Tarot With TruthinHand 4/29-5/5 – Freedom & Consequence

The Universal saying is, “you are free to choose, but you are not free of the consequences”. Many of us duck a little when we hear the word consequence, since it is often served up with a side of self righteous judgement.

This week we can revisit that and shift it with some sweet side effects. Think Newton’s Third Law, ‘for every action their is an equal and opposite reaction’.

Results give you feedback. More information can help as much as hurt you. Sort through what you like in the feedback and what you don’t. For feedback you don’t like, first check you interpreted the feedback in the best way possible.

This means ‘know your filter’!

I’ve talked for months about end of an era, the old stories being replaced by new ones YOU decide. So anyplace you look at what’s happening and don’t like the consequences, tell yourself a more empowered story about what’s going on in those results.

Facts can tell a lot of different stories, so assemble them together in a way to put a bigger frame on what you see. Creative chaos swirls, so you are likely to get mixed feedback. Expand the flow of input on what you like and dial down and edit what you don’t like.

See it all as a grand experiment you call Life.

You’ll enjoy it more with this view and surprise yourself with what comes out of this point of view. It’s a very fertile time for imagination to become reality, so plant those ideas and desires well. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


Card Of The Week

Card of the Week: The Great Bear

The Great Bear ushers in great changes, life altering change, in sync with the Sun, Mercury and Uranus line up we just passed through. Life changes, now it’s up to you how you to work with those shifts.

It’s normal to feel out of control or a little helpless when life moves forward in ways you didn’t plan or expect. If that feels punishing you are living a conditioned or compromise life from the place that has us fearful and reactive.

You aren’t alone, there is plenty of company there. But no matter how your past wounded or traumatized you, the invitation is to be alive, creative and engaged right now.

The engaged place spends minimal time defending itself against threat and more time assessing which risks are worth taking for the reward. Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s the ability to move through it and into new territory in spite of it.

Be brave this week, moment by moment. It builds muscle in the right places. Risk, learn, adjust, grow…

Monday: The Guardian

In order to grow we have to let go of safe ground. The familiar is slowly but surely being whittled down to occupy a smaller space. Some thoughts, beliefs, stories are valuable and helpful. Those that aren’t, don’t stand the test of time.

This card signals the inevitable cycle of change. Everything to its own season. It helps to remember Nature has changed cyclically down through the ages and offers good models on how to adapt so you can thrive.

This is not rapid change, although some surface situations have reached a tipping point where they are no longer the same at all. This card quietly highlights deep changes that have plant seeds now even without clear evidence yet how it will come to flower.

Familiar paths you walk automatically are being systematically destroyed or altered. This isn’t punishment, it’s a gift, one that opens us to new possibilities and more life. So be open to opportunity dressed in loss.

Something needs to be released today. Do it willingly and be blessed with what it opens up. The Guardian is the promise that for anything that is lost in one form, will emerge the best of it in another form. Your opportunity is to consciously, whole-heartedly shape what emerges.

Tuesday: King of Stones

Ah, the solid ground of powerful command. This earthy King is the realization of empowered actions and words. This means that there are tangible results for your choices and you like what’s on offer more than you dislike it.

Saturn, the time keeper and keeper of limitations sits with the South Node today along with a stack of personal planets. What that all means is you get an energetic report card today to show you where you are on track, where you are off track and where you have expansion potential.

It may not fit comfortably with what you ‘thought’ it should look like, but remember old stories pinch when you judge the consequences prematurely. Notice those tales you tell and adjust as needed. It pays big dividends going forward.

While this is a card of slow growing but large gains, today you may enjoy a healthy taste test of the best of what’s to come. Savor the flavor and remember that if it happens once, it can happen again. You have the ability to make that a reality. Walk through any challenge to the payoff by day’s end.

Wednesday: The Ten of Stones, Home

The lesson today is ‘begin as you mean to go on’, because small changes right now are needed and offer long term payoffs. Tens are the empowered one taken to the next level.

You need to take communication to the next level today, because the tension between Mercury, the Messenger, and Saturn, the teacher, wants you to take it up a notch. Your inner demons could leak out of your fear brain and into conversation if you aren’t careful.

Even if you are vigilant you may find yourself over shooting the target with too much force. Slow down. Slow you thinking, your speaking and your actions today. It’s too easy to shoot the messenger bearing bad news.

So don’t judge things too quickly but instead exercise mental discipline, enough to take a long view rather than go on first thought or sight of what triggers you.

When you consciously choose to monitor your thoughts and actions you’ve arrived on a whole new playing field. One that becomes a safe ‘home’ for you and those you love because you make it safe. The place where unpleasant truth can be served with kindness to help you hear it.

Thursday: Three of Bows, Fulfillment

Threes are the number for communication and Mercury has challenging aspects today that hark back to yesterday’s lessons. The promise here is if you did overshoot in conversation yesterday you can revisit it and put things right.

Where you’ve been self righteous, own it and apologize. Your truth is not a universal truth, it’s a personal view. Allow others there perspective. Learn how to incorporate revisits and do overs into your regular conversational patterns.

Change is the new normal and happens on a daily basis so adding flexibility that allows for new insight, information and evolution benefits you greatly. Rather than focus on being right, rather find where an integrated you – mind, body, heart and spirit are alive inside any exchange with another.

Then even when you clash or disagree with others, you can find your way back to harmony. It elevates the conversation and enhances the connection. Now that’s fulfillment.

Friday: Forest Lovers

Today offers a powerful catharsis of deep feelings or a deep smoldering dive into the dark side. You decide. The Forest Lovers represents Choice. Wildwood Tarot calls this the card of Polaric Balance.

Union represents two separate entities that merge, the dark and light, male and female. With Mercury meeting up with Eris, the Goddess of Discord, we are reminded that no true union can take place without recognition of yourself as whole.

In other words, in order to blend with anything, you first must exist as in individual. Then and only then can you safely surrender to the union without getting lost. Instead you lose your old definition of yourself in order to gain an expanded whole.

The chaos that reigns in the beginning of anything is rich with all the potential for good and bad, light and dark the individuals bring to the union. Find your center, see and accept the whole of you then surrender into the unknown when you let yourself merge with something beyond you.

Two of Arrows, Injustice

When something new begins don’t load it down too quickly with expectations and restrictions. Those are old guards trying to protect you from potential suffering.

You have to risk some pain when you let your guard down and try something new. Your head will try to limit your expansion by feeding you old stories to scare you back into safe space. Doubt those stories…

Reassure yourself that you are willing to take some risks in order to live and experience more life. Select the things that are important to you so those risks are worth the trade off. Today is a good day to refine those selections.

Revisit what you value so where you are vulnerable are choices that add real benefit to your whole life picture rather than just immediate gains.

Sunday: Six of Vessels, Reunion

Ah, the six of wholeness. Whole-hearted wholeness at that. Moon and Pluto are in a sweet dance today to put together the puzzle piece days of this week to show you how far you’ve traveled.

To think and action with more restraint yet still put yourself in the game of life is a winning formula, one worth repeating. Slowly but surely you move out of the familiar limitations and into the unknown life beckoning.

Still, you do it at a pace that allows for consideration, course correction, active listening and honest contributions about what matters to you. This is not only sustainable, it’s rich with potential.

When you learn how to hold the power of your words and actions in check for the right application, new worlds hold tremendous potential. You have greater energy, more potency, better results and effective response to whatever gets served up.

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