubts serve a purpose. Be prepared. Be grounded. Take things at a measured pace. No need to rush anything at present. Believe. Well done you. Now practice it again. Everything is working out perfectly, whether you can see how from where you stand or not. Let everything offered to you be another interesting spot on the adventure that is your life. Happiness comes through wanting all you have, not having all you want. Spend time in that neighborhood, wanting what you have.

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