Tarot With TruthinHand – Spring’s Blank Slate

March 18-24, 2019

Like a windshield wiper across a rain-splattered windshield, the Full Moon and Spring Equinox offer a clean slate and view – for the moment. What you see can have lasting impact and importance even if drizzle continues to fall.

Chiron is conjunct the Sun this Spring Equinox, which gives a theme of personal responsibility (or lack of it) for our wounds. Your ability to navigate in a world you make safer depends on personal responsibility, which brings with it personal power.

In other words, you can’t always affect what happens to you but you can own your part of it and do something good with it. Down through history, our heroes and heroines took bad situations and made it better with their contribution. They are the ‘Dare To Be Great’ moments of life.

There’s freedom and a sweet dive into clear deep water when you release what you think your wound meant in the past. Especially if you are still blaming someone or something. The people and things that made you bleed are what your soul agreed to experience so you could gain something from it. If you stay in blame, you stay stuck in protection mode and miss donning your personal superpowers and making things better.

While you may never consciously have chosen what happened, your soul understood that what you do with the painful past is often the making of your greatest achievement. It’s why we love the rags to riches and overcoming adversity stories. They inspire us to do the same.

See where you want to wipe the slate clear this week. Set the intention, make a ritual out of it if you feel the pull. There is poetry and magic in the new beginning, no matter how rough it may appear at first. The Cards and Stars will help.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield


Card of the Week: The Wanderer

How perfectly suited is the Card for this Equinox seasonal New Year with the Wanderer. The leap of faith at the start of a journey is well and truly represented here. The gift is to trust your inner knowing and wise soul that lives within the innocent places.

No matter your age, when you begin any journey with the fresh eyes of a child, you can be enchanted by eagerness for whatever’s ahead without fear halting the first step. What you’ve survived gave you strength, endurance and even resilience to begin again.

The shadow side of this card is the place that needs the lessons learned from past pain to show you consequences to any action. When we use our past hurt as an excuse to be careless or vengeful the world gets uglier with that contribution.

Raise the bar. Compassion for your own pain means you can offer that to another, not as excuse for bad behavior but as inspiration to do better together. Consider the impact of your choices, not to curb those decisions but rather to adjust them so they can land with the most effective results.

Monday: Four of Vessels, Boredom

One of the better negative motivators to do something new is boredom. When you can’t stand the same view, the same story and the same outcome that the safely protected life offers you, then you step outside your comfort zone.

The aspects today offer enough irritation along with good support for change to help move you down the unfamiliar pathway. The Moon, our fortune is challenged by old habits and reactions but Uranus, the Great Awakener steps in to shoot lightning bolts of inspiration to help break free.

Jupiter the Great Expander lends a friendly push to the efforts and off you go. Fours are always about a firm foundation. Vessels are our hearts and creativity. When you expand into fresh territory you bring with you all you’ve already learned from those you’ve loved and connected with in the past.

So trust yourself as you discover new desires, new ways to satisfy those desires and enjoy how it unfolds as much as whatever happens. The process is part of the experience, so get to know who you are in unfamiliar places and spaces. You are worth your time.

Tuesday: Five of Bows, Empowerment

Ah, this testosterone fueled five reminds us that resistance and obstacles give you a chance to flex your new found muscles. The alternate image for this card is a chick pecking its way out of the shell. The Moon is opposite Neptune so watch for healthy versus unhealthy boundaries.

When pressure comes from the outside our shell it can destroy the tender life inside. But when pressure builds from inside it builds until you stand without old protection to limit you roaming where you will. Peck away those shell fragments one at a time. You’ll be standing free in good time.

When you do find yourself with an unobstructed view, time to find a safe place and take a rest. Transformation is tiring work, so it’s good self care to feed and nourish yourself in the process.

Wednesday: The Guardian, Full Moon Spring Equinox

And boom, there it is. The end of the old chapter and the beginning of the new seasonal year. Fresh start today. But like most births Spring has shock and impact wrapped within all the personal seeds bursting free of protective shells in order to bloom, bloom, bloom.

You don’t blossom alone, know that. The Earth, Sun, Rain and all that is there in the garden of life with you knows the struggle to bud. There is support for you, find your way. Even if it’s like a tree root that digs deep to find water, anchor yourself where you are nourished.

Each and every person alive faces their own particular path to grow. Keep your energy invested in yours and use judgment and criticism only as a guide to reveal where your own struggles are hidden out of site. Triggers take you inward and help you firmly establish your own security system.

While others may tantalize you with the promise of what harvest lays ahead, enjoy it but keep your eyes on your patch of land. Only when you are present, empowered and engaged can you do your part to making any promises a reality as you fight your way up through the dirt to the Sunlight.

So accept temptations of sweetness to come as inspiration to help make it happen rather than sitting back judging the potential for anything outside of you to deliver. Do your part and it only increases what goodness is possible when things take full bloom.

The old, the past, that which is dying is the seed shell cracking wide open to free you and feed you as you grow. Happy Spring Equinox.

Thursday: The Journey

Ah and now we get a closer look at the shadow side of the adventure we’ve begun this new Seasonal Year. Mercury is still retrograde and the theme of self-empowerment as the means to expand our personal relationships is front and center.

Watch carefully who you tell what stories to and what they tell you in return. Our brain uses social cues to differentiate between what is dangerous and what is merely unfamiliar and exciting. It can be all too easy to find those who would discourage your exploration out of a misplaced fear of the dangers ahead.

Caution is always wise, inaction, reactivity or over estimating threats is not helpful. With Moon in a challenging aspect to both Mercury and Chiron, you have plenty of chances to fall back into stories of threat and pain.

Your job is to move beyond outdated fears and use what you’ve learned in the past to move into fresh byways and highways. The future has a rich array of places to explore and you are better equipped to handle it now, just as you are. Do take time to enjoy what’s unfolding around you when you pack fear goggles away in your luggage.

Friday: The Green Man

Boom, here we have it, the fourth Major Arcana card in a week. These heavy-hitters show up when big themes are at play or work. We began the week with a leap of faith ahead of the Full Moon Equinox, hit the Guardian and Journey to help end the old and start a fresh seasonal New Year, fueled from the past more than hindered by it.

Now the Green Man comes in and invites us to consider the natural assertiveness of confidant action. No timid tip-toeing into the great beyond. You can be watchful without jumping at shadows. Being wisely aware of danger is the healthy expression of our assertiveness power. Know your strength, tap your courage and rise to meet challenges.

The Green Man can be fierce in protection when called upon, but now it’s time to learn to differentiate between real versus imagined risks. Social cues and the landscape around you gives you feedback, but you also have to choose where you look for information. When you call on the fearful, the threat intensifies the shadow it casts whether or not it’s actually sizable.

When you look to those who have gone there before or accomplished something equally taxing, your mirror neurons pick up stacks of insight to help you master the challenge. Take advantage of this so you compare and dare when you view another’s success. There’s an abundance of places to find examples.

Saturday: King of Bows

Oh it’s a busy day all right. With heavy hitting Pluto, Mercury Retrograde and the Moon in the mix, you’ve got some leadership training at hand. How much authority is called for in any situation? How well do you check in with others before you decide for them or steer an outcome towards what you want.

Of course your individual desires are important, very important. And you don’t live in a vacuum or achieve them all by yourself. Collaboration is necessary for dreams to walk into being. Again, how well do you lead, follow or make your own path?

There are times when each is necessary, it’s your job to discover how well you recognize what each situation calls for. You aren’t going to be right every time. You may not even be right most of the time. But with each attempt to add the right amount of personal authority to any situation you learn. See it as enlightenment, then it won’t be so hard on the ego. Like passing cars on the freeway, you’ll feel progress even when it didn’t go as smoothly as planned.

Sunday: Queen of Vessels,

Where yesterday our ego was the subject at hand, today is our emotions. This watery Queen is the promise of good fortune and happiness, when you can carry your own water. In other words, how well do you feel and express your emotions, appropriate to the moment without history or hysteria creeping into the event.

Okay, so you may not be the hysterical type, there is still the matter of we accumulate repressed emotions over time and when triggers pop up we have a chance to clean out the emotional cupboard. Today’s Mercury kicked off on February 7th and will finish up on April 30th. Let those dates help you frame up the emotional housecleaning.

Let’s take a good look at those thoughts that trigger such strong emotions. If the emotions aren’t helpful and evolutionary, give them proper ritual and set yourself free. Ritual is very powerful to process the unboundaried sea of feelings. Whether you write it down and then burn it or bury it, let it move out of storage.

Consciously give it whatever beginning, middle and end it asks of you, after all pain needs a witness. Then once it has been seen, release it. I like writing my troubles on the sand as the tide comes in to wash them away. When I’m tempted to get back into that space, I remember big ocean – little problem. Find your process and let that help you tap back into the guidance of the present emotional response. One more matched to whatever is happening.

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