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Tarot with TruthinHand for 9/2-8/19

You may feel like a duck on a pond this week. While you glide along on the surface, those feet are paddling madly underneath. The world you observe has two layers to it too. There is what’s happening and then there is what you think is happening.

How do you show up powerfully in a world that feels like constantly shifting sand? There is a stack of planets in Virgo this week connecting to Uranus, The Great Awakener, Saturn, The Time Keeper and Pluto, Deep Transformation. You have the answers inside you for whatever comes up this week. Your inner world is how you interpret your outer world, so your power comes from a strong inner sense of yourself.

Go within, locate your inner critics. They’re there. In fact you find all kinds of places and spaces they hang out quietly that you may not have noticed. I’m doing the rest of the week’s forecast by audio, because mine suddenly took over my writing.

I can’t get a sentence down without going back over it, second guessing it, erasing and starting over. For four days now, it’s been endless editing until I got the cosmic joke. I’m living proof of this week’s transits. So I’m going around the boulder my critic keeps in front of me. I trust Spirit more when I audio record.

Be very very mindful in relationships this week. It’s so easy to blow up connection with your inner critics frustrations. Healthy boundaries are good, but barbed wire walls and telling people something for their ‘own good’ is war, not relationship. The more self righteous you feel about it, the more likely you are on shifting sand. Don’t do it…

Instead, find your inner absolutes. Explore your gray areas. What does your authentic yes or no feel like in your body. Start there. Other people merely give you the perfect opportunity to flesh out what is real for you internally. Once you have that, you can add it much more effectively, joyfully to the world outside of you. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

Card of the Week: The Mirror

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Tuesday: Ten of Vessels, Happiness

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