Mercury Direct – Feel Your Way Forward

Tarot With TruthinHand July 29-August 3rd

Mercury heads forward in Cancer this week and we move along with it, back over familiar territory for one more pass. Thought tracks run comfortably deep over old beliefs and stories, but now we have new options from which to choose.

Time to double down on what feels true and good for you. We’ve had Chiron, the wounded powerless place poked a little extra this summer with transits. This is also why we’ve seen some less than adult behavior in the world around us. Melt downs, loss of control, these are all signs of adults feeling helpless rather than using their power for forward momentum.

If you want to see change in the world, get specific on the micro level – your world. In fact August is very much going to offer a chance to change your outer world one inner choice at a time. More on that later. For now, this week, practice being an empowered adult by being aware of what you do and why you do it. Especially in those tender spots.

Comfort yourself when you fear or doubt, don’t race past it. Shame wants to hide those spots but others trip your alarm bells or poke your story. It’s to get you to take a new path in what you do, say and believe about what’s happening. Practice and more practice will get you the best kind of break up this week. The break up with the view of you as anything less that the powerful creator of your world.

See yourself as the architect of every single moment. Choose a thought, a feeling, an action that is more aligned with who you really are now – not who you were taught to be in order to belong. See where the fear of loss has you compromised beyond any healthy point and adjust. Fear always magnifies the loss and underestimates other alternatives. You have more available than you can possibly use. Time to open up to abundance where even better outcomes wait.

Honor who you really are then bring the best version of it to the moment. Give others the invitation to do the same. Be as generous with their mistakes as you’d like them to be with yours. Like all the cells in your body, find a way to work in harmony rather than compare yourself to another cell. You’ve got the job to be you, and you are better at it than you know. Find that place this week and you are a winner all the way. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

Card of the Week: Two of Pentacles

Old habits square off with new ones this week. It’s easy to slip into familiar patterns but you won’t do well there. You’ll hit resistance, frustration and opposition. The Universe will do its part to make it harder to go back to what no longer serves you.

Do it differently. Be present to what you feel and what that feeling wants, especially when you hit obstacles. Dig deeper. Do you want approval? Love and belonging? A sense of feeling that you matter and what you do is seen and appreciated?

When you take time to notice what you feel and think on a deeper level, that is healthy self care. Then you don’t have to force yourself to do things differently. Rather there is more ease to do something new. The Resistance comes in when you try to stay stuck in the old loop. It’s uncomfortable doing what you’ve always done.

Go a little bit slower. A more authentic you emerges when you give this process a chance to show you a better way to think, feel and act in service of what you want. One less conditioned and more alive. That’s worth the change.

Monday: Four of Arrows, Rest

Fours symbolize the four corners of things, the four directions or even the four elements. Arrows are the mind’s realm. Mental rest is required today. The Moon moves into Cancer and then squares Chiron, the wounded spot in us. The Sun will also square up Uranus before day’s end but the good news comes from Mercury and Uranus.

These two team up in between the tense aspects to offer lightning insight and shifts in thinking. When we carry the old stories about, our mind lugs ten tons of brick thoughts around – no wonder we get exhausted. Notice where ego’s attached, because Sun/Uranus gets your egoic self out of the driver seat.

All you need to do is get behind the wheel physically and let your mind idle. You’ll know where to go once you’ve rested up a bit. Anything that gets you into your body and out of you head helps. Walk a dog, garden, work out and watch your mood and your day improve.

Tuesday: Knight of Bows

This bravest of Knights arrives on a mixed message kind of day. There is good news to be had – and there’s a string attached. This Knight requires ‘you leave old ways behind’. He arrives the day the Moon is opposite Pluto. This means the darkness is magnified so you can see what needs to end.

A Full Moon opposite the Sun is the fullest and brightest it can be. So when she stands opposite Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, those hellish secrets requires courage to face down. The Good News is that once you do, you harvest all the riches freed up when you no longer invest your energy hiding your shadow.

Instead you manage it. Every unpleasant aspect holds the opposite side as its gift. Greed can become overflowing abundance when what you manifest spills over and feeds all those around you. It takes trust that there is enough to go around so you stop hoarding and feel better sharing. Your shadows shrink to the size of your feet when you shine the light of love and understanding on them. Be brave and reap your rewards.

Wednesday: Two of Arrows, Injustice Leo New Moon

This New Moon is crowded with aspects and relates to finding justice for all. In the Sabian Symbols, this degree of Leo rests between the symbols of propaganda being distributed and glass blowers shaping beauty out of sand, fire and breath. It’s time to find where you have lived under false premises and ideas.

What was true for another time period may not be true now. You must be curious about what you believe and why you believe it. How much of it is driven by a need to belong? This need is fundamental and drives some of the worst mob mentality. When there is self respect, it is easier to treat others with the same.

This New Moon and all the planets with it highlights your ability to create a better world. Where is there a level playing field in what you envision? How do you treat those who are different than you are? Do yourself a big favor and spend some time cleaning out prejudice that may have been handed down simply because it was always done ‘that way’.

Find the Golden Rule space in your creation, and ‘do unto others and you would have done to you’, in the best sense of the phrase. This is the second two card this week and combined they mean separation or split. Search for justice and equitable exchanges in your day to day and watch injustice topple around you.

Thursday: Three of Swords, Jealousy

Ah, the enemy of justice is surely jealousy herself. For when you fear losing something you can’t bear to see someone else receive it. It’s that place in us from childhood where if one sibling received more food or attention you might die from lack. It’s the lowest form of survival and it lurks somewhere in everyone’s brain.

Today the aspects shine light so bright you can see how laughable it is to imagine you might go without. The Moon is trine Jupiter so when you stop fear from rising, you see life offers a banquet for you to feast on – if you stop standing in front of the waffle station distraught they aren’t there. Wander around and by the time you get back, they will have restocked. Plus you get to enjoy a multitude of other options.

The Three of Swords is also the break up card and continues yesterday’s theme of separation. Let go of the scarcity mentality. Venus gets and assist from Uranus to show you how many more things you might like when you move out of the place of lack and take a lap to see what else is there. You can always come back for those waffles and you may find someone fun who will share theirs when you venture out.

Friday: The Hooded Man

Individuality is key today my friend. The old tribal mentality punished those who strayed from the group mentality. It was bad to be too different than accepted kinds of behavior. There is a delicate balance required between group good and individual good. We are hard wired as humans to belong, and once we belong there’s an inborn desire to stand out.

How do you navigate this in the world you build right now? Both what’s good for all and what’s good for you has to be balanced. This is no small task. Disruption is part of evolution. Everything has it’s beginning, middle and end. Time to discover where you’ve insisted on too much or too little of either side. The end of your identity you inherited means the beginning of the one you live from the inside out.

Each moment of every day offers you a chance to be you from a real place inside of you that can straddle both the individual and group demands. Did you know that about you? It is there. With a little quiet time and some observation you can discover how extraordinary it is to be you. How much more fun the world is when you bring that out to play, hmmm?

Saturday: Knight of Arrows

First we had the bravest Knight, now we have the swiftest. So what you’ve experienced this week changes you, and quickly. This high flying hawk and the promise of the New Moon has you swiftly moving away from the past and into the present. Which is where you create the future you wish to have.

There is a caution that comes with this card and the aspects. Mind your temper. You see more clearly but what you see may still hit some of the tender spots and anger is how we consolidate our strength to stand against opposition. The problem is we have a bad case of projection today when the Moon is opposite Neptune. What we imagine in others is mostly our own fears, doubts and issues playing out like a movie in those around us.

This can be a great place to clean out the basement on those Pluto issues triggered earlier this week. It isn’t a quick clean up but it feels oh so good to begin it and own our power. Watch your words as Mercury and the Goddess of Discord are at war today.

What you say will not land the way you meant it, because we are all walking around projecting onto each other. So have fun with it and watch out drawing any hasty conclusions. Patience pays off, so does healthy introspection. Play there and let the war of words fall by the wayside.

Sunday: The Knight of Vessels

Ah, three Knights in one week is a lot of forward momentum away from any false identity and towards one more authentically you. On the shadow side it’s gossip. So do watch for the projection hangover from yesterday when you discuss others. Mars is in an awkward dance with Pluto, trying to decide who’s leading. It’s funny when it’s not painful.

The good news is you get traction on self love, which improves all your connections. The bad news is your wounded self shows up for a little self loathing when you let your guard down. Step off to the side when you need to today and give yourself some loving attention for those fears of unlovability. They aren’t true and your time on that sore spot is what heals it.

Once you’ve kissed that emotional booboo, then get back in there and do some more connecting. It isn’t going to be perfect but it moves in a direction that is soul satisfying when you give yourself what you need instead of demanding it from a partner or collapsing if it isn’t offered by them. You can do this and it is so worth it. Real connection always is…

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