Shock Full Moon of Change

What matters to you in the world you live in NOW? Your day to day activities have been impacted by something outside your control in an unprecedented way. On top of that you have more time on your hands than you normally do. This Full Moon highlights Mars not too far from Saturn square to the Great Awakener. The consequences for actions and the need to change behavior feature prominently in the realm of Aries/Libra, the I/We theme this Moon cycle.

You can go two directions with the pressure of this Full Moon. It’s not surprising that rebellious actions surface. In the best of times, it’s hard to be forced into limits or inaction. It’s natural and normal to resist or want to push back. However with Saturn so close to Mars, consequences are unavoidable. These days those cost can be more severe when you insist on satisfying your own wants at the expense of real need.

We are being shown a new form of independence/interdependence. Not in this lifetime has the direct link between our personal actions and our well being and those of others been so clearly defined. The healthier and more resilient you are the less traction disease can have in you. Little things like washing your hands, wiping down surfaces demonstrate care for you that has real benefit. Taking care to suit up and be safe if you do have to go in public can save lives, yours and another’s. Little acts of concern, attention to detail may not be what you are used to yet never have they been more important.

Use this time to discover little things you can do to support yourself in this new normal. Look around at what you can offer or do for others, even from a distance. There is pent up energy in this cycle that needs an outlet. All those emotions need a release and introspection work is helpful, but it may not be easy when you feel like you are going to implode or explode. Find a good physical outlet for excess energy. I love to put on dance music and dance until the edge drops.

Link an emotion with an action and let the action move the feelings through. Put ten minutes on the clock, which is about the length of time it takes for the chemicals of each emotion to run through our bodies. For that ten minutes, dance your anger, garden your grief, walk your disappointment. When your feelings and actions have a conscious link that is right for you, you’ve integrated intense life stress into a powerful tool that serves your well being. Be mindful you are ‘care full’ in each step. This links your feelings and actions consciously, which is a healthier pattern we set up for ourselves for the long haul.

It also impacts the world around you. You literally contribute to a stronger society with each small step you make right now. Which may well be why we are being constrained by circumstances right now. These small internal and external shifts may not be dramatic or as satisfying as sweeping impact. Yet the cumulative power of dozens of small adjustments throughout your day can serve you incredibly well. The biggest shock of this Full Moon Cycle may well be how much weight these little adjustments have on your world and the world around you.

Thank you,

Lisa Greenfield

Card of the Moon cycle: Page of pentacles

This Page represents our inner state of security, a sense of self knowing and trust that brings our actions into alignment with the world around us. During the next couple of weeks you get to see how much you impact your personal world and how that spills over into the world at large. What we do in life is how others see us. It’s not the limit of who we are but it is the most visible representation of us. How well do your actions accurately reflect who you know yourself to be? That is the question to spend time with the next couple of weeks.

At the end of your life, what you leave behind is a trail of moments, memories shared through your physical presence most of all. Some ‘relation ships’ are little dinghys of a few shared moments, some are speed boats and then there are your luxury liner relation ships, germ free, hopefully. The way you show up for the people and things in your life that matter to you determines the size and quality of the ‘ship’ through your physical presence first, emotional, mental and Spiritual after that. Some relation ships tilt more to the emotional well being and connection, some tip towards the Spiritual well being. The mind tends to separate people more than connect them, but it can challenge or reinforce each other’s ideas through the mental sparring.

What type of connections do you have and where do you want to expand them into previously unexplored possibilities? Where have you reached the limits of a connection and need to leave the boat behind? Do some Spring cleaning emotionally on where you have or haven’t shown up for your loved ones. Make little changes where you feel inspired and motivated. Let go of those who don’t move you to action. Be authentic in what you do and trust your knowing. Talk yourself through it the way you wish you’d been coached as a child. Be patient and strong for yourself. With Mars and Saturn in close contact, lessons learned pay dividends for a long time to come.

Tuesday: Full libra Moon – The world

This Full Moon has connections, cross connections, sweet meet ups and more to pack a real punch. It sets up a T-square with the Aries Sun, Libra Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. Imagine driving down a road and you come to a dead end where you have to turn right or left. That’s what we have today between the ‘I’ impulse of Aries, the ‘We’ impulse of Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn that destroys any false beliefs about what’s really happening. Capricorn is the sign of responsibility. Whether you go left or right, you have to shoulder what part you play in anything that happens to you.

While you may not control circumstances, you do have a say in what you do with them. We are in a time of personal responsibility as the building block for whatever it is you wish to create; the blame game won’t play well here. Thanks to Chiron in the mix we see where any attempts to shift responsibility to others is a loss we serve ourselves. Which also means when you own up to your choices you take back the steering wheel. The world is yours to navigate when you are at the wheel, steering. The Saturn Pluto conjunction ushered in a new reality where confinement is a choice and one of the most generous choices you can make.

Surrendering some personal freedom to ensure your life and the lives of others is a powerful image of what it means to be responsible. No one has thrown you into jail, you have agreed to be there, no matter how unwillingly you comply. It literally can make the difference between life and death. But what a simple black and white illustration of personal power. Yes there is cost to the choice. How many real gems have you been given without some value exchange of time, effort, or investment involved? In that surrender of some freedom, where can you take back power you still give to old images of you that are no longer true? Mercury is sextile Pluto to help clear your view of the world from unnecessary suffering and into a place that feels better.

Yet it can feel unsettling to spend quality time with yourself and check in on what you feel and need now without racing to a conclusion or action. Still this time is rich with possibilities which is why the fear brain has you racing to do something or check out on a Netflix or Hulu binge. Your brain stem is fine with uncomfortable familiar space. Which is why this Full Moon asks you to take responsibility for change, one choice at a time. Baby steps are fine. No speed required. Your intuition has been dialed up, so fear can come along with the expansion of your power there. The Universe attached stark consequences to get us to move forward. We don’t have to rush, but we do have to turn left or turn right and learn to trust your knowing sense. The World is waiting for you when you do. Happy Full Moon of Change.

Wednesday: The King of Arrows

Moods can be all over the map today with a hot then cold, relax then tense set of aspects served up. This lofty high flying King wants you to take a big picture view of it all. Everything is unfolding as it meant to, it’s just a new normal emerging. Your focal point is your inner guidance system and fear management. Since fear’s contracting energy shows up especially when when expansion opportunities are at hand, stay in command. This is a place that allows all emotions, but doesn’t get caught in a story around the feeling.

The story or meaning is where you can take command back. Anyplace you tell yourself a story that feels bad is a choice. What’s another interpretation that feels better? There is one, I guarantee it. So play with the reasons or motives you’ve assigned to others. Investigate your own motives. Clear out the shallow, unworthy interpretations and find one that includes a bigger picture, thanks to the inspiration of today’s card. You are, once again, being shown how you are the authority in your life whenever a King shows up for you.

To live the full range of what you can experience you have to begin by seeing your place in all that happens and trust there is good reason and meaning in it. When you embrace what happens as being for you rather than happening to you, doors swing open, connections emerge and potential mounts up. Make a shift here, one scary story at a time, and master the retelling of it where you emerge victorious. Today gives you a chance to practice just that.

Thursday: Knight of bows

This brave Knight moves us through a day of assimilating all the shock waves from Tuesday’s Full Moon. There is little dancing in the heavens today, except a dreamy Moon – Neptune trine tonight. Like a cosmic kiss it gives us a little example of where we can dream something good into our life. Whether it’s a reminder from the past that magic is real or a new situation that clicks into place as if by magic, the bottom line is it feels good.

Knight’s are always symbolic of movement and this one is the bravest of Knights. Be inspired to take a step towards making a dream come true today. One tiny action that anchors your belief in what you love and long for is a good beginning. You must learn to create from a new place now. You are different, the world is changed. Some doors have closed while others have opened up. The old saying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ never rang so true as it does now. There is joy in adventure no matter the landscape you occupy. Look for it, play with it, dream and take a step.

Friday: Three of arrows, jealousy

You get a major cosmic push to rework feelings of scarcity today. It’s a survival impulse that can be taken to an extreme in the human mind. It all comes back to a sureness within you that there is enough for everyone. While we can’t always see where that plays out in today’s world, the truth is there is enough. It may not be equitably distributed but there is enough to sustain life on Earth with healthy moderation applied.

Healthy moderation has not been the operating system yet never has there been more ways to level the playing field. Take the internet for example. Where once you had a geographic advantage in life based on where you were born, the Internet suddenly gave people in remote or undervalued areas an equal chance to be seen and heard in the world. So where does scarcity or it’s flip side of greed show up for you?

Let what unfolds today help you smooth out the rough edges with nothing more than conscious awareness of it and a desire to see things more evenly distributed. There is potent rewiring that goes on when you share resources and power with others. It has brain chemistry attached that floods you with a sense of well being that there is enough. If you find any stories of scarcity and lack creep in, take charge of weeding them out with kind but firm reminders that there is enough to share. The very act of being the source for someone else reassures your brain that the world is a kinder more bountiful place.

Saturday: six of stones, exploitation

We follow up the scarcity mentality housecleaning of yesterday and continue to expand it out into the world. Sixes are about being whole and solid, belonging to yourself first before you belong to any tribe, community or nation. Aries Moon is in an easy aspect with Saturn so we can own up to our spots where our ‘me first’ or ‘me only’ attitude does not serve. Everyone is guilty of this occasionally. The focus today is to clean it up and send those ripples out into the world to help balance the energetic equation.

Do a check in with those around you. Is there places they would like to feel seen, heard, recognized more by you? Listen and practice hearing. Don’t defend, be curious and really hear what they say. Only offer up your own edits for them if they invite you to do so. This isn’t a give to get. In other words, don’t listen to their requests just so they listen to yours. Be willing to adjust your own side of the scale and set the example. See who feels like extending you the same practice over time. Not right away. It’s good exercise to be the adult and keep your own side clean and clear for now. Those who are also adults will learn from your example and help raise the bar.

Sunday: Two of bows, decision

The Sun in Aries and the Sagittarius Moon dance us awake with a fire in mind. We need to hold that light up to the choices of the day because it’s easy to backslide into old habits, small spaces or limited thinking today. Set your intention when you get up which way you wish to go, forward or back. When you do that you can steer by it all the way through until evening. There’s a feeling of raising the bar; just be careful you don’t push it too high to clear.

Things from the past may pop up for your attention bringing expectations that you behave the same way you always do. Choose. If you catch yourself squeezing into small space your body will give you the head’s up that you’re uncomfortable there when you decide to go forward. Honor the information and act accordingly. By tomorrow you’ll be itching to be out of the old and into the new, so let today be affirmation of all you’ve already committed to as you craft out your authentic life.

Monday: Four of arrows, rest

The Sun is hanging out with Eris, the Goddess of Discord. So this four gives us a warning to put our mind on a firm foundation or you are likely to engage in unnecessary disputes today. It’s easy to feel left out and cranky about it whenever Eris is in contact with one of the key planets. The truth is we are the ones who decide to belong or not at a core level. When we try to meet up with those who aren’t a match for us, then it may seem as though we are being rejected. But the reality is there is no alignment or it would fit. Investigate what it was that you want out of places or people that aren’t welcoming you.

Look for the feeling you seek, it is the key. You thought the current people or place were going to provide that feeling but if there’s rejection, they aren’t your right fit. So look for the feeling in a better place. It’s there for you, without a doubt. The trouble is when we try to force a fit. Trust that you can have it, be open to other possibilities. That being said, there are some places you know are for you but they require effort in order to belong. Newcomers don’t share all the bonds that exist between people who’ve been through a lot together. You have to be willing to build strength in the connections and move beyond expectations of immediate welcome. Fours are firm foundation. So set you mind on a solid ground with a pause to consider where you belong and invest there.

Tuesday: The Wanderer

Sun squares Pluto, then Jupiter and then the Capricorn Moon meets up with Pluto the Jupiter in squaring the Sun. Whew. Time to take the leap of faith this card stands for. Squares require action, an adjustment is needed between what was and what will be. Since both the Sun and Moon are involved, it’s nothing less than aligned forward movement required now. Mercury meets up with the wounded healer Chiron, to give us access to compassion for how brave we are required to be in this leap. It may be a small moment but there is a moment of choice today to do something from a new place that incorporates what you think, feel, believe and do.

The mind isn’t the governor or the driver today and may want to push back with threats of failure if you depart from the known path. Acknowledge it’s an attempt to protect you and then park those thoughts in the back seat. They don’t get to drive the selections or actions today. Trust yourself, trust even your mistakes are part of the picture. If you find you disagree with something you said or did, go back and adjust it. Do overs are part of life. You get them but your mind wants to push you to do it perfectly the first time. Access the grace that Chiron offers for our shortcomings and add a little humor as you go. Set off on your yellow brick road and trust the journey will lead you home.

Wednesday: the moon on the water

Fear can and will drive wedges between you and loved ones if you let it today. The Moon calls for inner transformation from darkness into light. The planetary lineup continues to pressure us for change. When you live from fear instead of from love, not only are the outcomes very different but so is the process by which you arrive at those outcomes. Fear contracts and applies pressure that radiates out from each word and action. Love expands and flows through you and out to connect with endless resources. Whereas the contraction literally stops the flow into and out of you.

When you catch yourself holding your breath, tightening up or contracting put one hand on your heart and the other on your belly and breathe. Reassure yourself that you are there for you. Instead of trying to relax, tighten up more for a good count of ten. Once you’ve deliberately contracted it is then easier to release and relax a bit. Nothing is more irritating that being told to relax when you are tense, so don’t do that to yourself. Instead manage the process to its end. Then once you’ve got your full attention start to expand gently into possibilities. They are there, an abundance of them.

In fact all that potential is why your fear brain gets wrapped into a tizzy. The unknown sends it scrambling into defense mode when it’s likely not even needed. Learn to manage your process and it serves you well in all corners, because life will continue to trigger you. If you glide through the day with less reactivity then everyone wins. If you are someone that today sits lightly on, then realize those around you may be dealing with this process. Visualize them learning what benefits them or share with them if there is an invitation. Hint, do wait to be invited to help or they may bite the hand that tries to feed them.

thursday: Ten of stones, home

Today the energy from yesterday can spill over just to be sure you got the cosmic lessons. When you choose love, even if you have to crawl there, you find shelter and safety no matter what happens in the world. From this place of solid center you can attract in opportunities your fear brain never would have allowed past the guards at the door before. If you still grapple with fear, don’t beat yourself up. It’s almost impossible for normal people to live without fear. The goal isn’t to eliminate it, rather it’s to manage it.

Fear is our body guard and it’s fast, strong and very big but it isn’t intelligent. We have what’s called a sloppy pattern match that associates anything that looks like what’s been dangerous or hurtful before. Except that it over estimates the threat and underestimates you. Once you realize that fear works for you, then your job is to get good at managing it. Give your fear brain credit like a good body guard, just make the final decision without that underestimation of you getting the last word. The better you get at directing the inner weather, the more the outer world loses its threat over you. You have your heart’s stronghold standing firm at the center of all you do.

Friday: three of bows, fulfillment

The aspects serve up a sweet respite from the last few days intensity and encourage communication that nurtures both individuality and belonging. We have competing needs to be part of a community but also then to stand out. It’s hardwired into our brain and without owning those needs, they show up in sticky ways that impact the quality of belonging. Today you get to honor your own need to stand out without sacrificing someone else’s need to do the same. We each have a unique piece to offer and the more you can feel the beauty of that, the richer today becomes.

Threes highlight communication and bows are the Spirit realm. So this is the divine message that comes through each of us in our own fashion. Find where you can applaud someone else today. Who is giving you credit or a compliment that you may be brushing by? Let the sparks of spirited admiration fill the day and you will find fulfillment that is soul satisfying. Not only that, but fire is catching. When you do it, others catch the spark and then see what happens. Celebrate the uniqueness in another and let the way you do it be part of your sparkle. This is the second three in the Moon cycle which means you have a choice. When you offer a genuine compliment to another you decide to expand rather than contract your world. Why not choose that?

Saturday: eight of arrows, struggle

We start off the day with a bit of a tug of war between what we think we need and what we want. If you stay with it, though, you get satisfaction by evening. Eight is always a reminder that what you put out there comes back to you. With Arrows, the battle is in the mind. Remember back to the Two of Bows, Decision. More than a doer, you are a decider. When you truly land on your truth then the doing becomes almost effortless. This is what you get to embrace today.

Wherever you feel challenged, go back to the thought that prompted the struggle. Rework that space. Interpret things another way, see the bigger picture. Sit with it and ask for greater understanding. Be open to ideas that pop into mind. Even the practice of doing that can drop the rope in the tug of war. Just decide not to struggle more than will serve you or the situation. Let the insight come in and from there move to a different path. That alternative will take you to a new destination and feel better on the way.

Sunday: The journey

‘Do not fear change for it is the time of inevitable realignment’ is a summary from Wildwood Tarot for the Journey card. As the Sun moves into Taurus and heads towards a meet up later this week with the Great Awakener, Uranus, change is at hand. This is where a lot of what has been felt, imagined or thought becomes tangible. Be forgiving with these baby steps forward. Remember what you’ve learned lately. You get to make mistakes, learn from them and choose which ones are delightful discoveries and which ones you can steer around in the future. All of the moments add texture and flavor that make up a full life.

The Moon in Pisces is in easy aspect with Pluto and then Jupiter to help water the changes, like you water a garden. Emotions are the water of life and we require them to live. Too much unmanaged emotion drowns everything. Too little and it withers in the light of day. Find the right flow for you and what you’ve planted in your life. Nature encourages corrections as needed, so innovate and flourish. Whatever doesn’t survive can become food for the next wave of growth. Learn to see your mistakes that way. Food for growth is what they are. Knowing that can release excess fear or preoccupation with getting things right.

Monday: ten of arrows, instruction

The Sun squares Saturn today and brings to a close the first chapter on this massive destruction phase we are in right now. This ten with yesterday’s journey card signals a turning point, the worst is over. There may be difficult news going forward but not the shock change level we’ve experienced the last three months since Saturn and Pluto made their historic meeting January 12th. You’ve survived the onset of World War III and lived to tell the tale. This is a battle that will not end quickly but it is one that can be won. What is your place in all of this? You live at this time for a reason. You have something to offer the New World that is specific to you.

None of your fears, doubts, disappointments or losses go uncounted for, because they matter. They add to what shapes you and your desires. Nature is brilliant at using everything. Trust that all that you feel and do weaves into what is unfolding. Nothing less than being a whole, integrated version of you is required to fulfill the promise of your birth. It’s time to move out of defense strategy and into creativity instead. Build healthy boundaries into what you create without protection being the origin of your life’s strategy. It can be a guard at the gate, but not the center of the creation. It’s odd but in uncertain times, you can construct the most solid center possible, because it’s necessary to survive. The time for that is now, and you’ve built more than your realize. The worst is over, so build with that in mind and your eyes on what you want to bring to being.

Tuesday: five of bows, empowerment

Boom, we follow yesterday’s milestone with a feeling of being able to tackle what needs to be done. The Moon forms sweet contacts with Venus and Mars making it a graceful dance forward in daily momentum. Let your enthusiasm lead the way. Put your energy into what lights you up and watch others catch fire from your excitement. Challenges feel like bowling pins you are eager to knock down and you do just that. The Aries Moon is hopping with childlike enthusiasm at whatever feels like progress.

Fire requires fuel so give yourself praise and recognition for your efforts today. You can always find time for a little cheerleading your own efforts. The more you allow the enjoyment to bubble up, the more brightly those flames burn. Take a victory dance or lap, cheer out loud. Why not? When you do it can light the next step up and then the next as your joy is tinder for inspiration and vision. Creation is imperfect and messy but it can be a blast if you deliberately work that into your schedule. Your world is yours to define, as you wish it to be from the inside out. So make your creation space and effort a blast and you’ll find it easy to spend more time here.

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