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The second Full Moon in Libra’s emphasis on Harmony carries over into the week. Hiccups, disruptions and disagreements are all opportunities to practice getting back to harmony in an authentic way.

That means mutual respect, active listening and personal authenticity around what you feel and need are required. Guess what? If you make a mistake, that’s part of learning and all you have to do is revisit the situation and take the responsibility that is yours.

It’s always a good rule of thumb to be as generous with other people’s mistakes as you’d like them to be with yours. So receive any attempts at apology with grace and offer yours up if necessary. Being right is so much more isolated than being in relationship.

And being in good relationship allows you to have your truth and stay connected. Look for those people and spaces; actively contribute to creating them and your world offers you sweeter music to dance to rather than discord. This is the promise this week holds. The Cards and the Stars will help. Enjoy…

Lisa Greenfield


Card of the Week: The World

‘To become one with the wholeness of the Universal Mind” is the gift of this card. The outer world and inner world are echoes of each other. What you see around you has its roots within you. Before you push back that you are not the chaos you see in the world today, let me clarify.

We face a world where what worked with reasonable effectiveness for centuries is not so functional now. Human fear and greed kinked the hose of abundance in ways that we pay for in a multitude of arenas. Economically, environmentally, physically we are heading towards a lower standard for us rather than a higher standard.

Inside us we have our own fears and doubts about our individual abundance. The playing field doesn’t feel safe or welcoming for many, with a dog eat dog mentality operating in work, relationships, politics and health.

Adjustment is not only possible but increasingly necessary to bring harmony back to the world within and around us. Each one has their unique piece to contribute in what you feel, think, desire and how you offer it up is your part of the collective song.

This week you focus on the microcosm of your personal contribution and then tune in to where and when to add to the music of the spheres. It feels so good to offer up your authentic contribution and hear the harmony echo back.

Monday: Eight of Stones, Skill

The Student Path is front and center when this eight shows up. What you put out there comes back to you. This will be put to the test with Moon opposite Mars, which means reactionary responses are all too easy to fall victim to today. People irritate you or get under your skin!

Here’s the secret to surviving the stack of transits today. Let go of being right. The important thing is to be in relationship. In other words, can you respect what you feel without making someone else wrong for provoking the feeling?

If you find yourself caught on the right/wrong teeter totter climb off and revisit it later. Find a moment when you feel good about yourself and can see the other person with kind eyes. Then address the irritation from this place. You’ll find it disappears or even helps strengthen the relationship.

Trust comes from being real with each other as you learn how to do that in a constructive way together. From there your skills accelerate and what you put out there delivers back more and more rich insight to help craft your world beautifully.

Tuesday: Seven of Stones, Healing

We have quite the dance of aspects today, serving up a tune that beautifies where we were wounded when we retell the story from fresh perspective. Both Moon and Mars touch Jupiter, the Great Expander, so our actions reveal our inner dialogue.

Do your words and actions convey a sense of power or do they convey more fear and anger? No can be whispered and stop things completely when it comes from absolute certainty of your center. No can be a cannon shot that fails to stop a charging opponent when there is no strength behind it.

Stop and find your True North. When your feelings, thoughts and actions line up behind what you want to create rather than what you wish to avoid, you are on track to arrive where you want to ultimately be. Nature loves to throw in surprises, and from a centered place it’s more entertaining than upsetting.

With the Moon traveling through Capricorn, watch out for self righteous absolutes, they aren’t sustainable. Instead view choices with an eye to the long term, it helps refine your selection.

Wednesday: Page of Vessels

The Pages represent our inner state rather that precedes the actions of Knights. This watery Page has a happy surprise that makes it easier to connect with the desires of our heart. It’s an invitation to get out of our head’s and into the heart.

The mind likes to sort and categorize things, label and file them. But this has a separating effect. Emotions don’t listen to logic and water seeps into all kinds of areas around would be boundaries. Better to consciously marry the two and use your heart to decide the direction or destination. Then use the mind to bridge the distance between here and there.

The mind is better at the ‘how’, not the ‘what’. Practice that and the heart will definitely deliver a happy surprise when you stop talking yourself out of what you love. Instead you refine and shape it with those thoughts rather than separating yourself from it.

Thursday: Woodward

Whew, the Moon meets up with Bad Ass Lord of limitation, Saturn plus Pluto, the Great Transformer meets up with the South Node. Today has some potent energy for change, when you work with what is. If you feel out of control, congratulations on good instincts. You are.

Our fear brain my flop about like a fish on a river bank, but when you breathe into this moment you tap your potency when you shape what’s right in front of you. Do it from what you feel from the inside out. Give it space to radiate new information past the flopping mind.

This is a cosmic re-alignment to help you bypass all the shoulds that came before. What does this moment offer you and what do you bring to it as you are right now.

Wildwood Tarot ascribes the valuable “Maturity of will and emotional direction” to this fierce protector. Because ultimately the only protection that has any real value to you is being fully present as the most authentic you in this moment of time. This is the power that reshapes your world, no matter what happens to you.

Friday: Three of Stones, Creativity

Ah, now that you passed the gates of yesterday, time to express yourself in concrete ways. This cards hallmark is the ability to ‘listen to the inner song’. Your creativity flows from the core of your being and is always available to you.

There is nothing you need to add in order to access this, but rather it is the removal of anything that doubts it is there inside you, ever flowing. The fun and experiment of life is to decide what you wish to do with those gifts that are yours to share.

Try them out today. Look for doorways, onramps and exits that give you a way to contribute what is uniquely you. Be curious about where you want to play and pay attention to what is there so your contribution is mindfully offered.

This is simply respect for what is and encourages equal respect for what is offered. If respect is not immediately offered, your initial observation may have been because you are meant to plant seeds today rather than harvest. Stones move slowly. Trust yourself and your offering. Enjoy, share, learn.

Saturday: Queen of Bows

This Fiery Queen rules the realm of intuition and the stack of aspects today help us locate and identify the places where we secretly undermine our own success. Our fear brain is very adept at limiting expansion into the unknown where it can’t guarantee our survival.

It does this by lying to us, unconsciously prompting us to act against our own best interests. Here’s the important take away from this. Notice. Just observe what you do and where you do it. Then course correct. It can be that simple and you have a lot of energetic support to see how easy it is to do just that.

You don’t have to wrestle with it, judge it, fear it. Just notice and then correct. Each time you do, you map a straighter path in your brain. The gap between the present and where you want to go smoothes out a bit. It does that one course correction at a time.

Sunday: The Forest Lovers

Love triangles are up for reconstruction today. The nooks and crannies they’ve been tucked into, quietly helping manage expansion risks see the light of day. Our first experience of relationship is Mom, Dad and me. This triangle feels safe, if uncomfortable.

We are in new territory now. Time to construct a landscape that benefits from the power of one to one collaboration. It’s a higher intimacy risk for sure. We have a chance unfolding to rewrite how we manage that increased risk for greater reward. We need to bring back something sacred in the connection between two people.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. How you decide to do it is a valuable part of bringing about the new reality. It begins when one to one sharing has clear agreed upon boundaries and shape. This way others can’t muddy the waters to dilute the intimacy. It’s an dynamic field and will shift as you explore and expand how to do it for you.

Find your healthy boundaries. Remember you can course correct when and where you need it. Feel your way with your whole heart, for those feelings have the seeds of the Divine in them.

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