Tarot With Truth in Hand – Internal Revolution 4/15-21

This week the Sun moves out of Aries into Taurus and promptly meets up with Uranus, the Great Awakener to turn the lights on in dark corners inside you. What you see can be a shock to the system.

Shock is greatest when you get too far ahead of yourself, or have your eyes on the rearview mirror. Present space and time is your power center. This is the safe ground over and over again this week. It’s where what’s revealed can be put to use for design not despair.

Each time you imagine too far ahead or fearful about the past bring it back to this moment. Now how much light can you add to the situation. Uranus helps with that enormous follow spot light. Wherever you go, eyes open, the light reveals more information.

What you do with that insight is where the focus gets juicy. The new information can be twisted to fit what’s been true in the past. ORRRRRR you can see if it opens up new pathways, doorways and vistas to explore. Hint, the latter is a lot more fun and definitely within reach.

Really, get curious before you go reactionary and you watch where this simple, effective adjustment takes you. A degree of shift, even one degree – can alter a destination by a whole continent, especially in the longer journey of life. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


Card of the Week: The Hooded Man

Wildwood Tarot calls this card ‘light that illuminates the way to the heart of the endless cycle of being’. That’s perfect for this week as advice to put into action. Let the inner light of being help revolutionize your moment by moment activities.

Freedom is within reach. Free from endlessly frustrated grabs at results past your fingertips. Remind yourself, ‘everything will be all right in the end. If it is not all right, it’s not the end’.

Our inner turmoil and some pretty shadowy corners have a spotlight turned up but don’t let what you see be where you tell the story from this week. Get curious about what’s on the other side, underneath, above. Check the crawl spaces and cubby holes – you’ve got light enough to see.

Some of your squirmy places of discomfort and lack are about to meet with upgrades. If you look at them and put all of you to work, miracles can happen. Think of those shadows like a reserve gas tank.

When you stop trying to keep the darkness repressed, the energy you free up fuels more than your realize. How you put that to work is your endless cycle of being. How much fun you can have, or how brave you can be, how much of a difference can you make… well that’s for you to find when the light’s go on and you get curious.

Monday: Seven or Arrows – Insecurities

This seven points out the corner where our personal fears of inadequacies, rejection and worse huddle together reassuring each other they are absolutely right in their limited assessment of self.

Then the illumination occurs and what do you know, but the landscape offers up more than the muttered reinforcement of past disappointments that helped shore up the point of view.

Somehow the impulsive rush to an unhappy conclusion doesn’t land well. It doesn’t fit the same as it used to fit. You find it easier to shrug off the misery and see additional interpretations that feel better.

You inch towards a better truth each time you lean and look past the shadows into the vista beyond. Then actions more in keeping with your new views are available. Don’t worry if they feel a bit awkward or stilted. It’s new ground. You get fluid with practice.

Tuesday: Ten of Arrows – Instruction

This ten is the high water mark of failure. Something looks like a disaster from your past. You’re triggered, but rather than the old line of blaming yourself or another, you get a wave of insight to light a new possibility.

Your unclear boundaries and wavering communication are part of what set up the problem. Rather than blame, you see where to understand what you feel and need so you can ask for it more effectively.

You also realize others may be struggling with the same block in being able to effectively speak for what they feel and need. This is where the bad behavior comes from and you can let go of feeling personally attacked.

Which also means you don’t need to hit back or overcorrect what you communicate. Whew, now that is instruction that really makes the best of any bad situation.

Wednesday: Nine of Stones – Tradition

Oh happy day, this nine heralds a chance to move out of reactive mental bias into a more heart-centered, in the moment words and actions. Nines are the teacher number and stand for learning enough to turn around and teach others.

You may be pleasantly surprised to see how much easier it is to catch yourself before you pop off with familiar responses to whatever triggers you today. Instead you find fresh words or actions come more naturally.

Effort is less and ease is greater as you advance through the day more than equal to any challenge big or small. Your measured responses tempt those around you to join you in the feel good space.

Thursday: King of Bows

This fiery King often presides over difficult situation with a keen eye for turning a lost cause around. The Moon has a stack of challenging aspects that insist you move out of cold efficiency and detached logic as mental warfare. That bloodless ‘us versus them’ mentality is self fulfilling and wastes good effort.

Instead, stay centered, speak your truth and listen to those who see or understand things from a different perspective. You don’t need to share the perspective they see, but don’t miss the opportunity to learn from it.

Go one step further and rather than learning their point of view to exploit their weakness, head for understanding how they feel. Meet in the feeling space between you as two humans and watch how quickly disagreement becomes manageable.

Friday: Two of Bows, Decision Full Libra Moon

This second full Moon in Libra enhances the theme of collaboration. How well do you do it? Have you partnered up with good people to share your projects, life and love? If things are lopsided the pressure is building.

When your partnerships are too inequitable you waste precious resources and energy trying to pace yourself with very limited results for your efforts. Picture and oxen yoked to a goat. They can’t pull anything very effectively when harnessed together.

Information floods in this Full Moon to illuminate any poor matches. Each party has something valuable to offer, just not in the current configuration. It feels a bit pressured or urgent to correct imbalances. Begin and do it from the centered place you practiced this week.

Begin with a clear acknowledgement that you are unequally yoked to a person, project or place and then take a first step. Forget planning too far in advance. There’s information you need that won’t come until the second or third step. Better to begin to walk in a direction that lines up with heart, head, body and Spirit.

Saturday: Shaman

The combination of the Hooded Man (Card of the Week) with the Shaman asks you to ‘find a way to do the right thing’. Following our Full Moon of equitable pairs this combination signals an unstoppable force with these two aligned. Emotional and Spiritual maturity are your birthright, when you access both responsibility and power for your choices.

The Shaman pulls from all the elements of you, heart, head, body and Spirit that had a prominent place in yesterday’s Lunar Cycle. It’s echoed again here, to underscore how powerful you are when you include the body wisdom, heart centered desires with your intuition and then have the mind map out the way.

Mind is third and only actions or words follow it. Heart and Spirit go first because they have insight and guidance that pops up signs, symbols and messages you can’t escape or ignore without paying a price. Feel your way, watch for the ‘magic’ today and follow those breadcrumbs. Good things happen when you do…

Sunday: The Green Man

What a powerhouse finale to our Libra Blue Moon on Friday. First the Shaman, now the Green Man pops up and makes it impossible to ignore the power you have to shape your world. It does have Chiron in the mix so it cautions you to watch for overly mental process as a way to avoid the wounded place.

Your irritants can become pearls when you bravely face your past pain and incorporate what you gained from the experience more than what it cost you. By all means adjust for less irritation but don’t forego life, adventure or opportunity because it includes some potential pain.

You may not even realize how how many decisions or reactions are informed by the desire to avoid pain. So practice active listening today. Listen to what you say as well as anyone you speak with and the light will dawn.

There’s less magic or excitement to our lives when we are relentlessly, logically avoiding risks. Instead measure your risks so you minimize their impacts without removing the opportunity. This way you make the best use of what you’ve lived and learned from to make the best choices for your authentic life.

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