Darkest Night Gives Way

Your love-nature, Venus, and the Dark Lord of Transformation, Pluto are doing an intense tango within you. Have you heard the music? Or are you too busy trying to put your feet where you don’t fall over them? There is passion and intensity to this internal dance that has a unique beauty all its own. Give it attention this week and see the seedling break its shell and start pushing toward the light on new budding desires.

We learn young which attractions are acceptable and which are not. For some that meant you numbed the unacceptable desires, others went on the down low to meet them. The game of power and control is born here. We build a container for what we long for and wrap all kinds of coping skills around our drives. Those containers are coming apart. Whether it’s a slow dissolve or spectacular eruption is highly individualized. But it’s happening to everyone.

Take a good look at control, where you’ve felt it and where you’ve dealt it. You’ve done both. If you are sure you aren’t a controlling type because your kind and generous, check your shadow. I realized some of my good behavior was in part an attempt to control what others thought of me. I compromised to please another because I wanted to be seen as pleasing. Hello shadow side of control.

Engage honestly with your desires. Then assess how you meet your needs. Or do you just deny those you can’t meet? Come clean with yourself first. Accept all of you. Compassion is a bonus. From this starter block Venus takes you on a new 20 year cycle to learn how to expand what you came to share with the world. Did you know, what you long for is at the core of your creative gifts? It is – and this good look at the dark will usher in a brand new light. The Cards and Stars can help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

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Card of the Week: Eight of Vessels, Rebirth

Eights mean what you put out there comes back to you. This heartfelt Eight signals a need to leave what no longer works behind you. Walk away and begin anew. The suit of Vessels carries a rise and fall with their energy, like waves rolling in and back out. Trust the tide’s movement will reveal it’s direction over time. You can’t know in an instant, it takes patience for the flow to be identified. Being reborn is a process…

So you have to feel your way. Your head is for navigation not for selection purposes. You have to want it. If you don’t feel the pull, rework the situation until you do. When you can’t get to an authentic yes – let go. Watch the stories you tell yourself around that release. The harder it is, the more necessary the change may be. Start with your stories. Where they once were true, they aren’t any more. They leave out too much of your authority as an adult.

As an adult you can decide on a much broader list of options. The young place in you would limit it to the familiar few, even if they aren’t good choices. Familiar is survivable but not so fun in many cases. Birth is a messy process. Rebirth includes some of the original shock, transition, contraction of the birth canal before a whole new world opens up.

Which means be kind to yourself. Offer a little grace to those around you who are doing the same dance. Feel what is most like you in this moment and wear it. Discard what doesn’t. It gets easier with practice and can be fun before long. What you put out there comes back to you in infinite concentric circles. These is the first of three eights this week, so transformation as an infinite condition is reality. Let your whole self lean into change.

Monday: Five of Vessels, Ecstasy

This five presents a challenge for traditional Tarot. Because the Five of Cups means sorrow and disappointment in creativity or love. In Wildwood Tarot it is the creative climax. To bring these two diverging meanings together is to arrive at the ecstasy point. How to do it is this. Realize dissatisfaction is a feeling. It shows up when our needs and/or wants aren’t met. When this goes on too long, resentment builds up. So does our story about why it happens.

How much justification do you need before you speak up for what you want or need? How big a villain do you need to see the other as being in order to bring yourself to ask for it? The victim/persecutor feeling goes with this card. You don’t want something to happen, so loss is tied to a helpless feeling. Except you aren’t ever without power. What don’t you see, what haven’t you understood is what’s really going on between you.

You are not in alignment but that can change. Rather than fear of being unloved or unlovable you can direct your energy into what increases love. Self love adds and honors healthy boundaries. It feels the difference between a healthy no and a defended no. Love lets your beloved have a choice you disagree with, without being a doormat. You see the whole instead of bits that add to a unpleasant narrative. When you start from the premise of ‘how does this serve me better understanding and meeting my desires while honoring another’s you’re close to the sweet spot.

Tuesday: Eight of Bows, Hearthfire

This is the second eight this week, so today look for the unexpected to occur. It goes right along with the Moon in a grand trine with Jupiter and Uranus. Those three together are like standing on the moon and looking at your life on planet Earth. Suddenly perspective gets huge and reduces irritating things to a more manageable size. You start to see how it all fits together in a bigger picture.

It’s an intuitive leap into that big view and not one that you can easily stay locked into long term. But once you’ve seen it you can’t unsee it. You know the scope of things and that view changes you. In traditional Tarot this is also the card that heralds recognition, applause, effort rewarded. Even if it is just you acknowledging you, take a bow today for that evolutionary leap.

By evening the Moon and Mercury square off as your fear brain tries to reduce your understanding back into manageable boxes. Observe and resist the urge to dumb down whatever view you had today. Resist the urge to tell yourself nothing happened. It did, and even if it was a subliminal blip your wise self got it. You’ll need that big picture going forward, but it will show up when and where it best serves. Your job is to stay open to it.

Wednesday: Nine of Stones, Tradition

We have heavy hitting help for our internal state first from Mars, then Saturn and finally Pluto today. Of course we have nine, the number of mastery, to go with those. Your new tradition is grounded, rooted behavior, based on who you really are not on who you were told to be. You’ll feel that today. It may be subtle, it may be strong, but it is present.

When Moon and Mars get together peacefully there is an inner strength and drive to accomplish goals. Saturn add the element of timekeeper and restraint. When there is a beginning, middle and end to things we value them more because they are finite. Your time is precious. Who and what are you investing it in and do they return the results that make your heart sing?

If not then Pluto and the Moon meet up to burn away impurities and limitations to get to the essence of things. What is worth the test will not only stand up to all obstacles, those very challenges refine and enhance them. Difficulties turn carbon into diamond. Let your will be tempered, focused and applied to what you love.

Act on those things that align with your deepest longings, in a way that also considers those around you. It doesn’t mean to let the world dictate your desires, it finds a way to plug them in that best serves even when it disrupts. When disrupting the status quo, do it with respect for what you dislodge and when the dust settles you have less reconstruction to do.

Thursday: Three of Arrows, Jealousy

Three is Mercury’s number, the symbol for communication on wings. When the arrows are involved, it’s busy, unpleasant chatter in our minds about scarcity. Chiron is opposite the Moon which puts the spotlight on what others have while you stand in the shadow feeling momentarily overlooked by fortune.

Muddled logic and confusion reign when Neptune squares off with Mercury. Especially because Jupiter tapped his expansive wand on the Moon first. Which means you get to wander the maze of lies we tell ourselves when it hurts to see others enjoy what we ourselves don’t have at the moment. It’s hard wired in our survivor brain to fear competition as a life threatening.

It isn’t, but you need to engage the adult portion of your brain to soothe those fears when they show up. What’s yours is also hard wired into the Universe. Everything you need is available, and much of what you want. The challenge comes when you insist that it looks like what you see in someone else’s life.

Your version of it gets lost when it falls outside the narrow definition of success you use. Open up the ways it can look for you. Focus on the feeling more than the packaging. When you repeatedly do this, you replace the constriction and misery of jealousy with possibility. Your brain goes from compare and despair to compare and dare. You see it and know you can have your version of it. What’s yours cannot go to someone else.

Friday: Page of Stones

The challenges in yesterday’s aspects spill over into today’s line up. The Moon squares off with heavyweights Saturn then Pluto. Which is why this handy page shows up to lend assistance. Pages are the inner state of being that precede our actions shown by the Knights. Stones are tangible security and manifestation potential within you. You want to call on the wise self inside of you today to face down the shadows.

Where do you overestimate the threats in life and underestimate yourself? You get challenged today and the choice is to brood and go pessimistic, filled with rage or to to trust yourself and life’s process. When you do, drop back to what you dream of, what you long for and let it light you up. Acknowledge fears that you won’t get it or it won’t last.

Risk is part of life, so is failure. However the magic of life takes what looks like failure and turns it into the on ramp of a whole new adventure when we let it. Contraction in fear must be managed. When you can do that, command those fears rather than bowing before them, you truly live rather than exist.

Soothe yourself, let the fear paint the path to expansion and power. Fear always attacks you at your greatest strength because there is where you expand the most. Let the mind chatter become runway lights to guide you to a safe lift off. Once you know you can do that you are secure within, no matter what goes on without.

Saturday: The World, The Solstice

Today you face the shadow side of choice. It’s easy to use the availability of the next thing to free you from challenges in a current situation. There is always another option so when you can’t immediately hold what you want, the child in us abandons the toy and grabs for another. The adult in us must sift through the mixture of feelings to find out if escape is dictating the switch or does it truly come from abundance.

Sometimes all you need to do is to sit with the feelings a bit to see them restructure your priorities in a meaningful way. Mercury meets up with wise Pallas Athene to access our deeper wisdom. Once we acknowledge those competing needs of protection and expansion we can work with them more effectively. Rarely does anyone decide from a clear, clean uncluttered emotional space. Emotions are fluid and seep into all kinds of nooks and crannies.

This Solstice Day it pays to examine the World within you that goes into choosing, reacting, adapting and creating the World outside you. As the Sun moves into Capricorn and prepares to trine Uranus, change is at hand. Direct it, shape it. Own where you wish to run away from any failure and defeat to a new start. Do so thoughtfully, with trust that staying or leaving matters less than how you do it. Choose from your heart, let your mind and intuition help you get there. It opens a world of the best opportunities when you do.

Sunday: Eight of Arrows, Struggle

The third eight lightens the sting of struggle. It repurposes it and helps it become a defining choice. Which struggles can you convert into effort that feels good? When obstacles illuminate how much you want something, the struggle becomes an investment you know will pay off. Even if it pays you in currency other than what you imagine, you get that return.

It is a far more attractive way to navigate than helplessness, overwhelm or resentment of those challenges in your path. Who doesn’t love a come from behind winner? The underdog starts out as an unlikely champion. Yet we almost always cheer the hard work that has you at the top of those steep stairs you successfully ran up, dancing a victory dance.

Three eights together signals burdens lessened. What better eight to turn up third than this one. The aspects shift and line up behind you to make that corner with ease. If difficulties have you exhausted, discouraged, depressed stand still. Until you can move forward from a place that feels engaged rather than entangled with what’s before you, pause. Refine what you want, what’s the goal and what it means to you. When you have that in place, then align the actions that make molehills out of those mountains.

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