Life Improves With Passion

Tarot with TruthinHand 8/12-18

To passionately improve your life this week, you have to trim the sails. The nautical dictionary describes this as either adjusting the sails to catch the most wind possible or moving to the center of the boat to give it balance to forge ahead.

The Full Moon on Thursday serves up a transformationally tense T-square with Vesta in Taurus, Sun and Venus in Leo plus the Aquarius Moon. Center of the boat translates into good for me AND good for you. When it benefits each party in a measurably way, this takes advantage of the maximum wind to push your dreams, goals and desires ahead.

A boat tipped to far to one side or the other can’t pick up speed, no matter how much you adjust the sails. So you have to trim away imbalances in your relationships. What is the give and receive feeling?

Now there’s a trick to this. It is easy to get on your moral high ground and see where you’ve put in effort that hasn’t been returned or appreciated. But before you go stomping in to ‘right’ the ‘wrong’ done to you, hit pause. Did they ask for what you give? Or did you give what you thought they needed without asking?

Have you taken time to see where they have given, perhaps not what you wanted but they contributed time and effort to the connection? Start with a gratitude list, always a handy transformational tool. Value others contribution and watch as they return the favor.

Once you’ve done a good inventory, a generous inventory, then list what you wish for and haven’t received. Be willing to hear the same from the other person. Double check do you give what’s been asked or do you give what you want them to have? Often when we feel unappreciated there’s a disconnect between what’s given and what’s been asked.

Now you are ready, sails trimmed for this Full Moon’s transformational tension and some impressive sparks. Whether or not it becomes a real fire is up to you. Passion for what you do provides the spark. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

Card of the Week: Ace of Arrows, Breath of Life

This Ace cuts through the clutter and helps you see clearly what needs adjustment. It reminds us that for a thought to become a thing you have to put effort into its creation. Apply action to places you’ve safely been parked in imagination.

Cut loose former wishes that no longer fit who you are now. Like pruning roses it trims away the wilted flowers so new ones bloom. Either way, it’s wise use of your ability to consciously and carefully select one thing over another. Choose a better thought, belief, view of someone. See where you have influence instead of struggling with where you don’t. If it doesn’t light your fire, find more places and spaces that do.

The mind shapes our heart’s desires and in doing so limits the creation. Use your mind wisely this week and dial up or down where you’ve been off balance. Don’t worry, you can’t get it wrong. If you don’t like the results, learn from them. Then make the next decision and sail on ahead.

Monday: Seven Of Stones, Healing

The Moon meets up with heavy weights Saturn, South Node and Pluto today for healing. This combination gives solid ground to stand on so you can take back emotional projections from others and deal with them yourself. The person triggering you does you a favor. Withdraw and deal with your patterns rather than waste energy tangling with another.

Grab a wise counselor or friend and work through it with them. Tell them what happened but tell it with a healthy dose of personal responsibility for what is yours and what is not. Decide what you want to do or say from a place that isn’t defended – replace armor with assurance that you can and will deal with whatever happens.

Life wants you to have what you wish for and it wants you to have surprises, too. Defensiveness protects you but also locks you into a narrow way of living. Pain is part of existence. Time to decide what pain you are willing to trade for a lot more life – one with energy in it.

You can’t get it wrong. You can only make life small and guarded or open up to bigger with some bruises. When you know you can survive the bumps, you thrive because of your to risk it for a richer life. That is healing.

Tuesday: Four of Stones, Protection

Whew, what a planetary powerhouse we have today. Let me boil it down to a few take aways. Fours are always firm foundation and/or four walls with no door. Today the light goes on to show you where love and connection get walled in out of an exaggerated need to protect yourself.

That light helps us see where the wound makes us overestimate the current threat and underestimate ourselves. So we suit up for battle, when it’s mostly unnecessary and unproductive. Clarity dawns and you can see where you’ve been shooting flies with cannon balls. You kill the fly but do so much more damage. Watch for where the fire in us burns when applied recklessly.

Try another method of ridding yourself of pesky irritations today. You’ll have inspiration handy. When you do that you discover there is a flow to the day that’s possible without detours into misplaced defensiveness or anger stirring conflict. The best news is this way allows you to create a more enjoyable life and one on truly firm foundation.

Wednesday: King of Bows

Today is a quiet day astrologically, just Moon and Jupiter to dial up our magnetic attraction. What do you attract? It’s your report card for the energy you broadcast.

The King of Bows signals time to check in on your integrity. The more you bring your best self to things, the more you add natural leadership, quality and light to anything that happens.

It reminds me of the business owner who acts more like a cheerleading coach than a heavy handed boss. Even when you aren’t the boss, this card shows that when you share inspired light with others, they follow your lead. Find the fun in whatever comes up today and watch that lighten the load as well as the mood.

Thursday: Green Woman – Full Moon

Transformation threads through this Full Moon. Balance adjustment between the individual and the community is necessary now. Who you are as an individual is what adds to the community. But how do you balance individual needs against group needs?

Where the community (this can mean family) needs overshadow individual needs, the fire of passion burns low. We are wired to both belong and to stand out as our unique self. When the community can’t see and appreciate what is special about you and feed that bTheack in a meaningful way, the fire goes out and the connection becomes duty and obligation. This is a starvation diet and not a meaningful way to live.

When you celebrate individual at the expense of community competition for the center spot pits one against another and connections fray or are lost altogether. So how do you balance those two competing needs? This is what the Full Moon asks of you. But the answer has to come, not through your head, but through your heart. Like Antoine St. Exupery in the Little Prince, “it is only with the Heart that one can see rightly”.

The heart is the place where all things merge and become one. So what you think, intuit and act upon all swim in the sea of emotions to help you craft a better solution than you have currently. Bring more of you to the revolution and the results will satisfy, even though you may not see how it can work just yet. Begin with Heart and you can’t go wrong.

Friday: The Mirror

Eris, the Goddess of Chaos shows up to the party today, insisting to be seen. She says, ‘rules be damned’ don’t bend your personal morals for an outside authority. It’s time to speak up for what you know is right, even if it messes with the orderly world around you.

Eris is in Aries now with bold instinctive response to perceived injustices. It’s difficult, maybe even impossible, to keep quiet about where authority has crossed personal boundaries of right and wrong. The tension arises from the Mirror’s insistence that you surrender to what is without surrendering yourself.

Put another way, you must risk speaking up about corruption, even when you can’t yet see how it makes a difference. When you are willing to call a spade a spade, change begins. From there, take it a day at a time and stand firm on what you know to be true and right. Don’t try to fix things too quickly with hare brained ideas.

Instead, clear any doubts about your personal integrity. When you trim away obstacles there, the light of who you are burns brightly and illuminates all kinds of resources and allies. You’ll want those for the months ahead.

Saturday: The Shaman

Today holds a powerful catharsis of repressed emotions with deep healing like magic in it. It works best with disciplined actions or you could run into harsh boundary collisions. Still waters run deep, so deliberate before acting. See the whole playing field without trying to force results. The Universe works with you anytime you see the Shaman show up.

Decide how you want to show up and let this shape your interactions. Are you an adult with power and personal authority or are you in that young space of reaction? You may start in the latter and move into the former. It doesn’t matter if you don’t immediately see and feel your impact on anything you say or do. Just know you have it.

When you let that reality sink in, really sink in, you can use your drive for results without trampling on others wants and needs. You enlist help from former opponents and see how much more is possible when you have good group effort.

If someone struggles to leave the reactions space, offer support before you condemn. It may be all they need to turn a corner. If they can’t let them know they can join in next time once they practice being powerful. Then make Magic happen with those of like mind.

Sunday: Eight of Stones, Skill

We wrap up the week with this eight. It reminds us that what we practice, we perfect. Take a look at how far you’ve come in the last seven days. There are some important moments for sure this week, small though they may seem at present. You will look back in future months and see the turning point as significant.

The Wildwood Tarot stresses that it is not only dedication to a job well done, but love for the work that perfects skill. Where can you add more love and appreciation for yourself and your courage this week? Life is not for the faint of heart. Pain is the inevitable by product of risk. Still the pain of an un-lived life often far outweighs the sting of disappointment and failure.

You are worth your time and so is what you love. The World itself conspires to give you more of it when you open up to the ways that expresses itself. As you fold each obstacle or challenge into the experience as a whole, the texture gets richer.

This card speaks of discipline that brings results. So the more you incorporate a view that lets everything teach you, the more skill you harvest from every day. The skill to create a life worth living.

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