Integrate Trauma & Recover

Tarot with TruthinHand 10/14-20

Change is experienced mostly as trauma for humans. Our brain stem likes status quo because it knows how to survive what’s familiar. This is why so many people stay in bad or difficult circumstances. The safety of survivability over rides their discomfort. They don’t know how to trust they can navigate the unknown successfully.

This trust is a muscle that must be built with practice. Trauma looms as a reminder that the world is not always pleasant. Self esteem is at the core of trust, but even those with weak self esteem have something to build their trust. You survived and learned from whatever happened.

It is an active choice to remember strength more than pain. Often we land in the space where we can either be a ‘prisoner of the past’ or a ‘pioneer of the future’ as Deepak Chopra says.

When we insist on seeing things the same way, then we continue to create the same patterns. Life is not the same. You’ve changed, the world has changed, your ability to use all of your skill set and resources is far greater than it has been before.

We have some sweet aspects this week that make it easier to align with expanded trust. Imagine a better outcome, interpret things with a fresh perspective. Feel the Truth of something rather than just the fear of the unknown. This is what it takes to build that trust muscle in yourself.

The best part is we have the ‘compare and dare’ activation going on as well. This means that others can inspire us to break our own limits. They do this when they do something you would like to do, or have something you want to have.

When you see it and desire it you can sink to jealousy or envy, the lowest expression of this comparison. Or you can reach down within you and find the feelings and resources to create your own version of it. Compare and dare to do what creates that in your life.

There is no lack or scarcity. Open up to what’s there for you and let this week give you solid progress into new opportunities, tailored made for you to interact with and create. Believing is seeing, seeing is healing.

Card of the Week: Seven of Stones, Healing

The promise of this card is ‘wholeness and recovery’. It is also the image in some Tarot decks of a garden being tended before it blooms. Your efforts now pay off for you going forward. Since it is traditionally harvest time in the Northern Hemisphere, the contrast of what you reap now inspires preparation to sow good seeds for your future.

What happened to you in the past, good or bad, is all fertilizer for what you grow next. Nothing is wasted. So “re-view” your past with an eye towards integrating it into the soil of your future. Let it all become rich food source for you to draw on for new growth.

Rest is part of this cycle. It is not a busy, rushing, frantic pace. It is a healthy combination of gas and brakes. Breathe in and breathe out. Find your own unique rhythm and harmonize it with the world around you. There is a place where your contribution is not only welcome but necessary to complete the symphony of life itself.

Monday: Four of Arrows, Rest

Today the Sun is exactly square Pluto.  This one is best dealt with through internal reflection.  This is an epic power struggle.  To quote Freud who had the Sun conjunct Pluto, “the ego is not master in his own house”.   When we don’t acknowledge our own ego drives and power pulls, we experience them in the world around us.  Projection is an outgrowth of this.

We demonize the ‘other’ and fight self righteous battles, convinced of our absolute right to be right.  Or we feel victimized by those who do.  Either extreme and all along the axis is a chance to move out of duality and into polarity.  Duality is one against another.  We feel opposed rather than expanded.  

Polarity is the ability to take things in from end to end.  It offers us the chance to experience a full range, say in a 24 hour period.  We have night and day.  The night is not bad and the day good, they simply give us contrast from one extreme to another.  Duality is when you label one as desirable and one as undesirable simply because it is not the ‘other’.  

Today look and see where you can move away from the labeling of what you see, experience or understand as being one thing or another.   Instead let it flesh out a fuller picture of what you live.  If you see it all as filling out a map, what landscape emerges.  It takes ego out of the equation with no need to defend or attack.  Rather the invitation is to explore.

Tuesday: Ancestor

The Wildwood Tarot describes the Ancestor as “your instinctive spirit felt it necessary to lead you to the gateway and a new path”.  Perfect words for what we have today.  The luminaries line up to provide a super bullet train to deep psychological understanding and how to apply it for long term gain.

The full extent of what seeds are planted today may take years to gain full size but there is fertile soil waiting and effort to consciously seed something ‘more’ pays off.  Move beyond ego driven power struggles.  Trade duality for polarity.  

There’s a little hint of pessimism that may try to worm its way in by day’s end and that’s the brain stem.  It wants to squeeze you back into safe old thoughts.  Notice it.  Don’t shame or blame yourself.  Understand it’s part of the expansion process and simply take the next breath. 

Put real effort to underpin the growth steps.  Choose a better thought.  Good.  Now do it again.  And again.  That’s it, you gain momentum a step at a time.

Wednesday: Queen of Stones

Jupiter and Pluto make the third of three touches before they meet up for the real dance next Spring.  These two combined bring a ‘broad and deep understanding of life’.  Just exactly what this week offers you.  A chance to get off the narrow strip of life you’ve occupied and see the banquet of choice around you. 

That expansiveness can freak your brain stem out, so some body work today is good.  Nature always helps to ground us, however you can experience it today.  This Queen is about receiving the good things in life.  She draws to her what she needs and desires and delights in their physical presence. 

Let your senses have a little banquet of some kind to day to anchor receiving as a pleasure that comes with being on this earth, in your body.   Trust your ability to say yes to what pleases you and no to what doesn’t.

Creation rather than reaction is a principle which takes time and practice to expand along with your trust muscle. Feel your way through the day and enjoy how much physical support is there for you. This Queen is about learning how to manage resources wisely so there is always a connection to the flow.

Thursday: Ace of Bows

Venus is trine the North Node today and brings with it a cornucopia of potential delights. The Moon and Mars get into the picture to help you expand and act on what most attracts you. The only down side to this is a kind of gluttony if you have been starved for the good things.

Chew each moment slowly. Savor it and roll it around in your body to let the pleasure land. This way you don’t grab for more and more and more without digesting what you’ve already eaten. See if you can let yourself enjoy the moment without rushing to the next so that spark of delight has time to build into a real fire.

The best part is, once you know you can have and enjoy this moment or delight, you can create it again in the next opportunity. It may not look exactly the same, but it can have a similar joy within it. After all, does fire ever look exactly the same from moment to moment? Trust the sparks, nurture them and let them teach you how to be the fire starter of possibility in your own world.

Friday: Nine of Arrows, Dedication

Ah, nine’s always signal the completion of something before the next level – a ten – begins. The Wildwood Tarot calls it a sacred summoning that requires time and effort. Arrows are the mind so the aspects serve up a chance to manage those pesky fears the brain stem so readily serves up.

We start the day with the Moon at odds with both Neptune and Jupiter. This dials up fear that we can’t trust what we see, believe, know or want. Doubt creeps in and Jupiter expands the confusion Neptune serves up.

Dedication is required to manage your mind. Push back on those pesky fears and see them for what they are. Your survival system wants to squeeze you back into familiar space even if it is uncomfortable.

Doubt you doubts. Really question them and see where they overestimate the threat and underestimate you. Take healthy steps to stand on solid ground, dispel cloudy situations with concrete words and actions. Don’t just wait for the world to act on you, instead you put something solid into the mix and then see what shows up around the new belief. Practice makes for sustainable growth.

Saturday: Five of Arrows, Frustration

Today has a challenge in it. Moon, Mars and Chiron are in awkward relationship that has a ‘Proceed with caution’ sign attached. It’s easy to breeze past self monitoring into over reaction. You may feel someone challenges your right to what you feel, want or do.

But with help from both Uranus and Pluto you can break free of that pattern, really free. The story doesn’t fit you any more so take a moment and self soothe before you react. If it’s too late by the time you read this, soothe anyway then revisit the situation as the adult you are, not the child you were.

Take responsibility if you snapped or shut down. Apologize, if it’s warranted, out of respect for both yourself and others. This simple act of personal responsibility is a solid building block for power. When you own your own reactions without blaming the world around you, opportunities come your way you can’t imagine. Who knew a little frustration could offer so much with a little healthy care and handling?

Sunday: Two of Bows, Decision

Wow, the aspects and this card all point to a big step forward in your development. Moon opposite both Saturn and Pluto offer you rich rewards when you develop deeply felt responsibility and commitment. You commit to withdrawing your negative emotional outbursts from the world to face them in more private capacity.

In other words you don’t unleash your issues on others in rage, blame, victimization and emotional manipulation. Instead you own what you feel, find a way to express what you want and need and trust the Universe will help you get it.

The flip side of that is brutal self control and extremely hard task master tendencies in relationship that shut down connection. There is a rigidity and obsessiveness for protection that creeps in when you won’t take responsibility for what you feel and trust you can have a version of it.

You decide whether you want to feel deep emotional satisfaction, connection and potential or whether you want to stay locked into power struggles. By evening the Moon meets up with Mercury to give you a big picture view and a less intense note to make that decision. Venus and Saturn started the day together to remind you that love defeats fear every time. You decide…

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