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Tarot With TruthinHand December 2-8

Buddha answered the question about the difference between ‘I Like You’ and ‘I Love You’, this way. “When you like a flower you pick it. When you love a flower you water it regularly.” This week asks you to sort out your priorities between those two choices.

Where do you regularly invest in the well being of who and what holds your heart? We set up a new 12 year love cycle with Jupiter and Venus conjunct in Capricorn this New Moon Tuesday. The combination promises that what you tend will yield consistent, long lasting results over time. What a nice incentive to tempt us to put quality effort into our relationships.

The image of a ping pong table was there in my meditation when I prepared for this week’s report. How well do you play ping pong with those you care about? Think of your communication as a ping pong game. When someone lobs the ball over to you, do you return it as best you can? Do you viciously spike it back or do you instead challenge yourself to new heights of mobility to catch those ‘on the edge’ shots. Do you hold your own well?

The Gottman study revealed with 90% accuracy which couples would stay together long term and one key component was how you answered a partner’s ‘ask’. When someone you love makes a request for your attention, it is an ‘ask’. Eye rolls and ignoring were death knells for a couple. It signals contempt which punches holes in the best of boats in relation’ship’.

Love makes an effort that doesn’t always feel like work. When you love, you learn which efforts make your beloved feel they matter. Map that out for yourself this week. Play with what activities feel good for you and might benefit your partner. Get creative and by all means, find a way to give without doing it through gritted teeth.

Obligation and duty are a cold bed to lie in together. It’s the downside risk of Capricorn. Be creative and find ways to warm it up. That will benefit both you and those you love. This standard influences the next 12 years. Isn’t that reason enough to make adjustments a priority this week? The Cards and the Stars can help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

Card of the Week: The Forest Lovers

Your relationships always reflect your inner state of being. They are, after all, created by you. If you don’t like the current state of yours or even if you do but want to dial it up, inner work is the key. With both Mars and Mercury still in deep dive Scorpio territory, our shadow can be well and truly wrangled.

In other words, put your fear brain and ego in the back seat and drive with a better integrated you at the wheel. Shadow is present when you have impatience, judgement and contempt, which sends the ping ball flying off the table and the play stops. Overhaul how you treat and talk to yourself first. The benefits are long lasting and feel good almost every step of the way.

Heart offers compassion for ‘what is’ and gives you a richer, kinder note for creative play. Pallas, the cool minded logical one sits close with the Sun and Moon to lend a big picture perspective. Now add in intuition before you act and voila, you’ve got the inner marriage that precedes an outer match up.

This formula will help as old stories get stirred up this week to help you move beyond them. Emotional confrontations are an invitation to do things differently, not judge what’s occurring. Learn and adjust as you go…

Monday: Four of Stones, Protection

The firm foundation is on deck today. Where do your actions reveal your strengths and your weaknesses? Pair up compassion for shortcomings and how you can do better. You get some extra help from both Venus and Pluto to transform your inner dialogue. Which ultimately affects your outer dialogue.

Jupiter jumps into Capricorn where the Great Expander discovers limitations in those stretch goals. When you don’t realize there is competing expansion/contraction energy it can spin you. Power plays pop up. This is an invitation to rework the playing field so you have a good game of back and forth instead of a fierce battle.

Bring curiosity about what’s happening in to educate you and lighten the mood at the same time. We are fascinating creatures and highly programmable. So put your attention on what you want to rework to get you on solid ground. From there you can build more of what you want rather than hide behind walls to avoid what you don’t want.

Tuesday: Eight of Bows, Hearthfire (New Moon)

A graceful strong way of speaking about relationships, is offered Moon, Venus and Mars line up nicely together today. Eight always means that what you put out there comes back to you. So it echoes the message of the stars. Pay particular attention to how you speak to yourself and about others.

Words have weight. Do you know how to vent about another’s shortcomings and keep a kind point of view? Be as generous with loved ones faults as you’d like them to be with ours. They can bug you, but separate behavior from the person. Behavior is not so lovable, person always is. Watch for sugar cravings today. Sugar keeps our mind racing. It’s a self limiting behavior when you start breaking old habits. It mimics the anxious mind you’ve grown used to when you eat it.

It takes a little time for the brain to adjust to being well treated when that hasn’t been the norm for most of the population. But this New Moon offers you a more wholistic, loving approach to your inner and outer world in how you think and act in life. It may feel odd, but it can become addicting with practice. This is one addiction you’ll be grateful to have.

Wednesday: King of Bows

This fiery King is the promise of goals achieved. The hallmark of this card is integrity. Fire burns off the impurities to allow the pure essence to emerge. So it’s the promise that any challenges you face are there to reveal the core truth of the matter and your part in it.

The Moon meets up with Neptune with a helping hand from both Saturn and Pluto. Difficulties can be seen in light of helping get to the heart of the matter. What we love we fear losing, so all kinds of tricky coping skills pop up in protection of it.

Let today peel back illusions and show you where you can step up and be in better service of your dreams and the relationships that build them. Stop protecting mistakes. Instead own them and make amends so you can move forward. Apologies without changed behavior is manipulative and less than desirable. You can do better.

Be gracious when others have erred and own it. Play nicely with others and help others play better with you. If they can’t or won’t over time, you’ll know what to do.

Thursday: The Wheel – Happy Thanksgiving

We don’t have the easiest of aspects for the family gathering. It’s likely the old stories where you feel ‘less than’ are stirred. The Moon meets up with Chiron, the wounded place in each of us. Jupiter is at odds with the Moon and magnifies the feelings, ugh.

In other words, emotions will run high and old habits may pop up. There is a reason for it. This helps illuminate where you underestimate yourself and overestimate others. It was appropriate in childhood when adults did have more power or influence, but it’s not true now.

See what comes up, take time for yourself and don’t believe everything you think. Where you are convinced you know the reason someone did or said something is a good place to start. Those are almost always projections. None of us are all that clear on why we do what we do when we are in a pattern.

Let the Wheel of Change turn and take you out of the less powerful place and into a fresh start. You are your own inner comforter and strength. Call on that rather than look for it from others. Be generous with other’s faults and offer the same compassion for your own shortcomings. The Wheel says, ‘this too shall pass’.

Daily Tarot TruthinHand Aug 1-7th 2016

Friday: The Two of Bows, Decision

‘More than doers, we are deciders. Once we decide the doing becomes almost effortless.’ That’s from a book of Runes and is well matched with this fiery two. It’s time to bring the masculine and feminine into better balance. The Moon is opposite Juno, which highlights the place where we don’t feel equal in partnership.

The feminine is how we are at being, the masculine at doing. What’s your mix? Most of us adjust based on who we are around, it’s not a constant state of being. Who provokes the most giving and who invites you to do the most receiving? Put your attention there and dig a little deeper.

It’s easy today to see what you don’t like, what doesn’t work, where you don’t feel ‘seen’. That’s so you can craft a better choice, a clearer voice on what you feel and what those feelings need from you.

Once you know that you can and will create balanced relationships with healthier give and take. Conversations with others are a good way to flesh out how far you’ve come. Decide to let your intuition guide you then work with what comes up.

Saturday: Ten of Arrows, Instruction

It is the end of an era with Saturn and Pluto marching ever closer to the meet up in January. The Moon triggers both of them today in a challenge to let go and release control. Trying to control life is brittle and always, always, always fails in the end.

Today there is space to trade up for a much better tool than gripping so tightly to our mental construct of what happens. Replace that iron grip with the supple strength of being in command of your life. No matter what happens, you always have the ability to shape it, interact with it, benefit from it or release it.

You may be out of control but you are never out of command unless you allow it. Ten’s always signal the graduation from one level to the next. One through Nine is mastery, then you begin again on a whole new playing field.

Whatever failed can be revisited at a later date from a whole new perspective. It’s an empowered point of view that offers so much more than you knew one level down. Let the past instruct you, release it and carry the lessons with you into a whole new arena.

Sunday: The Hooded Man

This card combined with our Card of the Week points to a strong relationship where each partner does their inner work. The healthier the individual, the healthier the relationship. Today The Sun and Jupiter help shine light on where our illusions cost us the real thing because of our wounds.

It’s always wise to take a close look when Chiron gets poked at where we offend from the wounded position. When we use our past pain or fear of that pain reoccurring as justification to lash out, we continue the pain cycle – not our partner. Too often you interpret new data with old eyes and miss the updated information. Instead of the victim, you become the aggressor.

See where the reason feared patterns repeat the way they do is because we insist on seeing things as the same old, instead of doing a thorough inventory on what’s really true now. You go on offense as your defensive strategy and perpetuate what you don’t want. Do your own inventory today. Take a closer look and all your relationships benefit.

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